What Is The Best Egg Holder In 2022 – Top Pick’s By An Expert!

Since the 1990s, the demand for shell eggs has surged ever since it dipped in the 1950s. Covid-19 pandemic has catalyzed an explosion of egg production and consumption.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), packaging has struggled to keep up with the sharp upturn. Yet when you want to handle, store, and ship you need the best egg holder for producers to consumers, you need appropriate packaging since eggshells are porous and fragile.

Top 5 Best Egg Holder: Editor’s Pick

Best Egg Holder
Carton flats, trays, and fillers are the most common types of egg packaging. The market continues to churn different models, but selecting the right egg holder for your needs has never been easier.

This egg holder review results from many hours of research, analysis, and fact-checking to enable you to make the best buys.

Our Top Pick: Recommended Egg Holder

HANSGO is the absolute best egg holder for your needs. It’s worth the price, has enough capacity to keep up with high supply and demand, safeguards the eggshells from shocks and stresses, prevents the eggs from absorbing stray smells, and has food-grade material makeup.

Coming second is Southern Homewares SH-10159 Egg Skelter. While unable to shield the eggs from off-tastes and cracking, the SH-10159 is esthetically pleasing and enables you to sort fresh eggs from stale ones.

The Best Egg Holder Reviews:

1. Lock & Lock 18 Count Egg Storage Container HPL955 Egg Tray Holder

If you want to ship, store, and protect shell eggs, the HPL955 ticks all the checkboxes. It weighs 6.4 oz. and is 12.6″ long, 7″ wide, and 2.8″ deep. LOCK & LOCK has three rows of cells for six small, medium, large, and ultra-large shell eggs.

The HPL955 features V-shaped dimples that run parallel to each other. Hence, it’s a plastic carton flat that holds up to 18 eggs.

It’s compliant with standards, as it’s larger than any three-by-four chipboard carton, measuring 7″ by 5-1/4″ by 2-1/4, according to the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

It’s the best egg holder for protection against contamination and breakage because it’s new; hence, free of odor and mold. The hinges at the four corners lock in place, ensuring no air and moisture enters.

The closed carton also protects the porous eggshells from absorbing stray odors and losing moisture. And so, when off-tastes like onions that you have peeled and cut are around the egg, you don’t have to worry about quality.

The HPL955 also cushions the eggshells from cracking. LOCK & LOCK HPL955 is a kitchen gadget that you realize you need for cooking when you acquire it. It helps you cook better-tasting eggs.

However, while the model allows you to place and remove eggs with ease, it is not easy to differentiate older eggs from newer eggs.

2. Snap ware Snap N Stack 2-Layer Food Storage Container with Egg Holder Trays

10,012 Reviews
Snap ware Snap N Stack 2-Layer Food Storage Container with Egg Holder Trays
  • EGG CARRIER: The Snapware Snap 'N Stack...
  • CUSTOM STORAGE: Whether you're storing...
  • NON-TOXIC LIDS: This Snapware carrier...

This carton flat holds two dozen eggs. It features two stacks of transparent three-by-four plastic egg holders, which lay on top of each other, with each stack accommodating a maximum of a dozen eggs for a total of 24.

On the top of the stack layers lies a plastic lid with a handle. It’s 10.7″ long, 6.1″ wide, and 5.3″ deep, and weighs 12.8 oz.

The 1098734 Snap N Stack fits the USDA standard for cartons, as each tray has three cell rows for four jumbo, medium, large, peewee, and ultra-large weight classes.

Eggshells lose water vapor, but Snap ware 1098734’s lids snap together, making for an airtight interior.

According to the USDA, an eggshell has about 10,000 pores, which allow the exchange of gases through diffusion. As well, the model cushions the shell eggs from cracking. Shells are fragile.

Bacteria like salmonella can find their way through cracks into the egg and cause intestinal illnesses to the consumer. And so, you can carry and transport whole eggs without having to worry about economic losses due to breaking or cracking.

The transparent model has round-shaped dimples, each of which separates one egg from the other. The dimpled design cushions the eggs from stress when you transport and stockpile them, as it absorbs shock and limits the likelihood of fracture.

However, while it helps you to place and pick eggs with ease, you may never differentiate old eggs from new. Also, if you have lots of high-producing layers like leghorns and stars, production will overrun the capacity to store them.

