Is Egg Cooker Healthy?

Is Egg Cooker Healthy

One of the main protein sources for many of us is the egg. However, the time and the effort needed to cook the egg properly is something that not all of us agree to invest in. That is why many of us do not regularly have eggs, but we definitely should. One of the solutions … Read more

How Do You Secure a Chicken Coop Door?

No matter where you are residing, whether it is in the countryside or the city, the threats of the predator should be one of your concerns regarding the chicken coop. Raccoon, coyotes, foxes, owls, weasels, and neighborhood dogs are generally the primary threats. However, many other predators are a threat. By nature, the hens are … Read more

Automatic Chicken Coop Door DIY

Raising chickens is not an easy task. The chances of them being hunted by ground predators always remain high. We believe when predators kill the livestock birds, it is usually a human error. Now, many think that getting a durable door for the coop will solve the problem of not having an adequate level of … Read more

How to Poach an Egg with an Egg Poacher?

One thing you can not deny is that poached eggs are essential for breakfast. However, preparing perfectly poached eggs is not that easy. You will have to invest a good amount of time and effort into them. Well, we struggled with making poached eggs as well. However, as we found the egg poacher, things became … Read more

How to Install Chicken Coop Door?

So, you have got yourself a proper coop for your chickens. Well, a proper coop is just half of the story. The other half would be the door. Without the door, the birds are as secure as keeping them out in the field. That is why most of the chicken keepers put proper emphasis on … Read more

How to Ferment Chicken Feed?

It is a well-known fact that the chickens will eat whatever they can get their beak onto. They are one of the types of omnivores that are relatively easy to raise. That is why the number of keepers is increasing day by day. Nevertheless, to keep them healthy and to get top-notch eggs, they would … Read more

How to Cook Egg Rolls in Frying Pan?

There are multiple versions of egg rolls. While some prefer the deep-fried version, many like the pan-fried version. Well, the pan-fried versions have a lot of popularity, to be honest, because the process you need to follow for that is a no-fuss and no-mess process. But if you do not know how to cook egg … Read more

How to Build a Chicken Coop Door?

So, you have sorted out a birdhouse for keeping your chickens safe at night. And you probably know this by now that without a door, the birdhouse is as safe as the chickens sleeping out in the open. Well, as you have clicked this article, we guess it is safe to say that you want … Read more

How Do You Use an Egg Frying Pan

Bacon, potatoes, and fried eggs is a dish that is the go-to options for many in breakfast. But to make them taste good and look good, you would need to get the right cookware. And by the right cookware, we are referring to a frying pan here. However, getting a proper frying pan will not … Read more

How To Hatching Chicken Eggs

It is true that nowadays, hatching chicken eggs is becoming a noble experience to most of the people. Many beginners are purchasing incubators because of their affordability over some years. Some of the standard manufacturers of these incubators include Brinsea and R-COM incubators. The incubators are capable of accommodating about 20-25 eggs of chicken, which … Read more

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