15 Best Bee Hive Boxes of 2022 – Top Pick’s By an Bee Expert

Are you thinking about keeping bees? If so, where do you start? To be completely frank, beekeeping won’t be a walk in the park. While the whole idea of beekeeping looks enjoyable and fulfilling, you should expect to face certain dilemmas, especially if you are a just beginner. Anyway, don’t stress yourself over it because am here to help you out.

One crucial decision that you will have to make is the choice of a beehive. If you go wrong here, there is no going back. In fact, you will be jeopardizing the entire plan of beekeeping. So what is the right beehive? Keep on reading to find out.

Top 5 Best Bee Hive Boxes: Editor’s Pick

best bee hive

This best bee hive review covers everything you would probably want to know about beekeeping. The best bee hives, a comprehensive buying guide, how to make a beehive, how to maintain a beehive, and answers to common beehive questions – all these are covered in this guide.

We will kick off this guide with the reviews of the 15 best bee hive kits to check out in 2022.

Our 15 Best Bee Hive Boxes Review :

1. Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit

Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit
741 Reviews
Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit
  • 2-Tier hive: Premium solid wood...
  • 20 Frames with foundations: Our...
  • Telescoping cover and bottom board: This...

If you don’t want disappointment heading your way, then you should consider investing in this Honey Keeper Beehive kit. This kit has everything you require to build a prosperous bee colon in no time. Why so?

The first thing you’ll love about this box kit is its impressive design. It’s crafted in such a way that it spices up the whole process so well. As for the material choices of the hive, it’s excellent!

Overall, the hive comes with 20 frames, 10 deep and medium. The frames are installed in two-story body construction. This system allows you to accommodate more bees without getting an additional hive. All you have to do is add stories to the existing hive.

The foundation features a premium fir wood construction for quality and longevity. The frames are constructed from white pine wood. The frame contains unwaxed and hexagonal-shaped foundations, making it convenient for the bees to build up their wax holes.

Like that is not enough already, the rooftop of the hive is fitted with a galvanized metal-capped telescoping function for durability. This metallic cover protects the colony from damage from the sun and rain.

Aside from that, the pack comes with other beehive accessories. You will get an inner cover, bottom board, a queen excluder, and an entrance reducer. Upon delivery, this beehive will require a little assembly. The process is straightforward, thanks to its pre-cut finger joints and heavy-duty nails.

 Highlighted Features

  • 20-frame hive with 10 deep and 10 medium frames
  • Pre-foundation frame
  • Premium fir wood construction
  • Ease of assembly
  • Galvanized metal-capped rooftop
  • Structural design

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2. Complete Bee Hive Kit

Complete Bee Hive Kit
  • READY TO USE: Includes a telescoping...
  • DURABLE & SECURE: Sturdy construction,...

Another great beehive worth your money is this Complete Beehive kit. Importantly, it will suit you if you are concerned more about the quality and durability of the hive.

And whether you want it for commercial or personal purposes, this kit will serve you well. The hive is large enough to accommodate up to 3 pounds of a bee colony. So, you won’t need an additional hive so sometime.

The Complete Beehive Kit features a two-body construction with 10 frames 9-5/8 ” assembled hive body and 10 9-1/8 ” assembled wood frames with yellow waxed foundations. Indeed, the space is large enough to allow for more bee reproduction and honey production.

As for the construction design, you will love it. It’s crafted from high-quality and sturdy pine timber. This not only makes this hive durable, but it also ensures a conducive environment for the bees. The timber construction is thick to maintain favorable temperatures for the bees.

The unique smell of the pine also plays a significant role in the comfort of the bees. If the environment is right, it will encourage more honey production and bees’ reproduction. To protect the beehive from damage from extreme weather conditions like intense sun or rain, the hive’s rooftop features a painted metal covering.

Lastly, the assembly of the hive is pretty straightforward. It comes pre-assembled and ready for use. This hive also comes with a sturdy painted bottom board, a painted telescoping outer cover, inner cover, and unpainted entrance reducer.