3. Idesign Fridge Binz BPA-Free Plastic Stackable Egg Holder – 14.57″ x 6.25″ x 3″

9,602 Reviews
iDesign Fridge Binz BPA-Free Plastic Stackable Egg Holder - 14.57
  • BUILT-IN FRONT HANDLE – This plastic...
  • STACKABLE DESIGN – Maximize...

If you are looking for a rigid, lightweight, and compact egg holder, then look no further than the 72930 Fridge Binz. It weighs 24.6 oz. and is 14.75″ long, 3″ wide, and 6.25″ deep.

By USDA standards, it’s bigger than any three-by-four chipboard carton. iDesign features hemispherical dimples, representing three rows of cells that hold seven whole individual eggs, separating them from each other. Hence, the setup accommodates a maximum of 21 eggs.

The dimpled form enables the flat carton to absorb shock and stress when you transport or stockpile each egg holder on top of the other. And the best thing, it’s stackable.

And because eggshells fracture under duress, iDesign is the best egg holder for packaging and safely handling eggs. The 72930 Fridge Binz has a polystyrene makeup that’s responsible for its transparency and esthetics.

The model, including its lid, is transparent. While the cover doesn’t snap together with the container’s rim, it provides an airtight cover against losses of water vapor, enabling expiration.

iDesign doesn’t just cushion the eggshells against cracks and breakages; it prevents them from absorbing stray odors that can spoil the taste.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the content labels on the packaging provide invaluable sales and marketing information.

However, like any other flat carton, it doesn’t excel at helping you tell which egg is fresher than the other. It’s a nice kitchen gadget worthy of its price, though.

4. Totally Kitchen Plastic Egg Holder | BPA Free Fridge Organizer

4,980 Reviews
Totally Kitchen Plastic Egg Holder | BPA Free Fridge Organizer
  • KEEP YOUR FOOD & EGG FRESH: The durable...

This two-by-seven flat carton holds not more than 14 eggs. It’s 14 .5” long, 4.5″ wide, and 3″ deep, and weighs 18.4 oz. Each cell of a row is a hemispherical dimple that isolates one egg from the other.

It’s the best egg holder if you want to package eggs for handling in grocery stores and shipping to the end-user. Its slim and compact design enables you to fit it into any refrigerator with little effort.

Not to mention, the egg rack for the fridge safeguards the fragile eggshells from shocks and stresses that can lead to breakage. An eggshell is also porous; hence, it can lose moisture through respiration and diffusion.

Germs and bacteria can penetrate the cracked eggshell, multiply in number, and cause harm to the user. The transparent plastic egg holder is an invaluable kitchen gadget that improves the quality of your cooking.

While its airtight lid prevents water vapor losses, it also keeps the eggs from absorbing stray off-tastes that can spoil food quality. As a trader, you will delight in the model’s capacity to minimize economic losses and maximize the space.

It’s also stackable, as you can stockpile one on top of another in an incubator or fridge without having to worry about stress-induced breakages.

Totally Kitchen comes with an ergonomic handle for handling and carrying. As with any other carton, the model can’t handle an overflow of eggs during longer days in summer.

5. Coghlan’s Egg Holder

Coghlan's Egg Holder
  • Clean, compact, unbreakable plastic
  • Choose from 2, 6 or 12 Egg holder
  • 2 and 6 Egg Holder designed for short...

Coghlan’s fits the standard three-by-four flat, which is usually 7″ long, 5-1/4 wide, and 2-1/4 deep. However, its width doesn’t seem to meet the USDA standards.

According to EPA, the plastic makeup of the carton is a resin that’s either polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, or propylene.  It can hold a maximum of a dozen eggs, as it features three rows of dimples for four whole chicken eggs, whether they belong to any jumbo, medium, large, small, peewee, and ultra-large weight class.

Its manner of opening and closing resembles a briefcase, with either side featuring a hemispherical dimple, which when you snap together, a spherical cell holding individual egg results.

As well, it features a handle that enables you to carry the egg basket. Best of all, Coghlan’s is budget-friendly yet useful in keeping the eggs safe from salmonella contamination and moisture losses, which decrease freshness.

