Best Water Softener Consumer Report [Reviews of 2023]

Hard water can be the reason for skin diseases, dull-looking laundries, or the scale build-up on the appliances. But thanks to the best water softeners in the market, these devices fixe the issues and balance the salt-water ratio.


While water softener is a necessity now, the best thing you can do is research it. Today, we have listed the ideal water softeners for your house and your office here for your convenience.


Your job is to skim through the list and check out which one fits your requirement the most!


Top 7 Best Water Softener Consumer Report

Here goes the water softener system reviews- it includes all the best deals from the market. Don’t forget to check the features in detail.

Best Water Softener

Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

If you want to drink clean tap water or use clean water while cleaning clothes, you can always rely on Aquasana. According to the best water softeners by consumer ratings, this one is considered a complete package.


Removing 97% of the chlorine makes the water fresh for drinking. It has activated carbon. As a result, the organic chemicals in the tap water are reduced too. When direct tap water can be unhealthy for you, the Aquasana does its job incredibly.


It lessens the pesticides, VOCs, and herbicides so that you get great-tasting water. It will give the water a flow rate of close to 11.8 gallons for every minute! There is a salt-free conditioner along with a KDF filtration facility added to the softener.


So, you get the utmost filtration from this and the best part is, there will be only healthy minerals left! Don’t worry about the maintenance of this water softener because you won’t need any draining or back flushing here.


Every two months, all you need is to replace the pre and post-filters. These best salt-free water softeners are cost-effective too- you can save more with this softener. Besides, the entire installation kit is added to it- it’s easy to install.



  • Removes unhealthy organic chemicals
  • Comes with activated carbon
  • Removed 97% chlorine
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to install



  • No written instruction

Whirlpool WHES40E 40,000 Grain Softener

Another classic name in the world of purified water is Whirlpool- they are known for their quality. And water purifier by this brand also shows why the users love it. It is the best whole house water softener consumer reports say!


If you have more or less one to six members in the house, it is one of the best deals in the market. It is able to lessen up to 10 ppm of iron from the water.


As a result, you can clean water compared to many of the water softeners in the market. It also lessens the hard water symptoms from the water- does the job of a water softener the best!


No matter if the water has embarrassing stains or any build-up on the plumbing, it will soften it up. The same goes for the faucets and the spots on your dishes- it is NSF certified for this job.


This product is a gem when it comes to doing the math of how much water and salt are needed for regenerating! Also, it works by using only the necessary balance. This is why it can reduce water and salt usage significantly. As a result, it saves your wallet too!



  • Ideal for 1-6 family members
  • Reduced 10 ppm iron
  • Lessens hard water symptoms
  • NSF certified water softener
  • Balances water and salt and saves more



  • Tough to read the display

WaterBoss Water Softener System

Another best water softener in the market that is a highly effective tank for the entire house softening is this WaterBoss. We mean, come on, the name says it all! It conserves water but the best part is, it doesn’t require a lot of salt for regeneration.


Instead, it uses the least amount and gives a 10 GPM water flow rate! With this one, you will have almost no pressure drop on the tap or shower appliances!


The size is space-saving and compact while being the best water softener for large families. There’s a safety shut-off facility added so that you can get safer operation. The factory-installed bypass will help the filter serve for a long.


You will get a self-cleaning sediment filter. It takes only 26 minutes to soften the hard water. It’s fast and quiet- so, no worries about the noise. Setting the softness level to adding salt- everything is easy here. You can install it at home!



  • Works for a large house
  • Compact size for space-saving purposes
  • SOftens up to 90 GPM and lessens 10 ppm iron
  • Fast softening method
  • Quiet operation process



  • In-home installation takes time

Pentair WS48-56sxt10 Fleck Water Softener

Making the tap-water drink-worthy, another softener that can be ideal is the Pentair Fleck water softener. Yes, this one comes with a digital metered control head and softens the water like a pro.


It also reduces the hard water symptoms and makes the water clean and the appliances neat. These most reliable water softeners will afford you a 14 GPM flow rate. On the other hand, for every minute, the water consumption will be 3.5 GPM.


The best part is there’s no battery added and you won’t need any battery to run this device. The complete system will include the brine tank along with the mineral tank.


Besides, the valve with bypass will come with the adapter. So, this water softener for commercial purposes comes with the entire kit already- all you need is to install it. It is quite easy to install but you will need an AFW install kit for this one.


The softener will provide you with long-term water treatment and you won’t need to worry about the cleanliness of the water anymore!



  • Comes with a complete set
  • 14 GPM flow rate and 3.5 gom water consumption
  • Reduced hard water symptom
  • Has a digital metered control head
  • No batteries requires




  • Requires AFW kit for installation

AFWFilters IRONPRO2 Pro 2 Combination Water Softener

If you want high water flow in your entire house equally, you can rely on the IRONPRO water softener. This is not only the best water softener but also an iron filter at the same place. To remove iron properly, the construction is done with fine mesh resin.


Besides, it lasts for a longer time compared to the other water softeners in the market. It can remove the hardness of the water up to 85 GPM making the water clean for drinking.


