Best Solar Fan for Chicken Coop in 2023: Exhaust Fan Reviews

Chicken needs to stay fresh and healthy, just like us. They love to stay in the fresh air, and if your chicken coop does not have a wired connection, the solar-powered fan can be a life changer for them. This fan does not require extra energy to run, so you can easily set it up in the coop, and the flocks won’t feel discomfort.

The market has various types of chicken house fans or coop ventilation fans, but the solar-powered fan is like a solar-powered air conditioner for a chicken coop.

Reviews of the Best Solar Fan for Chicken Coop

After researching and reviewing famous fans of the market, we have made these reviews of the top solar fans for chicken coops.

Check out each solar coop fan’s features, advantages, and uses to find out which is the right option.

1.      Remington Solar 25-Watt Solar Attic Fan

A solar roof vent fan could be a great addition to your chicken coop. Remington solar attic fan cools down the coop within a few minutes, and the performance remains the same for a long time.

The fan includes a Humidistat & Thermostat to change the airflow of the coop and fight moisture automatically. The motor is brushless, so it does not create any noise. Also, the fan has a temperature and humidity sensor to run the fan undisturbedly until the sun sets.

The fan has stainless steel mesh to keep out more giant bugs. There will be no rainwater issue if the coop roof is high pitch. The base is square flange type, so installation is easy. The fan works amazingly at ventilation, removing damp air and moisture. The fan is also water and dust resistant. The lifespan is excellent if you care for it properly.


  • It feels like the air is drawn to the coop all-day
  • It lowers the humidity almost quickly
  • The fan runs quietly
  • The construction is sturdy and easy to install


  • The thermostat may not work in the colder month


2.      DC HOUSE Solar Powered Dual Fan Kits

Choose a DC HOUSE solar-powered coop fan if you need a suitable fan for small-space ventilation. It reduces the temperature and humidity to keep the coop air fresh for the flocks. The connector is waterproof, and it does not require any wiring.

The body is sturdy and durable enough to last a long time. You don’t have to make holes to install it, mount the panel, wire the pallet, and you are ready.

The fan is portable enough to carry around. The lifespan is excellent, and the rotational speed is up to 3000 RPM. The fan is environment friendly and can be operated with few clicks. It is lightweight, so it also can use on camping trips. The dual fan kit lets the cool air in quickly. The fan speed increases in bright sunlight.



  • The CFM is pretty decent
  • The installation is easy; the fan won’t come into contact with direct rain
  • The fan provides lots of air to the chicken coop
  • Ideal for cleaning foul smells, moisture, and dust
  • The panel is waterproof


  • The CFM output is not good


3.      AntPay Solar Panel Fan Kit, 10W Weatherproof

This solar panel fan kit is specially made for small chicken coops of 4 to 6 chickens, greenhouses, pet houses, etc. the solar panel and fan provide a powerful cooling system with considerably low sound, only a 45 dB sound level.

The chickens won’t bother with the sound. The motor is weatherproof, and the durability is at least six years. The max rotational speed is 3000 r/min, which can provide ample airflow to the coop.

The motor fan is waterproof, so you can use it outdoors because the waterproof level is IPX7. The airflow capacity is 200 cubic feet per minute. The coop air will be clean and odor free. It has a double-sided iron net that keeps the chicken safe.

The fan is also resistant to dust, so it is unnecessary to clean it regularly. The battery is not required as it is fully controlled by sunlight. The fan is made of iron, so it is durable enough.


  • Reduce carbon footprint from the coop
  • The fan improves air quality and lets the coop air cool within minutes
  • Lightweight enough to carry in the trip
  • The toggle switch works nicely
  • Can use both indoor and outdoor


  • Not suitable for large chicken coop


4.      DC HOUSE 25-watt Solar Attic Fan Solar Powered

If you are searching for roof mounted fan, then DC HOUSE 25-watt solar-powered fan is the right choice for you. It is a solar and battery-powered fan covered with galvanized steel. The black paint is anti-rust, so it is designed to use outdoors too. The maximum airflow of 1750CFM, so the coop cools down within minutes.

The material is metal and sturdy enough to run all summer days. It has no built-in thermostat or battery, so sunlight is the only energy source. It only needs a regular roofing nail and big screws to secure the fan. The solar panel can be adjusted in angle to capture the full sunlight.

The noise is ambient that does not affect the chicken egg production. The fan provides with its satisfactory operation with adequate airflow. However, the fan is only best for small to moderate dimension coop.


  • Easy to install
  • The fan is environmental resistance
  • Circulate more air with low noise
  • The lifespan of this fan is almost seven years


  • The fan requires cutting holes to install it


Buying Advice for The Best Solar Fan for Chicken Coop

The solar fan should adequately meet with the coop ventilation. Using a fan reduces the risk of diseases and keeps the environment sustainable. The solar fan also saves electricity costs, so you should be aware of some things before buying a solar fan for a chicken coop.

Fan Size and Power Output

The fan size should be suitable for the chicken coop. The solar-powered fan usually works best in small to medium size coops, so the fan should circulate enough air. Don’t buy a too small or big fan, as a small fan cannot flow enough air, and a big fan will make the coop miserable.

Also, check the power output top to determine how much air it can flow and how long the fan can run. Check the CFM rating and motor capacity. Choose a powerful fan with enough sunlight if you live in a hot climate area.

Weather Resistance

Another important consideration of buying a solar fan is its weather resistance. Even if your coop is completely weather resistant, the fan should be water spill resistant and withstand rain, wind, and storm. The motor also should be weatherproof and resistant to dust.

Decibel Rating

Decibel rating is the measurement of sound. The fan should produce minimal sound, keeping the chicken comfortable in their coops, as continuous noise affects egg production and behavior.

Durability and Brand Value

Check the fan’s durability before purchasing one.

It should run uninterruptedly for at least 3 to 6 years, so the body and construction should be made of high-quality materials. Also, brand value is an essential factor in telling you the reliability. The paint should be dust and corrosion resistance.


Easy to Install

The primary power source of a solar power fan is sunlight, so the installation is more accessible. Choose a fan that does not requires much wire and other additional equipment. Just screws, clippers, and small wires are enough.


The quality depends on how much you are willing to pay. If you have enough budget, choose a good and famous brand. If you have a tight budget, choose the most reliable one; also check the low and high settings because low settings are for the coop with few chickens, and high settings are for more chickens.


 How Much Solar Power Do I Need for a Chicken Coop?

Adding solar power to the chicken coop is profitable. It saves electricity bills, and the cop won’t be wrapped in too many wires, making the flocks uncomfortable.

How much solar power the coop needs depends on the size, the number of chickens, the climate, and the equipment you use.

A small chicken coop requires a 12-volt deep cycle battery with a 5-watt solar panel which is enough to run fans, LED lights, automated doors, etc. you will need to increase the solar panel and battery system for a larger coop. Also, the sunlight your coop receives is crucial to generating solar power.

What is The Best Ventilation for a Chicken Coop?

A chicken coop needs proper ventilation to remove excess moisture, dust, smell, and harmful gases. Ventilation is suitable for chicken health and egg production.

The best ventilation for the coop is windows, fans, vents, etc. make windows on the opposite side of the coop, and attach fan and vents at the roof so the air can flow properly.

Mechanical ventilation is another essential coop part, allowing significant air movement.

Final Thought

Ventilation is crucial to a chicken coop, and a solar-powered fan is the safest option. Your flocks won’t get disturbed by excess wirings, short circuits, etc. remember, only windows are not enough for chickens, especially in a hot climate.

A solar-powered fan aims to keep the chicken safe and satisfy them.

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