Our Partners


Slagel Family Farm has been raising some of the best livestock in Central Illinois since 1888. They maintain a small scale farm so they can control every aspect of the operation and consistently deliver high quality, wholesome products. Through composting and fueling delivery trucks with biodiesel, the farm maintains a very small carbon footprint. We can always count on the Slagel family to create the best product in the way that's best for the world.


Irving Farm Coffee Roasters were some of the first to move to handcrafted, organic, fair-trade coffee when they started in 1996. Their green coffee buying program focuses on direct relationships with farmers, sustainable practices, and quality over quantity. They engage with their farmers to go beyond "direct trade" certification and source the best beans fairly.


Red Hen's philosophy is simple: "bake great bread". They start with high quality ingredients and no added chemicals, then actually give it the time it needs to rise and reach maximum flavor. All their bread is worked by hand, not machine, which locks in the lightness and flavor we love. Red Hen Bread decided to stick to methods that many have long since abandoned, simply because they make for better bread -- that's why we love them.


We admire Beeler's Bacon because they have one goal, to develop "quite possibly the best tasting pork on the planet", and we think they do a darn good job. They have been searching for the perfect pig for generations, and they found it in the Danish Duroc. It delivers optimal tenderness and juiciness, which their hand trimming technique compliments, to bring out an explosion of flavor.


All of our espresso drinks are made with milk from Kalona Super Natural, which is as natural as it gets. It's non-homogenized milk with zero hormones, from grass-fed cows on small, sustainable farms. The company knows each and every farmer by name and treats them with respect. There isn't a better or fresher product out there.