Highlighted Features

  • 20 hive body
  • Fully assembled – comes ready for use
  • A Metallic painted outer body
  • Durable pine wood body construction
  • High-quality and durable

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3. Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Beehive

Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Beehive
65 Reviews
Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Beehive
  • Easy to Use - Complete Bee Hive Setup
  • Solid Cedar Wood Construction is Built...
  • Peaked Roof Design Sheds Water Keeping...

If you want your bees to enjoy a safe and quality home, then this is the beehive to get. With this Ware Manufacturing home harvest beehive, you can expect maximum productivity from your bees.

One thing you will note about this hive is it’s country/traditional look. Unlike the rectangle box designs with most beehive brands, this Ware hive features a hut-like design. You can expand the unit to accommodate more bees. The peaked roof features a whitewashed stain finish to keep off rain and other unwanted elements from your hive.

Surprisingly, this beehive also doesn’t need frames or foundations. Its design is purely country or natural. The bees are left to build their colonies on the inside. With this design, you will have less hassle and more productivity. The design also ensures there’s ample space for production.

The hive also features ventilations with adjustable airflow and 2 observation windows. This promotes a conducive environment for the bees both in hot and cold seasons. The windows also allow you to look at the bees without having to remove the top.

Overall, the beehive construction is beautiful and robust. The hive is crafted from white-stained cedar material. Cedar materials are not only durable and strong, but they are also insect-resistant. The upper insulated box is covered with a cloth to allow for smooth airflow in the hive.

As for the assembly, it’s pretty easy. An instruction manual is given to guide you through.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality cedar wood construction
  • Peaked roof design
  • Whitewashed stain finish rooftop
  • Ventilations with adjustable airflow
  • 2 observing windows
  • Beautiful hut-like design

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4. Happybuy H105, 10-Frame Beehive

Happybuy H105, 10-Frame Beehive
  • Solid construction- hive super is made...
  • Inner cover-allows ventilation and...
  • Please note-please read carefully this...

If you are looking for a superb yet quality home for your bees, then this Happybuy H105 10-frame beehive is the ideal hive for you. The entire design of the hive offers easy installation and removal what makes it suitable for all any beekeeping experience level.

First, this beehive will last decades thanks to its high-quality New Zealand pine body construction. However, the hive doesn’t include any frames or foundations. However, you can buy them separately of needed – the hive is vast enough to support more than 10 deep and 10 medium frames. It’s also straightforward to install.

To endure harsh weather seasons, the entire hive is coated with a rot-resistant material. So, you can rest assured that your hive will fulfill its purpose and last longer. Also, the whole unit comes with joints to allow for easy assembly and increased strength. Also, for added versatility, the hive features 1-5/8” pre-cut fingers.

The Happybuy H105 hive also features an inner cover. The cover is specially designed to allow for proper ventilation and an additional entrance for the bees. To increase the safety of your bees and honey, this hive comes with a bottom board to keeps off predators and insects. The board is also easy to install and remove.

Finally, the Happybuy H105 beehive also comes with handles for easy and sturdy gripping and handling. The grip is durable, thanks to its rot-resistant material.

Highlighted Features

  • Corrosion and rot-resistant
  • High-quality New Zealand Pine body construction
  • Pre-drilled fingers
  • Huge- can support over 10 deep and standard frames
  • Durable
  • Rot-resistant handles for easy handling

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5. VIVO Complete Beekeeping Beehive Box Kit

The VIVO complete 20- frame beehive kit is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a quality yet huge beehive kit. Whether you are a beginner or professional beekeeper, you will build a prosperous colony with this hive.

Upon receiving this kit, you will find a hexagonal surface foundation with 10 deep frames and 10 medium frames. Overall, the box is large enough to accommodate more bees as time goes by. Also, the entire box is crafted from high-quality pine wood construction. It is then waxed with chemical-free paint for increased durability and reliability.

Furthermore, this VIVO complete 20- frame beehive comes with a sheet covered telescopic lid. The lid is designed to protect the safety of the hive by keeping off dangers while promoting a favorable environment for the bees. This will result in increased bees reproduction and honey production.