Coghlan’s consumes little countertop area and holds just the right number of eggs for household use. The spherical dimple form also prevents eggshells from picking up unpleasant smells that may be lurking from other foods like cut onions.

In general, it’s an invaluable cooking gadget. However, Coghlan’s isn’t transparent. Thus, if you are looking for esthetics, then you won’t find them in the model.

Nevertheless, Coghlan’s isn’t stackable; hence, the eggs run the danger of breaking, scrambling, and cracking when you stockpile them on top of another in the fridge or incubator.

Also, high-producing can overrun the capacity during summer, although you will delight in it during winter when egg production is low.

6. HANSGO Egg Holder for Refrigerator, Deviled Egg Tray Carrier

6,991 Reviews
HANSGO Egg Holder for Refrigerator, Deviled Egg Tray Carrier
  • Practical Kitchen Storage: this egg...
  • Easy to Use: Egg holder for refrigerator...
  • Wide Application: Dust-proof unsealed...

If you keep high-producing layer breeds like leghorns and red and black stars, then you are in luck. The egg holder provides an adequate capacity to keep up with production and consumption.

Also, if you are a chef or restaurateur who manages high egg demand, HANSGO fits the bill. It features three stackable layers of four-by-five flats for a total of 60 eggs.

Each cell is a round-shaped dimple that permits you to place the eggs on their side rather than stand them upright. It’s well worth the bucks given that its makeup is a food-grade polypropylene, which doesn’t contaminate the egg with chemicals.

Also, you benefit from a new, unused container. For anyone who looks to maintain the highest standard (Grade AA or A), HANSGO is the best egg holder for your purposes.

The polymer carton also comes with a dust- or air-proof lid. In that way, it keeps stray odors that may spoil food taste at bay.

By enabling the egg to respirate and preventing loss of moisture necessary for keeping the egg fresh, whether it be in the incubator or fridge, HANSGO is indeed invaluable possession for a farmer or hotelier.

Despite its attributes and esthetic value, HANSGO doesn’t help you to distinguish fresher eggs from staler.

7. Egg Skelter Deluxe Modern Spiraling Dispenser Rack, Silver

3,419 Reviews
Egg Skelter Deluxe Modern Spiraling Dispenser Rack, Silver
  • Holds up to 24 eggs! - generally holds...
  • Sturdy steel! - constructed of steel and...
  • Sleek & modern! - designed to save space...

The SH-10159 is one of the most eccentric-looking and innovative egg holders you will come across in the market and our egg holder review. It’s atypical, as its spiral shape runs contrary to the standard flats.

Dimples or cells are absent. Instead, eggs sit side by side in contact with each other. The top is the entrance, and the bottom is the exit. The rest of the eggs move an inch as you draw the oldest egg from the bottom.

Best of all, the oldest eggs lie at the bottom while the newest lie at the top. It features a silvery cage that resembles a roller coaster track through which the eggs roll as you draw the oldest at the bottom.

In essence, it solves the problem of sorting the freshest from the stalest eggs, making it all the more an indispensable item for any chef who makes choices of food s/he preparing by freshness.

It weighs 11.4 oz. While it’s vulnerable to stray smells that have the potential to spoil food taste, the SH-10159 is the best egg holder, nonetheless.

Not to mention, it meets the minimum threshold capacity of a dozen, as it holds a maximum of two dozen eggs. However, it can accommodate fewer than 24 if egg size increases.

It’s not stackable. And so, you can’t stockpile one over the other. It’s also not suitable for shipping, as eggs can fall out of their positions during shaking.

8. Toplife Spiral Design Metal Egg Skelter Dispenser Rack, Storage Display

Toplife Spiral Design Metal Egg Skelter Dispenser Rack, Storage Display
  • Rotates 360 degree and new spiraling...
  • Sturdy metal construction and wire frame...
  • It can holds 3 dozen eggs.

If you want to use fresh eggs always and you can’t track which is stalest than the other, having an item that helps you in that endeavor is endearing.

Toplife HF00247BK features a cage that resembles the track of a roller coaster that holds eggs along it. As such, when you draw an egg from the bottom end, the rest move to occupy the gap. The spiral design is truly ingenious.

Other than being one of the absolute standouts, the HF00247BK has adequate capacity to fulfill the needs of a busy restaurant. As long as you keep drawing eggs, you will delight in the best egg holder for as fast-moving and perishable a product as an egg.

