How to Use Poultry Shield in Chicken Coop

Poultry Shield is a multi-cleaner sanitizer that you can use to clean the chicken coop and eliminate red mites, lice, fleas, etc. It is a safe and highly effective liquid disinfectant that works better than bleach or chemical cleaner. You have to use it two times to mite free the chicken coop. It is an organic product in which its bactericide and virucide properties also break the mite eggs.

You do not need to remove the birds from the coop to use it; it kills 96% of germs in 48 hours in any poultry house. o the timing of cleaning is important here.

Poultry Shield Ingredients

Poultry shields are made of some primary ingredients, including,

How to Use Poultry Shield in Chicken Coop

Using this eco-friendly cleaning product does not require any particular arrangement. You can use it once a month after cleaning the poo. Check on the spot sign where a red mite seems to appear. If the coop is full of red mite infestation, use a poultry shield once a week. Follow the user manual and spray the protection in the cracks and any hiding place of red mites, and you can keep chickens for long. This way, it will break the red mite cycle.

The best time to use a poultry shield is at night when the chickens are roosting. Do not spray the solution directly on the chicken; spray all over the coop as it is non-toxic, so it won’t harm the birds. In summer, remove all bedding and excess litter, scrub the area with a poultry shield, and leave the coop to dry—dust out the bedding and any corners with a diatom.

In winter, spray the poultry shield once in 3 weeks, yet do another regular cleaning every week using the right heated waterer.

Mixing Process of Poultry Shield

This concentrated liquid needs the exact amount to dilute with water; the measurement is written in the manual.

If you purchase a 200ml container of poultry shield, add at least 800 ml of water with it. After mixing the product, pour it into a small spray bottle and spray it all over the coop. The shield also dissolves the grease and dirt, so use a watering can to clean the housing equipment.

A garden hand pump sprayer is also effective in spraying the solution at hard-to-reach the place.

How to Control Red Mite with Poultry Shield

Red mite dies after 48 hours of spraying poultry shield. The shield must reach all the right places, so pour the nest boxes, roof joints, underneath any fittings, etc. and leave the site for at least 1 hour so the organic matter and waxy deposits can remove completely.

Use poultry shield solution and concentrate 200ml of it with 800ml of water. 100ml poultry shield with 900ml water is also a good mixture. However, these areas are difficult to clean with a poultry shield, so the rooms should be thoroughly soaked with the solution.

Breaking the life cycle of the mite is essential to reduce their growth. The mite could stay in the coop equipment, so wash them with clean water properly. If possible, dip them into a solution can and leave them to soak for some time. After that, gently scrub that equipment, then rinse with water. Wash all over the house with a poultry shield to contact red mites or eggs where powders cannot do. You can also spray it with a wooden shed. Clean bedding with a bit of diatom.

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