A telescopic roof is added with a protective sheet metal that protects the hive from external dangers all around the year. The roof also allows for easy access to the inner area. This VIVO hive is fitted with a plastic queen excluder that is fitted in between the medium and deep frames to limits the movement of the queen.

As for the assembly, it’s quite straightforward. The beehive comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and all the necessary accessories such as bolts, nuts, screws, and much more.

Highlighted Features

  • Superior quality pine construction
  • Supports 10 deep and 10 medium frames
  • Comes with a plastic queen excluder
  • Comes with assembly accessories
  • Sturdy and durable design

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6. Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit
134 Reviews
Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit
  • Made in the USA
  • Completely assembled and ready for bees
  • Kit includes one painted 10 frame...

As the name suggests, this beehive kit is an ideal solution for any beginner beekeeper. With this Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit, you’ll be getting everything you might require to get the hive up and running. And if the country of the manufacturer matters to you, this kit is based in the USA.

This beehive measures approximately 22” x 18.5” x 13.2”, so you will have a spacious bee house. The ample space also allows for proper ventilation and conducive temperature in the hive. A pleasant environment in the beehive leads to increased productivity of the bees.

It also comes with a 10 frame hive body and 10 wooden frames with a yellow waxed Rite Cell painting.  Also, the hive comes completely assembled, and all the parts painted. This way, you will have less hassle looking for additional frames or proper painting.

The hive is designed with a telescoping cover to protect the beehives from external factors such as extreme rainfall and sunlight. The bottom board is also fitted to add more security for the bee. Another thing worth noting in this hive is that it’s lightweight (weighs 36 pounds). It’s, therefore, very easy and secure to handle.

Finally, this Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit comes with pretty much everything you will need. An inner cover, a reducer, essential beekeeping gear with a pair of leather beekeeping gloves, a bee smoker with a guard, an Alexander bee veil, a hive tool, and a starting right with bees book.

Highlighted Features

  • US-based and fully assembled
  • Strong wooden hive frames
  • Huge and lightweight
  • A beekeeping gear
  • A telescoping cover
  • Leather groves
  • Sturdy bottom board with an inner cap and reducer

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7. Complete Langstroth Wax Coated Beehive

Complete Langstroth Wax Coated Beehive
  • [Heavy Wax Coating] - Skip the hassle of...
  • [Superior Craftmanship] - Every bee box...
  • [Beginner Beekeeping Kit] - This beehive...

The Complete Langstroth Wax Coated Beehive is the best solution for anyone looking to build a healthy bee colony. The hive is excellent for both beginner and experienced beekeepers and comes at an affordable price. Why should you get this hive?

First, the hive features a high-quality pine body construction. What’s even better is that the pine material is decay and rot-resistant. Therefore, it requires less maintenance and will serve you well and longer.

The kit is also quite huge, and it’s fitted with 30 food grade plastic foundations that are coated with Real Bee’s Wax. The hive comes with 20 deep wax coated pine brood frames and 10 super wax coated pine frames. The wax coating provides increased protection and durability.

This Complete Langstroth Wax Coated Beehive doesn’t come assembled. However, the process is quite easy and will only take a few minutes. For quick assembling, the hive comes pre-drilled and comes with nails.

To maintain a conducive environment for the bees, this hive features a metal-capped telescoping top cover. The cover as well protects the hive from extreme weather conditions. It also allows for easy access to the inside of the hive.

Finally, this beehive comes with everything you will need to get your hive working. It consists of an inner cover, bottom board, queen excluded, entrance reducer, and much more.

Highlighted Features

  • Plastic waxed foundations
  • High-quality pine body construction
  • A telescoping top cover
  • Queen excluder
  • Bottom board with an inner cover
  • Pre-cut dovetail joints
  • 30 food grade plastic foundations with real bee’s wax coating

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8.  Apimaye 10 Frame Langstroth Insulated Beehive

The Apimaye 10 frame Langstroth Insulated Beehive is a suitable choice if you are looking for an all-season hive. As the name suggests, this hive is well insulated and will keep your bees dry and warm throughout the year. So, you can expect maximum productivity of your bees with less hassle.

