Chicken Wire Vs Hardware Cloth Chicken Fence: Uses, Differences

Are you struggling to keep your chicken safe because of poorly constructed chicken wire? Do you want a strong build farm chicken fencing? Then indeed, you have to consider the fencing option for the coop.

A fence provides safety from predators, and you need to know their ability to keep the coop secure between chicken wire and hardware cloth.

Hardware cloth and chicken wire both protect your chicken from predators. They both are helpful in different ways. You can use them both on your farm.

Chicken Wire Vs Hardware Cloth

Differences Between Chicken Wire Vs. Hardware Cloth

There are some basic differences between chicken wire and hardware cloth. Here are the details:

Chicken Wire

A chicken wire could be a good option when the coop is within your side or near your house. Chicken wire is a steel wire mesh with twisted hexagonal shape openings. The openings are coated with galvanized or PVC. It is thin, flexible, and easy to trim and cover the coop area. However, chicken wire is not strong enough to keep the predators out.

Types of Chicken Wire

The market has various types of chicken wire; the most common is galvanized steel. Lower gauge wire is a better option because they are thicker and more resistant than higher gauge. The openings could be ½ inch to 2 inches, and the range is 19 to 22 gauge.

Some wires are made from different metals with different protective coatings. But they are expensive and not much different from regular chicken wire. People use plastic chicken wire as a separate barrier for extra chicken. Plastic wire can also cover the run, but it can be destroyed easily.

Where to Use Chicken Wire

Wire wires are meant to protect your chicken only if you use them in the correct place. It is not suitable for chicken coops. The wire is not hard enough, and the openings are relatively large so that any animal can get through it. Your chicken will be perfectly safe only when you are at home. The fence will warn, and you can come to protect the flocks.

The wire can also be used as a run roof to protect the baby chick from birds. Cover the entire area with this wire if you want to go the cheaper route. This fence can also watch the plants and vegetables from chickens. The wire is temporarily plugged in holes in the run. Another usage is burying underground around the perimeter to prevent the predators from digging into the coop.

Pros of Chicken Wire

The primary and biggest pros of using chicken wire are that it is cheap, flexible, and easy to build a fence and protect the chicken. With this wire, you can wrap the area twice or more to strengthen the wall. Also, you can make any shape. The wire is soft, so it bends easily. Rectangles, circles,s and any size can be made with chicken wire.

Sometimes this wire can also protect the coop from raccoons or foxes. It can keep the chicken out of your garden, and the temporary plug holes keep them within the coop.

Cons of Chicken Wire

The chicken wire also has some cons, which are essential to decide whether the wire or hardware cloth is suitable for your farm.

  • Sometimes, it can cause injury to the chicken. It cannot use on the floor as chickens can get foot injuries. It can break toes and cause eye injuries, cuts, and scratches. Smaller chickens can stick their feet into the fence.
  • The wire fence is not durable enough breaks and falls apart easily
  • The wire is not strong, so animals can get inside. Mouses, rats even snakes can also get through the large openings.

Hardware Cloth Chicken Fencing

Hardware cloth is thicker and more durable than chicken wire. It is woven and has to weld to make a squire or rectangular shape. It is made of stainless steel and bare steel. The openings are also galvanized into a sturdy grid and manufactured from strong gauge metal. It is a better choice than chicken wire. Hardware cloth is weather-resistant, and the holes are smaller than chicken wire. It is less likely to bend, manipulate and tear.

The galvanized metal of hardware cloth is more durable than chicken wire. Hardware cloth can be expensive, but you can use it only where a predator might access it.

Types of Hardware Cloth

Hardware cloth also has wide varieties, but all are not for raising chicken. They can be made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or carbon; these are the best chicken protector choices. 12 to 14-gauge hardware cloth is the best choice for chicken coops as no animal can break it and enter through it. The openings should be not more than ½ inch, but ¼ is more protective.

Where to Use Hardware Cloth

Hardware cloth is flexible and can be made in different sizes. The materials are not formidable, like chicken wire, so the density and strength are more substantial. You can cover the coop’s roof and run to protect the chicken from predators or stray animals. The best time to use the wire is daytime. The chickens will keep close and safe in their run and pet chicken coop. Also, you can cover the plants and vegetable area.

However, hardware cloth is expensive, so you can only use it to cover windows, doors, fence corners, bottom parts, and more. Using hardware cloth will be the best decision if the area has many predators. Hardware cloth can use on the floor, too, if it is buried adequately to save the chicken.

Just cover all the vents.

Pros of Hardware Cloth

  • Hardware cloth is more durable than chicken wire. It protects the chicken from predators.
  • A properly installed hardware cloth can stop the predator away. Also, your flocks won’t get hurt.
  • Different gauges provide robust protection. The hardware cloth can use on the floor to prevent the predators from digging out the floor.
  • PVC-coated hardware cloth is rust-proof.

Cons of Hardware Cloth

  1. Expensive than chicken wire
  2. Does not bend easily, so making any shape is difficult
  3. Cheap quality hardware cloth builds rust quickly and can hurt the chicken

When Deciding Between Chicken Wire and Hardware Cloth

When it comes to the safety of the chicken, hardware cloth wins the most. Although it is expensive, the cloth is worth the money. Chicken wire is also strong, but it quickly bends and breaks. Hardware cloth is more substantial and holds its shape for a long. Suppose money is not a problem for you. Then go for the hardware cloth.

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