How Convection Cooking Works [How, What and When]

How Convection Cooking Works

Convection oven takes the cooking game to the next level. It cooks food faster than other ovens; you don’t need an air fryer to make food crispy. The cooking features of browning and crisping are so perfect that the food turn flavorful and mouthwatering. However, convection is a little complex to understand. The features and … Read more

Quail Vs Chicken Eggs: Taste, Nutrition, Protein, Calories

Differences between quail and chicken eggs regarding taste, nutrients, protein, and calories have been debated over the past few decades. Eggs have all the essential nutrients, so they are very demanding. Most people prefer chicken eggs, but quail eggs are gaining popularity daily. Quail egg also has protein, iron, and fat. Chicken and quail eggs … Read more

How to Skin a Chicken Without Plucking

Chicken skin is a nutritious part of the chicken body, and you need to pluck the feather before making a dish with skin. Plucking a feather is a traditional method to remove the feather, and if you don’t have a plucker machine, the process will be time-consuming. However, you can skin a chicken without plucking, … Read more

How Long Does It Take an Oven to Cool Down [from 400, 450, 425]

Knowing how long an oven takes to cool down is important for the safety of the users. You may touch the oven when they are hot and injured yourself without knowing the proper time. Normally, it is safe to use the oven after one hour, but depending on different factors, it gets below the safe … Read more

Chicken Egg Colors Chart [Shell, Yolk Identification]

Chicken eggs are a highly nutritious food in various colors and sizes. The most common egg color is white, but the other colors are blue, red, pink, green, purple, etc. However, the egg color depends on the chicken breed and sometimes what they eat. Knowing the color chart will help you to know about the … Read more

How to Deworm Chickens Naturally [signs, causes & remedies]

Deworming the chicken is a part of chicken maintenance on a farm. It may sound gross, but you must deworm the chicken as soon as possible to keep them safe from any sickness like diarrhea, anemia, and more. Typically, chicken catch worms from their food, especially in free range. Sometimes deep litter system can also … Read more

Dutch Oven vs Roasting Pan: What’s the difference

Dutch ovens and roasting pans are good kitchen appliances, but what if your kitchen is small and you want to invest in one but don’t know which one would be best? Dutch oven vs. roasting pan is a widespread debate, and if you want to declutter your kitchen, it’s crucial to know their differences. Both … Read more

How to Clean Electric Skillet Easily [Steps and Guide]

Electric skillets are versatile kitchen tools that can cook various dishes in various ways. It is convenient and makes grilling and cooking easy. Besides, cleaning the skillet might be a struggle if people don’t know the proper process. Cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep the skillet in good condition. Here your confusion about electricity … Read more

Best Way to Cook Ribeye Steak in Oven [How to Make it Tasty]

Steak is a luxurious food, but cooking it at home also can be intimidating. You don’t want a steak that is overcooked and full of flavor excluding the source that tastes it. Although, a perfect juicy ribeye steak won’t break the bank even when you cannot access a grill. You can process it within the … Read more

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