This Langstroth insulated beehive has 10 frames. As for the box, it comes with 20 plastic frames that can be used with wooden frames interchangeably. The plastic frames are designed to offer protection against the growth of fungus. Also, the non-moisture absorbing nature of plastic makes them friendly to the well-being of the bees. The plastic material is also UV-resistance and anti-static for increased durability.

The entire beehive has an advanced ventilation system to protect the bees from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain and sunlight. Also, it helps to prevent moisture accumulation within the hive. This way, the bees use less energy and food and stimulate productivity.

This beehive also features a screening board with a pollen trap that is fitted on the bottom of the hive. It allows the bees to store fresh pollen while preventing small insects and Varroa mite from gaining access to the hive.

An entrance reducer is designed to give you more control and access to the hive when collecting honey. Also, a queen excluder is fitted along with 2 divisions’ board to help limit queen bee access to the supers’ area. This promotes more honey production.

Overall, the hive comes assembled, it’s easy to open, inspect, and feed or move the bees. The top cover allows you to feed the bees with syrup and candy without having to open the hive. Also, the color is appealing and doesn’t require any additional painting.

Highlighted Features

Advanced ventilation system

  • High-quality UV-resistance and anti-static plastic body
  • An entrance reducer and queen excluder
  • Screening board with a pollen trap
  • Appealing yet durable design
  • Best bee hive feeder

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9. Busy Bee’s -n- More Complete Langstroth Beehive

Busy Bee's -n- More Complete Langstroth Beehive
  • Amish Made In The USA From Eastern White...
  • These Amish Made Bee Hives Are A Labor...
  • The Standard 2 Deeps & 1 Medium Set Up...

The Busy Bee’s -n- More Complete 8 Frame Langstroth Beehive is another excellent choice worth considering.

Upon receiving this hive, you will find 8 pre-cut super frames and 16 pine brood frames. The frames are crafted from high-end pine wood to assure durability and a safe home for your bees. The beehive is also huge and easy to assemble.

When fully assembled, it measures 20” deep, 13 – 1/2” wide, and 29-5/8” tall. The assembling process is quite easy and takes a few minutes. An instruction manual is given to guide you through the process. The ample space of the hive allows for proper ventilation and therefore ensures that your bees remain healthy and productive. The hive is also easy to manage, lightweight, and very easy to move around.

The plastic frames are hexagonal and are waxed with real bee wax. The hive also features pre-cut finger joints and a 4oz bottle of Titebond II exterior wood glue to ease the process. This beehive also features a 24 food-grade plastic coat that has a natural flavor and encourages the bees to be more productive.

This Busy Bee’s -n- More Complete 8 Frame Langstroth Beehive has a telescopic top cover that is fitted with an inner lid to ascertain conducive temperature in all seasons. The hive also has a screened bottom board for proper ventilation and easy access to the hive from below.

Highlighted Features

  • Screened bottom board
  • High-quality pinewood construction
  • Features 8 pine super frames and 16 pine brood frames
  • Telescoping Top cover and inner cover
  • Easy assembly
  • Real bee wax coat

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10. Happybuy Bee Hive 20 Frame Beehive Box

Happybuy Bee Hive 20 Frame Beehive Box
217 Reviews
Happybuy Bee Hive 20 Frame Beehive Box
  • Beehive box complete kit – Includes...
  • Telescoping roof top – Built with a...
  • Bee hive safety - Entrance reducer and...

If you are looking stylish yet beautifully designed beehive, then you should certainly get this BestEquip 20 frame Beehive. Besides being 100% safe for beekeeping, it’s convenient for any beekeeping experience level. You can rest assured that this beehive will house your bees perfectly all around the year.

The first feature you will love about this specific beehive is that it’s crafted from 100% natural wood. It comes with 10 deep and 10 medium frames that are made from high-end white pine. The frames also have unwaxed hexagonal-shaped foundations. Frames are easy to install and remove.

The brood and queen parts are fitted in the bottom section while the honey is stored in the top part. A queen is excluder is provided to limit the queen from gaining access to other super bee section. An entrance reducer and bottom board are fitted to increase the safety of your bees and beehive from predictors and insects.