Its deceptively simple spiral design is a stroke of genius, as it’s esthetically pleasing, and the eggs flow along the track when you draw the oldest first.

Eggs sit upright and laterally, making contact with each other. However, porous eggshells are subject to cracking and breakage when you attempt to transport the eggs.

The rack isn’t rigid — it rotates all round to enable picking and placing from all angles. It weighs 27.5 oz. Up to three dozens can fill up the track at a time.

While the model helps you to distinguish old from new eggs, you run the danger of mixing up fresh eggs with stale eggs.

Also, it’s not immune from being overrun with eggs from high producers or during peak egg producing season. The exposure of eggshells also means that they are subject to crack and loss of moisture.

9. Peleg Design Egguins 3-in-1 Cook, Store And Serve Egg Holder

4,654 Reviews
Peleg Design Egguins 3-in-1 Cook, Store and Serve Egg Holder

Peleg Design portrays the extent of creativity of the manufacturer. If your key concern is esthetic value, then the 45840 Egguins will captivate you for sure. It weighs 4.2 oz. and it’s one of the lightest models.

The enticing design consists of six egg-holding cells that take the shape of a penguin’s belly. A black resin polymer makes up the body, which consists of cells, each of which represents penguins and their respective bellies.

Whichever color your fowl lays, whether it is white, brown, or blue, it makes up the belly and its color. When you pack the eggs in the container, they are beautiful to behold!

Best of all, an ergonomic handle is present, enabling you to carry the whole setup. The problem with this design is the exposure of the cells. Eggshells are porous and fragile.

If you have plenty of eggs and you want to stockpile or transport them, Peleg Design isn’t a product for you. But if you intend to inject beauty and excitement in your kitchen, the 45840 Egguins should come top of your list.

You may feel that the model’s a bit overpriced, but it’s a gadget that is worth the salt for anyone who hates a dull kitchen. The capacity is less than the recommendable dozen.

Egg production during peak seasons can overrun it. You can’t also tell which egg is fresher than the other unless you do some candling. Eggshells can also absorb stray odors and lose moisture, leading to a drop in quality.

10 Lock & Lock Eggs Dispenser, Holder For 12 Eggs (3)

1,265 Reviews
Lock & Lock Eggs Dispenser, Holder for 12 Eggs (3)
  • 12 Holders holds one dozen (12) eggs
  • Store your eggs safely while increasing...
  • Four-side locking system creates an...

This two-by-six egg carton holds a dozen eggs. Each cell accommodating a whole egg is a V-shaped dimple with a round edge.

It features two rows of cells for six whole chicken eggs, whether it belongs to the peewee, small, medium, large, ultra-large, and jumbo weight class.

Lock & Lock HPL954S3 is 12.6″ long, 9.45″ wide, and 5.12″ deep and weighs 26.4 oz. Its silicone makeup qualifies it as the best egg holder, as it’s responsible for its semi-transparent and food-grade properties.

You benefit from the peace of mind when eggs make contact with the polymer makeup that doesn’t poison them. The HPL954S3 is also esthetically pleasing.

You can also rely on it to keep the porous and fragile eggs safe from breakage and cracking during shipping and stockpiling, as the rubber-like composition can absorb stress and shocks.

Also, it features a lid that locks or snaps itself in place for an airtight and dustproof interior. Lock & Lock reduces the risk of cracking or breaking so that bacteria on the surfaces don’t exploit the opening and enter the egg and multiply.

Eggshells need to respirate to keep fresh. They release carbon dioxide and take in oxygen through diffusion. But then again, they lose water vapor.

The Lock & Lock model prevents such losses. It keeps molds, bacteria, and dust at bay. However, the dispenser’s capacity may not be able to keep up with high egg production, especially during summer when days are longer.

All in all, it’s not surprising why this egg holder for counter receives favorable ratings from its reviewers. It’s worth every penny.

11. mDesign Stackable Plastic Covered Egg Tray Holder

2,260 Reviews
mDesign Stackable Plastic Covered Egg Tray Holder
  • SMART STORAGE: This egg storage...
  • PORTABLE: Tray features easy-pull handle...
  • FUNCTIONAL & VERSATILE: These versatile...

