Is Egg Cooker Healthy?

One of the main protein sources for many of us is the egg. However, the time and the effort needed to cook the egg properly is something that not all of us agree to invest in. That is why many of us do not regularly have eggs, but we definitely should. One of the solutions to this would be to get an egg cooker.
This machine holds the ability to quickly and easily prepare the eggs for consumption. But one thing many wonders is egg cooker healthy or not. If you are thinking the same, the chances are that you do not have a proper idea regarding the device. However, do not worry because you just came to the right place.
Well, we will fill you in about the device, how to use the device, and if they are healthy or not. So, without further ado, let us get right into it, shall we?

Is Egg Cooker Healthy

What Exactly Is an Egg Cooker?

Before we start to get into other topics, let us first describe what an egg cooker exactly is. It is basically a small appliance that will let you boil, scramble, and sometimes make poaches. However, not all of the models are capable of making the three types of egg.

Some will only be capable of making only one.

Nevertheless, what makes this one stand out the most is the fact that it does not cost that much. And because of having the ability to properly cook the eggs by taking a considerably less amount of time, you would be getting something that is worth every penny.

Are Egg Cookers Healthy?

Now that you have a proper idea regarding what the machine actually is, let us get into the topic that got you here, whether these are healthy. Long story short, these are super healthy. For requiring less amount of time, all of the nutritional goodness remains within the egg.

In comparison, when the egg is in contact with the heat for a long time, it will lose some nutritional goodness. Considering that, these are considered to be super healthy. Sometimes, even healthier than the regular process of preparing the eggs.

Additionally, most of the brands are going to use food-grade materials for the overall construction. For that reason, there will be no need to worry about the eggs having any awkward or weird taste to them. However, some of the brands might use other materials, which are not really considered healthy.

How to Use an Egg Cooker to Boil Eggs?

Let us now move into letting you know about the process of using the device to boil eggs. As we have mentioned multiple times, the process is going to be quick and effortless. And you will see why did we state that multiple times after going through the steps.

Step 1: Add the Right Amount of Water

Usually, the devices are going to come with a cup that will have three labels. One would state soft, another would state medium, and the other one would state hard. These labels are basically the level of water you would want to fill for each type of the boiled eggs.

For example, if you want medium boiled egg, fill the cup with water to the medium label. On the other hand, if you wanted a soft boiled egg, fill it with water to the soft label. After filling the cup, pour the water into the water pray of the device.

However, if the measurement cup does not have three measurements, remember, soft boils will require less water than medium-boiled eggs. And medium will require more than soft and less than hard-boiled versions. Lastly, the hard-boiled ones will require more water than the medium-boiled ones.

Step 2: Poke a Small Hole in Each Egg

After pouring the water into the water tray, you need to poke a small hole on the underside of the egg. Most of the cookers will include a pin, which you can use for this piercing process. The main purpose of poking this hole is to keep the eggshells intact while they cook.

Step 3: Place the Eggs on the Cups

Now that you are done with making holes on the bottom, start placing the eggs on the cups. Some of the extra large-sized eggs might not fit the cups. So, when you are selecting the eggs, make sure that you choose the regular-sized ones. However, some of the cookers might be compatible with the extra large-sized eggs.

On that note, do make sure that you place the eggs with the piercing facing down. If you keep them facing up, the shells will break during the process.

Step 4: Cover the Top and Start the Machine

After placing the eggs on the cups, cover the top with the lid that came with the machine. Plug the plug into an outlet and power the device on. The steaming process should start.
Some of the units might stop the heating process automatically, while some will offer an audible beep for you to turn the machine off manually. Once the process is done, give the eggs a cold bath and then peel them. Keep the unpeeled eggs in the refrigerator for future consumption.

How to Use an Egg Cooker to Make Poaches and Omelets?

Did you know that you can use these to make omelets and poaches? Well, yes, with some of the units, you can! And the steps you need to follow for this are:

Step 1: Fill the Tray with Water

First of all, you need to fill the water tray with water. Get the measuring cup and fill it according to the type of poaching you want. If you want hard poach, fill it with the hard label and pour the water into the water tray.

Step 2: Get a Poaching Tray and Grease it

Now, you need to get the poaching tray, a brush, and some butter or oil. With the help of the brush, coat the upper surface of the tray with butter or oil. If you are using butter, got light with the coating. Also, do not pour too much oil inside the trays.

Step 3: Crack the Egg Inside the Tray and Turn the Machine on

After greasing the tray, you need to crack the eggs on the tray. Add condiments if you want to make an omelet and place the tray on top of the device. Then cover the top with the lid that is bundled with the device.

Then, turn the device on by plugging the plug into an outlet and turning the switch on. Wait for the yolk to harden a bit the egg whites to become stiff. Now, you might have to turn the device off manually if it does not have an automatic system. Once the eggs are done, put them on a plate and enjoy!

Final Words

In conclusion, if you are still wondering – is egg cooker healthy or not, in an nutshell, they are 100 percent healthy. And if you do not know how to use them, follow the steps properly, and you should end up with perfectly boiled or poached eggs.

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