The beehive also allows you to remove the honeycomb that is built by your bees with ease. The frame also plays a vital role in preventing the bees from attaching the honeycombs from the hive wall and adjacent frames.

Also, for added proper ventilation, the hive features an additional entrance. The entrance also provides entry for bees. The pre-cut fingers are added for easy installation – they fit together easily.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% natural wood construction
  • Pre-cut finger joints
  • Entrance reducer and bottom board
  • Convenient and durable
  • Beautiful design
  • A queen excluder
  • 10 deep and 10 medium frames made from high-end white pine

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11. Happybuy Bee Hive Frames Wooden House Automatic Honey Bee

The BestEquip 10 frame Langstroth Beehive is one of the most common beehives you will find with beekeepers. In fact, this beehive is designed in a way that it’s compatible with an existing hive.  You just adjust the frames to fit it.

This beehive features a high-quality cedar wood construction. Cedarwood materials are reliable and will last longer. To maintain higher health standards of the bees and produced honey, the hive features a high-quality, BPA-free, food-grade plastic.

When you get to the honey collection, the extraction process is straightforward – you will barely disturb the bees at all. The hive also features a clear end-frame view through which you can check whether the honey is ready for harvesting without having to open the hive.

This beehive will also serve you for decades and in any weather conditions thanks to its telescoping metal rooftop. As well, the roof keeps out any dangerous exterior elements from getting inside. The bottom board and entrance reducer help to protect your bees from insects and other external predictors.

The beehive comes unassembled. However, it comes with any other tool you might need to get your beekeeping business running. The assembly is easy and quick. You will also get assembling instructions to assist you through.

Finally, the beehive comes with honey glass containers. Essentially, the only thing not included in this package is the bees themselves. Anything else is included.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality cedar wood material construction
  • Stylish yet safe
  • An easy honey extraction process
  • Metal telescoping rooftop
  • Compatible with an existing beehive
  • Durable

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12. Official Flow Hive Classic Cedar 6 Frame

The Official Flow Classic Cedar 6 frame beehive has pretty everything you need to start and manage your beekeeping hobby or business. It’s ideal for beginners as well as expert beekeepers. With this hive, beekeeping and honey collection will be enjoyable and hassle-free.

This hive is based in the USA and Australia. It’s also crafted from high-quality and durable Western Red Cedar body construction. The hive also features a premium BPA & BPS free food grade plastic frames. Therefore, you can be assured that the health standard of the bees and the quality of the honey is up to par.

With this hive, you don’t have to remove the frames to collect honey. The beehive also features an original patented flow hive technology that allows you to extract the honey from the honeycomb automatically using a flow key that is attached in the frame. The bees won’t be disturbed at all, and your safety from getting stings is prioritized. However, you should also wear a protective gear for added protection.

A bottom screen board is added for additional safety. It helps to maintain a favorable environment for the bees while protecting them from external dangers such as pests. The beehive also has an observation window through which you can view the bees without disturbing them.

Finally, this Official Flow Classic Cedar 6 frame beehive comes with a robust rooftop capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. Once you purchase this hive, you will get access to a wide range of beekeeping resources from the Flow Hive manufacturers.

Highlighted Features

Pest management screened bottom board

  • Observation window
  • An easy honey extraction process
  • Premium Western Red Cedar construction
  • Premium BPA & BPS free food grade plastic frames
  • Original patented flow hive technology
  • Access to Flow Hive global community

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13. CO-Z Bee Hive with 10 Medium &10 Deep Honeycomb Foundation Frames

CO-Z Bee Hive with 10 Medium &10 Deep Honeycomb Foundation Frames
361 Reviews
CO-Z Bee Hive with 10 Medium &10 Deep Honeycomb Foundation Frames
  • LARGE VOLUME: Measuring at 18.1" x 22" x...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Crafted with fir...
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: This 2-layer...

If you are new to beekeeping, the CO-Z beehive is the best bee hive for beginners. It’s 100 % natural, and therefore, high health standards for your bees, as well as honey, are guaranteed. Also, it comes with all the essential parts you need to get started. Why should you invest in this beehive?