This two-by-six flat carton has a polymer makeup and holds not more than a dozen eggs. It features two rows of cells for six whole eggs belonging to any of the USDA weight classes.

mdesign is 12.2″ long, 4.25″ wide, and 3″ deep, and weighs 28.2 oz. The 01379MDKEU fulfills the minimum requirements for dimensions of a carton in the small, standard, and jumbo categories.

Each cell is a hemispherical dimple that holds a whole egg, which sits upright. Awesomely, the package comes with a pair of the two-by-six flat cartons for a total of 24. You can stockpile the stacks on top of another without worries about stress-induced cracking and breaking.

For anyone who intends to ship and store eggs, mdesign’s tensile strength and shock-absorbing properties are all the more invaluable in minimizing economic losses.

The 01379MDKEU has a standout design that contributes to its esthetics and strength. You can also leverage the ease of putting and removing eggs. However, it is easy to jumble old eggs with new ones since it lacks the mechanism to differentiate them.

Also, if you are operating a busy restaurant or an institution where egg demands are high, you need a bigger capacity.

High-producing layer breeds like leghorns and stars can overrun the ability to store them. mdesign’s material makeup is bisphenol-A (BPA), while food safe, is not of food-grade quality.

In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted BPA tests on American adults and found that 92% of the results were positive. Other studies have established links between BPA and chronic ailments.

12. Gui’s Chicken Coop Rustic Wooden Egg Holder

256 Reviews
Gui's Chicken Coop Rustic Wooden Egg Holder
  • WHAT IS EGG STORAGE TO YOU? An egg tray...
  • ALL EGGS WELCOME - Fresh eggs, hard...

Gui’s Chicken Coop’s simplicity is endearing. No extra bells and whistles. The kitchen contraption is a rectangular wooden plank with holes or cells. And so, anyone can be quick to write it off.

Not so fast.

Gui’s Chicken Coop material makeup is spruce ground wood, which is an excellent shock absorber. You can carry the egg holder without worries about cracking or breaking.

It’s a three-by-six tray that holds not more than 18 eggs. Each cell is a hemispherical dimple that accommodates an egg.

In essence, the Rustic Wooden Egg Holder has three rows of cells for six whole eggs, irrespective of their USDA weight classes, whether they be peewee, small, large, ultra-large, and jumbo.

And because eggshells lose moisture, wood can help preserve it, as it circulates it to keep your eggs fresh. Bacteria like salmonella doesn’t survive for long on the wood surface. Some studies have evidenced the antimicrobial properties of the wood.

Not to mention, bacterial transfer from wood is less effective than polymers. However, cleaning the porous egg rack for the fridge is not a breeze. Unlike its polymer counterparts, it’s not dishwasher-safe.

Also, bacteria can hide within the wood pores, waiting for an opportune time to infect the eggs, more so when they have cracked.

Besides, bacteria thrive in damp wood. Above all, bacteria are more resistant to disinfectants in wood than plastics. Rinsing does little to clear bacteria.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Egg Holder

Before you make the ultimate decision to purchase any egg holder, consider the following factors:


Packaging comes in different shapes and sizes. Be sure the egg holder accommodates at least a dozen eggs. It should keep up with the supply, especially during summers. If you also keep high-producing layers, this factor should come top of your priority.

Ability to Distinguish Old From New Eggs

The best egg holder is the one that keeps track of freshness. Since we are forgetful, a packaging that reminds you which egg has stayed longer on the rack than the other is invaluable.

Material Makeup

Polymers and resins like polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, silicone, and polystyrene often constitute the materials of packaging. However, molded pulp, wood, and paperboard are also quite common. Be sure to select food-grade quality material, as well as BPA-free plastics.

Dishwasher Safety

Wood is the least dishwasher-safe material, while polymers (plastics) are the best. If this factor is your concern, be sure to check it out.


In this egg holder review, you have gained some valuable insights about what to look for to make the buying decision. Selecting the best egg holder from a barrage of choices needn’t be difficult.

Without proper packaging, eggshells can crack or break during transportation and storage. And bacteria, molds, and other germs can find their way through the openings and contaminate the egg.

Not to mention, eggs lose moisture as they respirate to keep themselves fresh. Whether you want to incubate the eggs for hatching or refrigerate them for cooking, you require packaging.

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