Also, iron removal works up to the 6 ppm to 8 ppm range. Along with removing the iron and hardness, this amazing well water softening system also removes up to 6 ppm manganese.


So, you get a complete water softener and cleaner on your hands if you get this one! The product comes with a round brine tank. Along with the bypass valve, the complete installation instruction is added to the kit.



  • Meter-based regeneration
  • Provides high water flow in the entire house
  • Fine mesh resin removes iron
  • Reduces manganese and hardness
  • Comes with a complete installation guide



  • The tank sweats a lot

Genesis 2 Premier 32,000 Grain Water Softener

This on-demand metered control Genesis water softener is the upgrade of the previous one- the users loved that, the user loves this! It is able to provide water flow to 10 GPM. The construction ensures 3/4 “ resin along with the turbine meter integrated.


The brink tank is able to hold 200 lbs of salt and gives a long-term warranty for the product. The moving parts are few, but it gives you an efficient operation no doubt. Besides, this best water softener for hair will keep the hair smoother and healthier.


It is cost-reducing compared to the other ones. For the backwash setting, it has an automatic backwash variable preset already. It can prevent bacterial growth and it can also automatically refresh flushes stagnant after every 7 days even if you are away from home.


Here, you will get electronic sensors and adjustable cycles. The proven seal along with the spacer design will make you love this high-performance water softener.



  • Water flow up to 10 GPM
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Has electronic cycles
  • Includes adjustable cycles
  • Added automatic backwash settings




  • Requires professional installation

Aquasure Harmony Series 48,000 Grains Water Softener

Aquasure- another brand providing you filtered clean water for ages is here with their Hamory Series water softener. This one is on the list because of both the water quality and the construction quality.


It can remove the hardness of water up to 48000 grains. This will clear the skin of damaging hard minerals from the water for you.


Besides, it will eliminate scale and pot build-up from the appliances! It comes with premium quality resin, as we said, the quality of this device is at its peak! There is a time-delayed feature along with the metered backwash settings.


If you want, you can also settle for the manual backwash setting, it comes with both. And with these, it provides optimum regeneration. The cleaning and the performance will never let you down.


The construction with the corrosion-proof fiberglass with added polyethylene tank makes it one of the best in the market. Also, there is a durable bypass valve added to the kit.



  • Cleans water like a pro
  • Removes 48000 grains of water hardness
  • Eliminates skin damaging minerals
  • Dual backwash setting added
  • Ensures optimum regeneration



  • Quite noisy


Features to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Water Softener


The capacity of the water softener is a fact while picking up one. It depends on how large your house is and how many members are in the house.


It can range from 8000 grains to 80000 grains or more. Get the ones that fit the everyday needs of your house and house members.


Flow Rate

Before getting this device, make sure you know about the flow rate. The size has a connection with the flow rate too. If you go for a water softener with a smaller capacity than the slow rate you need, there will still be hard water.


And eventually, the point of adding the softener will go in vain. Also, it might result in less water pressure and flow. Maintaining it will be difficult.


On the other hand, the one that is oversized will be expensive. The regeneration cycles with this one will be infrequent- nobody wants that! Getting the right size and checking the flow rate are vital here.

Regeneration Process

Metered Regeneration Cycles

When it comes to the regeneration process, you can get both the metered one and the time-based manual one. Well, nowadays, most of them are metered where an electronic sensor is added.


Here, you can also get a mechanical water meter. It will measure the water consumption and will help in the operation.


It will let the regeneration cycle start when it is necessary depending on the measurement. As a result, you will get high water-salt efficiency. It will save money and it’s good for the environment too.


Check if your one has shorter regeneration cycles. It will control water leakage. Some of them have a second resin tank added. There are others available too.


Time-Based Manual Cycles

These water softeners start based on a preset time. No matter the previous water consumption, this will start at the time you decide by setting the clock.


The system uses an equal amount of water and salt every time. If you can make sure that the time interval is perfect- this one is a good softener too.


And if you are going out of the house for a few days and still want the device to work- this is a good solution.


Manual Regeneration

There is another kind of regeneration process available for the water softeners- this one works on manual cycles. This doesn’t have any timers or meters.


Instead, you will get a lever with it. Whenever you want, you can use this switch and simply start the regeneration process. However, we do not recommend this if you have enough budget.


Bypass Valve

Get a softener that includes a built-in bypass valve. Some come with additional valves and as you can imagine, they are difficult to install. Also, the built-in bypass valves make the operation easier.


The water softener you choose would be easy to service. These tend to last longer than the others. Get the one that has components that are not difficult to move to take apart.


The construction is a factor here too, so make sure the quality is high. The more equipment the more complication; the easier the device, the easier it is to maintain- keep this in mind.


Components Preference

We also suggest you get your hands on a water softener that has universal components. The brand-build components are tough to find and are harder to install. Also, you won’t be able to install them on your own at times.



What is hard water, and why to soften it?

When water includes more calcium and magnesium than it needs, the water becomes hard. If the water has higher levels of several minerals that are unhealthy for drinking or the skin or other appliances, the water is called hard water.


