How To Keep Chicken Cool

How to keep chicken cool

Sometimes, high temperature may affect your chicken. Just like human beings, they also need to be cold or warm. They cannot survive in air-conditioned rooms, and if they could, they will not be healthy. Human beings are lucky whereby during summer times or hot weather, we may swim to cool ourselves. Birds are not fortunate … Read more

How To Begin Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a viable and profitable investment. Starting the project will be simple when you have a farm for setting up your project and capital. There are many other factors to consider, but these are essential. Poultry farming is a project that I can refer not only to passionate individuals but also to retirees. … Read more

Isa Brown Chicken

Chickens are great investments and pets most people in the world have embarked adding in their backyards at large. But then, before you embark on the real project, you need to have in mind the objective of starting such a project. Chickens offer us great benefits; they are majorly domesticated for eggs and meat for … Read more

How To Roast Chicken Thighs

Do you find it difficult when roasting chicken thighs? Of course, yes. For sure, roasting chicken may require some techniques than even when cooking chicken breasts, especially when baking them. Roasted chicken thighs are very healthy, cook fast, and at the same time very cheap. Therefore, in this article, we are going to learn how … Read more

How To Cook Chicken Legs With Pan and Oven

If you only tend to use chicken breasts, it is time to consider chicken legs too. Why do so? Because chicken leg has dark meat that holds butter and adds flavor to your dish. This makes chicken legs more reliable compared to white meat. More so, chicken legs are easy to cook than the entire … Read more

Dorking Chicken – Every Thing You Need To Know

The same way you go to the market to look for varieties of goods, based on your liking, is the same way you choose which breed of chicken you wish to rear. There are numerous breeds of chicken out there. Talk of white, brown, and colored layers, bantams, rare species, and ornamental ones. There are … Read more

Chicken Health Problems

Sometimes, keeping chickens is not a big deal. The problem arises only when they encounter some health problems or some other problems which you may not identify quickly. It is good to examine your chicken regularly, especially when they are lying on your table naked. Therefore, I am going to discuss some of the common … Read more

Chicken Anatomy-Need To Know Guide

Birds are great pets that are domesticated in all parts of the world. Like other animals, birds consist of various body systems that operate independently or in conjunction with each other to enhance and maintain the organism’s normal body functioning as a whole. Anatomy is the study of the structures of various organs, cells, tissues … Read more

Faverolles Chicken

There are various breeds of chicken that have been developed across the globe for centuries. The creation of these breeds is triggered by the quest to get superior breeds. People also want more tasty breeds and ones that can suit all ecological conditions. One of these breeds developed some years back is the Faverolles breed. … Read more

Should Chicken Coop Door Close at Night?

Poultry has for years picked up well across the world. With its simplicity and low initial capital, anyone can do it.- even little kids! Feeding chicken is not be a big problem. To those who do free-range it is an advantage to them. The big headache would be your pen. An ill built pen will … Read more

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