Faverolles Chicken

There are various breeds of chicken that have been developed across the globe for centuries. The creation of these breeds is triggered by the quest to get superior breeds. People also want more tasty breeds and ones that can suit all ecological conditions. One of these breeds developed some years back is the Faverolles breed.

Faverolles Chicken

Historical Background of the Faverolles

Faverolles came from France. It was developed as a result of cross-breeding with other breeds. These breeds are the Brahma, French Rennes, Houdan, and other breeds. The breed was developed in a small village in France known as Faverolles, hence its name. It was developed around 1860. Faverolles was initially developed to meet the table demands. Simultaneously, French farmers were also searching for a breed to lay a fair amount of eggs.

The white variety of Faverolles was much more welcomed than other varieties of other colors. In 1894, the breed reached the United Kingdom. Seven years later, it arrived in the United States. Years later, the breed was raised for exhibitions. The white variety was developed around 1900, but further advancement was attained in 1905.

Faverolles Profile

The breed is a dual-purpose breed kept for meat and eggs. It’s a friendly and docile breed. Friendly even to young children. Its good adaptation to all climatic conditions makes it outstanding. The color ranges from light Brown to Pinkish and has a single comb.

Faverolles has a medium-sized body and feathered legs. Under good management, you will enjoy the breed’s benefits for almost seven years. In a year, the breed can manage up to 230 eggs. The most common varieties of Faverolles are the Salmon and the White breeds.

Characteristics of the Faverolles Chicken Breed

1. Size: Faverolles possess a deep and broad body. The backside and the area on the breast are all comprehensive. This creates an effect of them appearing to be bigger than how they are. A mature hen will weigh an average of 7 pounds while the rooster attains about 8 pounds. So, it would help if you had a good size coop to keep these hens.

2. Color: the wings, head, and back have a honey color. The breast has a white or a yellowish beige color (straw.). The under feathers are gray. The earlobes are red.

3. Feathers: it is covered with loose feathers. They create an impression of its immense size than its actual size.

4. Legs: the legs have white skin with five toes each. They are also covered with feathers.

5. Temperament: Faverolles are known for their gentleness and calmness. This is what made people accept it as pets. They are known to be good ushers. Once they see you coming, they run towards you; many people like this trait. This breed is safe for kids. During the day, Faverolles is a very active breed. Under confined situations, the breed will also do well. The mothers are good brooders and possess a good mothering ability.

6. Eggs: these breeds lay from 150 to 200 eggs in a year. External factors like meals and weather conditions may determine egg production. Internal factors like diseases may also affect egg production. The size of the egg varies from medium to large. The color ranges from tinted to light brown.

Why You will Easily Fall in Love with Faverolles

1. Its Beautiful Colors

The beauty of Faverolles is achieved from its color. Some farmers have poultry in their homesteads because of their colors. If you are a color lover, then Faverolles must be your friend. The color varies from a mixture of black, brown, and honey for males. Hens are mostly creamy white or brown. All these colors will revive your compound with great aesthetic value.

2. Peaceful Birds

Have you ever met a wild chicken that welcomes you with a fight right away? I bet it’s not the best thing you would wish to find in any home. This is characteristic of some chickens. They fight people away. This is not something you will ever get with Faverolles chicken breed. It is a very peaceful bird. It will run towards you once it sees you coming. Don’t be afraid!

When you leave your kids at home, don’t be afraid because you won’t find them pecked by Faverolles. It’s there to give you a welcome, not like other breeds that will chase you away. It also relates well with youngsters.

3. Natural Pets

When you are idle and missing something to hold, have Faverolles. You will always enjoy its soft texture running smoothly in your hands full of soft feathers. With these birds, you will also get a chance to know how you should enjoy life. Bathing in the dust is the most interesting of all. They mostly do it when it is sunny. Once they are done, they lay on one leg and spread the other as they bask. Watching this is enjoyable.

It is happy to see and watch this and learn how to enjoy life. These birds appreciate life. Hang around with people who love and enjoy life, and you will enjoy it too. Having these little creatures in your compound will boost your value for life. Excellent pets to have.

4. Good Egg Producers

Eggs are good for your health. You don’t have to run to the kiosk every time you need a meal prepared with eggs. With Faverolles, you will enjoy close to 200 eggs in a year. Four weeks in a week. This is good news every farmer would ever wish to hear. The production extends to a span of 3 to 5 years! With four large brown eggs per week from a single hen, you will be forced to sell the surplus.

5. Quality Meat

Faverolles, as we had seen earlier, was developed in search of quality meat. So, you can not compare the quality of its meat with any other breed. It beats them all! This is not the tough, scary meat that makes you lose your appetite. Try Faverolles` quality meat, and you will be a living testimony to tender sweetmeat.

Health Problems Associated with Faverolles

Like other chicken varieties, Faverolles is not spared by diseases and pests. Lice and fleas are the common pests that will attack this breed. To control them, dusting with an appropriate pesticide will help. These pests can also be eliminated by fencing your compound. This will bar them from going into pests-infested areas.

The new castle significantly affects Faverolles. If the disease is managed early by vaccination and quarantine, it might not hit them that hard. Proper hygiene will also prevent other common diseases. Ensure you give clean food and clean drinking water. The standard or heated waterers and feeders are also supposed to be clean.

Faverolles is Right for You

If you are looking for a breed of chicken that mingles well with kids, this is for you. If you are looking for a dual-purpose breed, then choose Faverolles. This breed is prized for its numerous outstanding qualities.

Its comic antics will ensure that you are smiling all day. Unlike most breeds that cease to lay during winter, this breed will continue to supply you with eggs.

Faverolles do not require a very high fence since it does not fly. Unlike most breeds that fly over average raised fences, Faverolles lacks the appetite to fly. This will save you from making a very high fence, unlike other breeds.

But making a coop with a proper chicken door is necessary to save these chickens from other prey and animals.

Drawbacks of Rearing Faverolles 

When a person is too proper to others, they are prone to exploitation and mistreatment. This case applies to Faverolles. Its calm and docile nature makes it a target by other breeds. When rearing several breeds in your compound, you will need to exercise caution to prevent this breed from being harassed.

The feathery body of Faverolles makes it hard to tolerate a lot of heat, especially during summer. If your climate is relatively hot, you will need to erect some shades.

The other challenge when you want to rear this bird is its scarceness. If you plan to have Faverolles, you will need detailed research on where you can find them.

Other Varieties of Faverolles That are not Recognized 

  1. White
  2. Blue
  3. Splash
  4. Cuckoo
  5. Ermine
  6. Breed

Raising a Faverolles Chick

  1. Space: each chick requires a space of three feet square.
  2. Feeding: this breed feeds well on most of the commercial feeds. Other supplements like vegetation food remain will also not harm.
  3. Housing: ensure it is well ventilated and is spacious. For chicks, you should spread some beddings like sawdust to contain warmth.


Besides keeping animals for their products, we also keep them as pets. If you ever look for a pet that will ever keep you happy, then Faverolles will. It is a bird that will leave you smiling for its funny habits. If you ever come across this breed, ensure you have it. You will also reap the benefits of a continuous flow of eggs and quality meat.

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