Chicken Noise

Chicken Noise

Chickens have been domesticated since the past for eggs and meat production. However, recently, raising chickens has turned out as a key investment to several households. But then, do chickens communicate? Like any other animal or pet, chickens have their way of communicating. They make different sounds of passing a message to other flock members … Read more

Silkie Chicken – A Complete Step By Step Guide

Silkie chicken refers to a small type of bird that usually weighs between 1.5 and 3.5 pounds. It is named for its furry or hair-like plumage that usually feels silky to the touch of silk. Silkies are unusual looking chicken due to their strange appearance, kindliness and mothering skills, which endear them to many pet … Read more

A Complete Guide of Brahma Chicken

Brahma chicken, or King of all Poultry as it is commonly known, is known for its strength, vigor, and size. By 1901, the chicken was documented to have weighed 13 to 14 pounds for hens and a staggering 17 to 18 pounds for roosters. Around 1850, Brahma chicken and the Cochin breed fuelled the hen … Read more

Golden Comet Chicken

The most common question before venturing into chicken farming is whether the chickens are meant for egg production or meat purposes. There are a lot of things that inform the farming of various breeds of chicken. Knowing the type of breed that you are interested in is the best start when beginning chicken farming. The … Read more

Rooster Spurs

We all are aware that chickens have a pair of legs. Have you looked at a rooster? I’m positive you have. Then wondered what the extra ‘small legs are’? Well, those are not legs but rooster spurs. A rooster spur is a growth on the portion of a cock. The paws are visible only when … Read more

Jersey Giant – What Should You Need to Know

Jersey giant happens to be perhaps the largest purebred of domestic chicken all over the world. If you happen to spot one, its memories will stick in your life forever credit to its huge size that ranks the bird among the gentle chicken giants of the universe. While the popular poultry breeds have been replaced … Read more

Molting In Chicken – A Details Guide How To Fix It

Raising chicken is a rewarding job that most people from different parts of the world have embarked on. However, to reap big from your chicken farming, you need to take care of them from the time they hatch until they become full-grown chicken. Taking care of chicken can be hectic, but it is highly rewarding … Read more

DiY Chicken Feeder

Chicken raising is one of the productive and healthy ways that you can spend your free time. At the same time, it is yet another sustainable income project. This is because chickens keep us healthy by providing fresh eggs, and they are a source of proteins to the human body. Another essential function of chickens … Read more

When Do Hens Start Laying Eggs

Different reasons resort people to start poultry farming. Mostly, people rear chicken for eggs and meat. To others, chickens are domesticated as pets in their backyards. Chicken are adorable pets that can meddle with people freely. Whichever the reason you domesticate chicken, you need to have more ideas about them. Most people have always wanted … Read more

Chicken Wormer – Every Thing You Need to Know

Chickens’ health is of great concern to chicken owners who raise large flocks for egg and meat production. In cases of illness, poultry owners will see the amount of egg reducing gradually. For this reason and others, there is a need for poultry keepers who intend to raise chicken for egg production to pay attention … Read more

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