How to Make Black Garlic in Slow Cooker: CrockPot Tips and Steps

How to Make Black Garlic in Slow Cooker

Black garlic is black or brownish after being aged. It is sticky textured garlic with a sweet taste; it is called a super-food. It contains more antioxidants and S-Ally-cysteine (SAC) which helps your body to absorb the benefits of allicin. Black garlic boosts the immune system; it helps to control blood sugar, inflammation, fatty liver, … Read more

How to Clean a Pan Properly: Pots and Pan Washing

There are different types of pans available in the market, and these pans are made of different materials like stainless, copper, aluminum, cast iron, Teflon, etc. You can use any type of pan for any cooking, but different material pans have different specialties and some advantages and disadvantages. The cleaning process is also different for … Read more

Purina Vs. Nutrena Chicken Feed: Comparison and Differences

feed. You will find many choices in the feed and farm supply stores; all have almost the same levels and nutrition. However, Purina and nutrena are the two most popular chicken feed brands for farmers. We are here to help you to choose the best feed by comparing Purina and nutrina feed. You will know … Read more

Bread Machine Tips for Beginners: How to Use it Efficiently

Do you want to bake freshly good homemade bread every morning? Just unpacked a new bread machine? Using a bread machine is intimidating once you know how to use it. The features are straightforward and allow you to bake various pieces of bread. The machine is handy, and the design is simple. It helps to … Read more

Chicken Wire Vs Hardware Cloth Chicken Fence: Uses, Differences

Are you struggling to keep your chicken safe because of poorly constructed chicken wire? Do you want a strong build farm chicken fencing? Then indeed, you have to consider the fencing option for the coop. A fence provides safety from predators, and you need to know their ability to keep the coop secure between chicken … Read more

How to Make Toast In Air Fryer Oven [The Most Easiest Process]

An air fryer is a modern device to cook food quickly and deliciously. Making toast is one of the most accessible foods in the air fryer; the toast will be crispy and perfect in color and flavor within a few minutes. You don’t need a 2 or 4-slice toaster to make your toast golden or … Read more

How to Increase Egg Size in Layers and Chickens?

Does it surprise you when the eggs you buy at the store are larger than the ones you get from your farm? Yes, egg sizes can vary depending on how you raise your chickens, what they eat, and a host of other problems. You may believe that a good food chart and nutritious foods are … Read more

How to Start Egg Farming: Commercial and Home Business

Building your auto egg farm is a challenge in itself without the obstacles that come in the way. It’s a long game that requires you to raise one-day-old layer chickens into maturity. Of course, once that is done, you’ll get your end of the bargain in many eggs. That being said, it is not only … Read more

How Should Fresh Poultry be Stored

To maintain safety, it is crucial to employ suitable handling and storage techniques while working with poultry. Because you can’t see the dangerous bacteria on the chicken or turkey, you must treat it as though it does. Salmonella is a bacterium that occasionally infects poultry and can lead to food-borne illnesses. If you want to … Read more

How to Maximize Egg Production? Ins and Outs!

The egg industry can sometimes give you some challenging situations, such as when your chickens aren’t laying enough eggs, costs are going up, and the business is almost collapsing. So what do you do? Although you can’t simply go and tell the hens what to do, you can make changes that will impact egg production … Read more

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