10 Best Chick Brooder To Buy Right Now 2021 – Review And Buying Guide

Chick Brooder

Poult’s cuteness fascinates people. It’s little wonder why people keep the little peeps as pets. Hatchlings also don’t carry diseases. But until when their novelty runs out, rearing them is fun. Unfortunately, the weeks following Easter usually receive a surge in castoff birds. Also, backyard poultry can ruffle your neighbor’s feathers. Your neighbor can file … Read more

What Does Baby Chicks Eat

What Does Baby Chicks Eat

Raising chicks from the time they hatch until they are fully grown is not an easy task as such. You need to set everything early before they come out of the hatchery. Just as the brooder will raise its chicks as little as a day-year-old until they are fully grown, you will also need to … Read more

Chicken Sour Crop


The crop is a small bag or pouch located just above the stomach of chickens. It is meant to store food temporarily before it goes down to the stomach. Sour crops in chicken develop when the crop empties slowly or entirely fails to empty. Food stuck in the crop usually starts to breakdown or ferment, … Read more

Poultry Fencing

Poultry Fencing

Poultry fences are cost-effective and an excellent investment for people who intend to do poultry farming at large. Poultry fences not only ensure the fowls in your backyard are free of predators but also they enable the birds to free-range around without going beyond boundaries. In the article, you shall learn the different poultry options … Read more

Life Cycle Of A Chicken

Poultry farming has gained root in several parts of the world in recent days. Rearing chicken is now an excellent investment in most households at large. But then, before you plan to embark on such an activity, it is essential to learn in detail more about their life cycle. Getting the idea from the egg … Read more

How To Wash Eggs

how to wash eggs

You might have at one time bought eggs from the nearest shop and found that others are soiled and even poop on the surfaces at large. You will wonder why the seller never washed them before selling them to you. However, cleaning eggs has been a heated debate for many groups of people at large. … Read more

Chicken Noise

Chicken Noise

Chickens have been domesticated since the past for eggs and meat production. However, recently, raising chickens has turned out as a key investment to several households. But then, do chickens communicate? Like any other animal or pet, chickens have their way of communicating. They make different sounds of passing a message to other flock members … Read more