How to Fix Tough Meat in Slow Cooker

How to Fix Tough Meat in Slow Cooker

Making anything with meat is delicious, especially when using a slow cooker. Slow cooker turns the meat into soft, chewy and flavorful. But sometimes, the meat can be tough for several reasons, making the dinner frustrating. The meat can be transformed into tender, flavorful, and mouthwatering with proper technique and practice. All it requires is … Read more

How to Insulate a Beehive for Winter

A healthy bee colony can often survive in winter without any special care. But survival in the wild and beehives have some differences. In a beehive, they need special care to keep them warm, and one effective method is insulation. Insulating beehives help to maintain a stable temperature and minimize heat loss, moisture buildup, and … Read more

How to Cook Steak on An Electric Skillet

A juicy and delicious steak can make in your kitchen without a stove or a grill. If you have an electric skillet, the process is straightforward, and these versatile cooking tools can also cook roasting, pan-frying, steaming, and more. Skillet steaks are ideal for any special occasion with your friends and family. Medium-rare steak cooks … Read more

How to Pluck a Chicken Using Hot Water

Plucking is mandatory for chicken processing when you want to keep the skin. Plucking means removing the feather manually or using the plucking machine. Whether you are pulling out the feather with a hand or machine, the scalding process makes the entire way easy. Scalding means drowning the chicken in hot water for 30 seconds … Read more

7 Large Chicken Coop Plans [ Different Big DIY Projects]

Home is the safest place for everyone, and your chicken deserves to live in a safe place as well, somewhere they can run, grow, nourish, and cluck around. Chicken coops are the most traditional way to provide shelter and protection for your chickens without making a mess in your home. If you already have a large flock … Read more

Molting Vs. Plucking [ Types and Differences ]

Feathers play a vital role in every bird’s life, and they can replace in two different ways, molting and plucking. While molting is a natural process, birds remove it themselves, and plucking has to be done by you. However, they both are essential in different ways, and understanding the differences will help you to take … Read more

How Long Can You Leave an Oven On

An oven is a cooking chamber for baking, roasting, and heating food. Its recommended to close the oven door while cooking a wide range of foods such as cakes, bread, roasted meats, vegetables, casseroles and other baked dishes. But leaving an oven on for a long time can lead to fire hazards and other accidents. … Read more

How Convection Cooking Works [How, What and When]

Convection oven takes the cooking game to the next level. It cooks food faster than other ovens; you don’t need an air fryer to make food crispy. The cooking features of browning and crisping are so perfect that the food turn flavorful and mouthwatering. However, convection is a little complex to understand. The features and … Read more

Quail Vs Chicken Eggs: Taste, Nutrition, Protein, Calories

Differences between quail and chicken eggs regarding taste, nutrients, protein, and calories have been debated over the past few decades. Eggs have all the essential nutrients, so they are very demanding. Most people prefer chicken eggs, but quail eggs are gaining popularity daily. Quail egg also has protein, iron, and fat. Chicken and quail eggs … Read more

How to Skin a Chicken Without Plucking

Chicken skin is a nutritious part of the chicken body, and you need to pluck the feather before making a dish with skin. Plucking a feather is a traditional method to remove the feather, and if you don’t have a plucker machine, the process will be time-consuming. However, you can skin a chicken without plucking, … Read more

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