First, this beehive is crafted from natural cedar wood, making it sturdy and durable. Also, the beehive is resistant to wear, rot, and decay, thus convenient for use all around the year regardless of the season. It also features 10 deep frames and 10 medium frames, all with foundations. The hive has ample space for the bees to reproduce and make honey; it measures 16-1/4” by 22” by 19-8/9”.

Furthermore, this beehive is easy to handle thanks to its lightweight nature – it only weighs 40 pounds. The pre-assembled metal roof of this beehive is fitted to protect your bees and honey from external elements. As for the assembly, it takes approximately 10 minutes. When fully assembled, the huge is tight and sturdy.

Air vents are fitted for proper ventilation, which contributes to more productivity. A bee travel hole is also included on the lower side for the bees to travel in and out of the hive with ease. A queen excluder is also included in the package to limit the queen from getting to the super bees.

Finally, this CO-Z beehive is designed with an entrance reducer, a sturdy bottom board, and an inner cover for added protection and access to the hive.

Highlighted Features

  • Pre-assembled metal roof
  • Fast assembly
  • Premium Cedar wood construction
  • Air vents for proper air circulation
  • Bee travel hole
  • Queen excluder

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14. Cedarwood Wooden House Wood Box Super Brood Beekeeping Beehive

If you know nothing about what a good beehive looks like, then you should consider this beehive. This Cedarwood Wooden House Wood Box Super Brood Beehive is designed with everything you will need to start your beekeeping business effectively.

When unboxed, you will find one wooden beehive. The hive is crafted from a fine and smooth pinewood construction, making it durable and safe for the bees. The pine materials are also resistant to wear, rot, and decay, so you may not need any beehive replacement soon. The construction is also solid and can withstand even the harshest weather environments without compromising on the welfare of your bees.

As for the honey extraction process, it’s quite gentle. The frames are well designed, and you will barely disturb the bees at all. This beehive also features a pre-assembled metal roof that helps to keep off exterior elements while maintaining the well-being of the bees as well as the purity/freshness of honey in the beehive.

For added safety and accessibility, this beehive also features a solid bottom board with an inner cover. A queen excluder is added to prevent the queen from accessing the super bees’ areas. Also, an assembly instruction manual has been added to make the installation process easy and quick.

Finally, this beehive also features an entrance reducer, top cover, assembly accessories, a frame holder, and a screen board, among other features.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy bottom board with an inner cover
  • Entrance reducer
  • High-quality pinewood construction
  • Pre-assembled metal roof
  • Durable yet sturdy
  • Assembly accessories

15. Little Giant 10 Frame Complete Langstroth Beehive

If you are looking for a well-ventilated yet spacious, affordable, expandable, and comfortable house for your bees, then you should get this Little Giant 10 Frame Complete Langstroth Beehive.

For increased usability and durability, this beehive is crafted from a quality unfinished Eastern pine wood construction. While the box isn’t painted, it has been smoothed, and you can apply paint of your choice immediately after receiving it. Overall, the beehive comes with ten 9.125 inch wooden frames with wax-coated plastic foundations.

This beehive also features a telescopic metal cover to protect the hive from exterior dangers such as extreme rain or sunlight. The cover also keeps the beehive dry and moisture-free. This will promote the overall productivity of your beekeeping business or hobby. A mite grid is added to keep off mites and other predictors.

For proper air circulation, the interior parts of this beehive are well ventilated. Also, the beehive is expandable and offers maximum space for bees to be more active. The entrance of the hive has been designed to allow the bees to move in and out of the hive effectively.

To separate the queen bee from other bee groups, the beehive features a queen excluder. Also, the beehive slot comes with a vented inner cover and screened bottom board. Finally, this comes fully assembled and ready for use.

Highlighted Features

  • A telescoping outer cover
  • A screened bottom board with an inner cover
  • High-quality Eastern pine construction
  • Well-ventilated
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Plastic foundations
  • 10 wooden frames
  • A mite grid

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Buying Guide: Things to look’s When Select Bee Hive :

What makes a good beehive? If you are wondering why we have selected the products we have reviewed above or would like to explore more beehives, this guide will get you started.