Softening the hard water is necessary no matter if you are drinking the water or showering with it or using it for cleaning purposes.


By softening, the concentration of minerals is reduced. Thus, producing clean and healthy water with a higher concentration of salt.


If water is not softened, then you will have dry skin and dry hair. Also, the scalp might feel itchy at times. For imbalanced skin pH, hard water can be the reason. With all the minerals that your body doesn’t need, hard water contains harmful bacteria that can contribute to infections.


It also affects people that have eczema. When you drink hard water for a long time, there can be cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and atopic dermatitis.


Many common effects are diabetes, kidney stones, and at times cancer! So, it’s better to soften the water before you drink or use it.

What is the downside of a water softener?

One of the vital drawbacks of having a water softener is it can cause harm to people with low-sodium diets. As softened water doesn’t consist of a lot of salt, people that have a low-sodium diet can get affected.


Also, you will not get calcium and magnesium from the water! Installing this softener requires a lot of home care. If regular maintenance is not done, the softener instead will do harm to both the house and your family members.


Installing this can at times corrode your pipes. A water softener is not great for the environmental factors from salt use.


Though there are some downsides to this device, it helps you a good deal if you have a regular diet and proper maintenance.


Which is better, salt or salt-free water softener?

With a salt-based water softener, you won’t have cloudy dishes any more. It will stop clogs in plumbing because of the hard water minerals.


Besides, you will get smoother and softer hair. The skin will also feel moisturized with it. You won’t see the scale build-ups on the showerheads, sinks, and other appliances.


It will prevent the water heater from being damaged by the calcium. With a salt-free water softener, you can stop the scale build-up on plumbing.


Also, you will be able to create a better soap lather. However, with this one, you have to deal with cloudy dishes, dry and rough hair, and skin.


Discolored or faded clothes. So, compared to salt-free water softeners, salt-based ones are preferable.

How to Clean Hard Water Spots?

The easiest way to clean hard water spots is to use the water-vinegar method. It can clean the spots and build-up from all your appliances.


All you need is to take an equal amount of water and vinegar and mix them up. And then, all you need is to spray it on the appliances.


Wait for 15 minutes and then clean it. However, if you get the ideal water softener, you won’t need to do it frequently- your softener will take care of it!

Water Softener Buying Guide

Water softener is used for softening hard water. Now hard water is formed with high mineral contents like calcium and magnesium. Hard water clogs the water pipes, interrupts water flow and creates scale which damages the system.

These mineral contents create crust on floor/wall tiles by reacting with soap and detergent. This hardness in water is measured by grains per gallon. Good quality water softener can soft this hard water without damaging any substance. The water softener is used for softening usable water mostly for house and restaurants.

Before choosing water softener test your water condition. Try to look for the hard water symptoms. If your house has hard water then you will possibly feel dry skin and hair, you will also see water stains and spots on glassware. You will also see water stains of appliances and which are almost impossible to remove; also you will face graying white clothing and faded bright clothes.

Know Your Needs:

You need to test if your water source needs softener or not. Next check level of water hardness as you will have to treat the water according to that. You will find different levels of water softener for different level of water hardness. Therefore before buying water softener always test your water hardness level.

Also treat your water according to your usage. Do not treat a large quantity at a time as you might have to retreat the water if left unused. For using right amount of water softener count your house members and washroom.

Budget & quality:

You will find different quality water softener at different price range. There are water softeners which works better with a little use; you can save both money and softener with these types of softeners.

Also there are some types which you need to use pretty good amount to treat your water; they will finish quickly and will cost more eventually. Buy good quality water softener otherwise the water will not be treated properly and you will see water stains, water grains even after treating.


Water softeners contain sodium ions. When buying a water softener choose the sodium ion level higher if your water hardness is high and if the level of hardness is moderate or low then choose a softener with medium sodium ions.

The process of flushing out the minerals from water caused by hard water is called regeneration. This water softener regeneration process helps the incoming water mix easily with the existing water which is water softener treated.

The sodium ion in water softener eliminates the existing calcium and magnesium which is causing hard water. This type of water softeners is also called ion exchanging water softeners.

Dual Tank Water Softener:

Dual tank water softener is also another choice for softening you hard water but this one is a bit expensive than ion exchange water softener or water softening salt. These tanks are called resin tank. One tank is always ready to serve you treated water and the other tank is always regenerating hard water. This is expensive but hassle free water softener system.

You do not need to measure the water softener compound to treat your water. The machine itself will treat water when needed and you will always have treated water. You will find both ion exchange and water softener salt option available in dual tank water softener; meaning this technology will use either ion exchange or water softener salt.

Before buying water softener get at least 2-3 different price quotations from different companies. Also look for different regeneration processes and companies with good warranty offer. Choose the one best for your house and water condition. Also go for renowned companies rather than new ones just to save some penny which might cost you more in the future.

Last Thought

We have discussed all the best water softeners in the market that users love. You have to check out the positive and negative aspects before you pick one. Also, before you buy the deal, make sure you know about the features in detail.


We don’t want you to invest your hard-earned buck on unnecessary features. Narrow down the list and get the water softener that fits that standard.

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