Generally, there a lot of things to consider; here are some of the major aspects to keep an eye on:

Material quality

 The material of the beehive you will determine its usability, safety, quality, and durability, among other factors. Generally, most beehives are constructed from different types of woods.

Commonly used wood types for beehives include Cedarwood and pinewood. Comparing the two, Cedar is stronger. Whichever wood type you choose, make sure that it’s high-quality, durable, and safe for your bees. Also, it should be resistant to rot, decay, and corrosion.


The construction design of the beehive also matters a lot. A good beehive design should provide your bees with proper air circulation and temperatures. For instance, the beehive should have a protective element against extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, sunlight, and temperatures. A conducive environment for the bees will translate to more productivity.


Most beehives are designed with 8 to 20 frames. Generally, ten frame kits are considered the standard units for the bees. However, having more frames doesn’t mean that you will have more productivity. In fact, it’s not even compulsory to have frames at all. The number of frames you choose should depend on the size of the bee colony. If you are just starting, an eight or ten frame beehive is ideal.

Honey extraction

 Remember, it’s the honey that makes you want to keep the bees in the first place. Therefore, a good beehive should have an easy, safe, and quick honey extraction process. Some recent hives have advanced flow technology that allows you to collect the honey easily. It’s safer for you, and it ensures that the bees are not disturbed at all.

If the honey extraction process for your beehive requires you to draw the bees away to collect, then it isn’t right. Disturbing the bees could result in less productivity.


 The right beehive should have a hassle-free installation process, especially if you are just a beginner. The joints should be pre-cut and should interlink well. As well, the beehive should be accompanied by an easy to read and follow the instructions manual.

If you don’t want to deal with assembling issues, then you can go for the beehive that comes fully assembled. Just get it to the field and start making honey.


This feature may not apply a lot, but it’s essential when setting up the beehive. The beehive should be lightweight and have sturdy handles for easy transportation.

Minimal disturbance

You might probably not know that your honey production mainly depends on the mental and physical health of the bees. In this regard, your hive must offer maximum protection from any inner or external dangers or disturbances. Of course, if you want increased growth and productivity from your bee colony.

Some features that ensure minimum disturbance to the bees include a flow frame honey extraction technology, observation windows, top covers, and side windows, among other features.


Your budget is vital when you are looking to start your beekeeping business. If you are well-loaded as far as financing is concerned, then you should get the best possible beehive kit that you can find in the market.

Also, if your financial status isn’t that could look for a standard but high-quality beehive. In fact, a higher price doesn’t always guarantee high-quality. There are numerous products that are lowly priced but functions quite well.

Factors that will impact your budget include added accessories, number of frames, quality of the construction material, brand type, advanced technology, and much more.

Necessary accessories

 The type of hive that you choose should include the necessary accessories needed for beekeeping. These accessories are essential for a complete beehive setup. They may consist of brood, honey frames, a queen excluder, an entrance reducer, a screened bottom board, a top cover, a frame foundation, and much more.

Other essential factors to consider include the brand type, and box types (deep and medium-sized frames).

How to Make a Bee Hive

It’s quite straightforward to make a simple beehive. A few items you will need to get started include bee boxes, wood, frames, cutting tools, nails, hammer, wood glue, beeswax foundation, an excellent light outer latex paint, an entrance reducer, a queen excluder, and much more.


  • Collect all the assembly items together
  • Put together all the pieces of the beehive to make a box. It should have tapered fingers to make the joints stronger. Make sure all the sections fit together well for a sturdy box. You can tap the pieces to fit well – adjust if need be.
  • Add wood glue to the joints
  • Nail all the parts using the hammer – make sure that the joints are firmly placed before nailing.
  • Make sure that the entire box is installed correctly
  • Add other parts such as the bottom boards, entrance reducer, queen excluder, and frames
  • Add paint on the outer body – painting makes it resistant to corrosion, rot, and decay. It also makes the beehive strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

How to Take Care of a Bee Hive

Besides getting a good beehive, you have to learn a few things about the entire process of beekeeping. Beekeeping will definitely require high maintenance – inspection, part replacement, cleaning, and repair. Here are a few guidelines to take care of your beehive if you want to build a prosperous bee colony.

  1. Make sure that your bees have adequate space to reproduce and make honey.
  2. If your wooden beehive in unfinished, you should add a chemical paint on it. Painting the outer surfaces will help in protecting the bees against insects such as termites and other external dangers.
  3. Replace wax coatings on the frame foundations, especially after collecting honey. It will save the bees a lot of time used in building wax. The bees start the honey production process immediately.
  4. For maximum productivity and healthier bees, make sure that the beehive is well ventilated for proper air circulation and temperatures. The production will be better if the beehive is placed near a water source.
  5. The beehive should be accessible for the bees. The bees should quickly fly in and out of the hive effortlessly.
  6. Prioritize the health and well-being of the bees.
  7. Only harvest the honey when it is right. If possible, the bees should not be distributed when collecting honey.
  8. Add a protective shed on the beehive to protect it from damage against external factors such as extreme weather conditions. A shed also helps to maintain proper temperature inside the hive. A windbreaker can be added to protect the hive from strong wind blows.
  9. Get additional accessories such as an inner cover, a queen excluder, and a top cover, among others.
  10. Sign up for a beekeeping class, follow a website, and read magazines to get more insights on proper beekeeping.
  11. Feed your bees properly for added productivity

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Hive)

    Q.1 – When should you start a beehive?

Generally, you can start beekeeping when you are ready. Although seasons matter a lot as far as productivity is concerned, if you have an excellent beehive, you can start a beehive anytime.

The best time, though, to keep a beehive is during spring. During this season, the weather is warming up, and the bees are just starting to get busy. This will give the bees’ ample time to build up an active hive.

Usually, each season brings about new behavior changes in bees. Your bees will be less productive during cold seasons and more productive during warm seasons. All you need is to learn the maintainable steps that you need to apply in each season to ensure a proper environment for your bees all year round.

   Q.2- How many bees do you need to start a beehive?

Obviously you need a lot of bees, especially if you are looking to start a beekeeping business. To quickly acquire bees, you can buy them instead of waiting for them to locate your hive.

Usually, bees are sold in packages; you can buy a mature queen bee and about 2 to 3 pounds package of bees. Such a package will have between 5000 to 10,000 bees. You are likely to spend between $80 and $100 for a package.

   Q.3- How do I attract bees to my hive?

If you have decided to catch the bees yourself, then it will require timing and patience. Your beehive should be ready when the weather is starting to be warm.

You will also need to locate your beehive in an open flight path and then set a swarm trap/bait for the bees. The perfect trap is using an old hive body since it has the smell of bees, and thus it will attract the bees. Also, the best location for beehives is areas around flowers, and tall trees will attract bees.

Q.4- How much honey do you get from one hive?

How much honey you collect will depend on several factors. One is the physical and mental health of the bees, and if it’s good, then you will get more honey. Also, during a warm season, you should expect more honey production. Other factors include geographic location, temperatures, pests, local flora.

In a good year, you are likely to harvest around 20 to 60 pounds of honey. Some hives can produce more honey with ideal management throughout the year.

Q.5- How long does it take to get honey from a new hive?

 Generally, if you introduced a bee package in your beehive, then you are likely to harvest honey in lesser time. Typically, it can take about 4 to 6 months to collect honey. However, if you are attracting bees, then it might take longer. It’s recommended that you don’t harvest honey during the first season for a new beehive.

Final Verdict

Now that you have 15 beehive kits to choose from for your beekeeping business, it’s upon you now to get your honey production hobby or business up and running. Just note that all the hives reviewed here are cost-effective, durable, user-friendly, high-quality, and easy to assemble.

If you want to explore more options, then use our guide. At the end of the day, the beehive kit you choose will depend on your personal interest/needs, purpose, and budget, among other factors. Just keep in mind that the hive that you choose will hugely impact your overall potential for growth as a beekeeper.

Also, remember that the art of beekeeping is a continuous learning process. Therefore, for maximum productivity and growth, it’s essential to keep on adding as much knowledge as possible about beekeeping.

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