Best Heated Chicken Waterer for Winter: Reviews of Poultry Waterer

The best thing you can give your chickens is clean water. In the winter, the worst thing that can happen to the water is that it will freeze in no time. It is necessary to always keep the water as liquid as possible for your chickens to consume.

Chickens are also peaky when drinking water. They love to drink water that is clean and consistent in-depth. The only thing you can buy for your chickens is a good chicken waterer for freezing temperatures. We present the most efficient systems in this review from different technologies, logic, and designs. Let us jump right into the study.

Premier Heated Poultry Waterer - 3 Gallon
Farm Innovators Model HPF-100 "All-Seasons" Heated...
RentACoop Twin Cup Chicken Waterer - 2 Gallons...
Farm Innovators 5-Gallon Flat-Back Heated Bucket...
Premier Heated Poultry Waterer - 3 Gallon
Farm Innovators Model HPF-100 "All-Seasons" Heated...
RentACoop Twin Cup Chicken Waterer - 2 Gallons...
Farm Innovators 5-Gallon Flat-Back Heated Bucket...
Premier Heated Poultry Waterer - 3 Gallon
Premier Heated Poultry Waterer - 3 Gallon
Farm Innovators Model HPF-100 "All-Seasons" Heated...
Farm Innovators Model HPF-100 "All-Seasons" Heated...
RentACoop Twin Cup Chicken Waterer - 2 Gallons...
RentACoop Twin Cup Chicken Waterer - 2 Gallons...
Farm Innovators 5-Gallon Flat-Back Heated Bucket...
Farm Innovators 5-Gallon Flat-Back Heated Bucket...

Reviews of the Best Chicken Waterer for Winter

Best Heated Chicken Waterer for Winter

We have tested the most popular heated chicken waterer for winters including the most reliable brands and the models most experts and users suggested. After thorough research, we have concluded a small list of the best products.

Check out the advantages and features of these chicken waterers from the reviews.

Premier Heated Poultry Waterer – 3 Gallon – Best Overall

The first one we have here is an electrical chicken waterer. These are the most convenient when changing the water every morning and spilling out all the water at night. If you have this system in your chicken playpen, you will constantly get clean and liquid water every morning.

All you need is an electrical power outlet to power it up. This might be the best poultry waterer for all the seasons. There is a 60 feet electric cord connected to the bin. You can detach it when it is the summer season. Your chicken gets good water all the season.

What made this stand out from other waterers is the efficient features and one of the most extensive options. The built-in thermostat of the electric heater also automatically keeps the water warm in the winter. The nipple system water drinker is an excellent solution for a clean water supply. There will be fewer spills and less wastage of water while chickens are drinking water.

Around the jr, four nipples are enough for larger chicken families of more than ten members. The overall waterer is sealed and does not let dirt or insect inside. So your chickens get the cleanest water possible.


  • One automatic waterer for all the seasons
  • You can use this as a hanging system and also settle it on a base
  • Very easy to set up and fill up
  • It comes with an extensive electric cord
  • The overall design is easy to use and convenient
  • Prevent freezing of the water automatically
  • It does not draw a lot of power from outlets


  • Carrying with the handle does not feel secure at all

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Farm Innovators Model HPF-100 “All-Seasons” Heated Chicken Waterer

If you are looking for the best automatic chicken waterer that is a bang for your buck, you have to look for this one. This is the cheapest heated chicken waterer base you can find in the market. It is a vacuum-sealed chicken waterer, but an additional heater keeps the water warm for the winter and snowy seasons.

This system is super easy to use and easy to monitor with a thermostatically controlled system. The main container is made of transparent plastic material. You can see through the high-quality plastic and quickly see how much water is left inside.

This is a good thing for you to monitor. The vacuum-sealed waterer system is the most efficient waterer that prevents chickens from freezing and staying healthy in low temps. Also, the easy cleaning and smooth releases of water supply are why most poultry owners like this heated waterer.

Chickens love to drink water from open and clean sources. Filling this up is pretty straightforward. You just have to open up the lid on the bottom and fill it up. Carry the whole thing using the handle on it, and you are done.

The overall weight of this thing is also super friendly. This is going to last several years if you maintain this well. You also detach the water resources for maintenance and clean them up thoroughly.


  • An affordable automatically heated water supply for chickens in winter
  • The clean jar lets you see and monitor the water level easily
  • Filling up and cleaning is super easy
  • The thermostatic control is energy efficient
  • Great on uneven surfaces as well as a flat surface


  • The power consumption is a bit aggressive

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RentACoop Twin Cup Waterer – Best Cold Weather Chicken Waterer

RentACoop chicken waterer package is the best poultry waterer that you can find on the market right now. This is a combo that works like a charm. It is a combo that comes with a feeder and a waterer. If you have just bought portable cages for chickens, you should buy this is the perfect feeder.

The incredible thing about these feeders is that they are a complete set for your chickens. You get a feeder and a waterer in the same package. Installing this thermostatically controlled waterer and feeder is super easy and convenient.

It has brackets and mounting holes already grooved on the feeder. You can either attach it to the wooden wall of your chicken coop, or you can also connect it to the mesh fence of the pen. You can both install this inside the cell and outside the cell.

RentACoopTwin Cup combo is the perfect set for you if you have just purchased your chickens to domesticate. Two of your chickens can easily accommodate inside of this coop. You are less likely to get any spills pr wastage from this waterer.


  • A very inexpensive combo for your overall solution
  • A perfect set to purchase as a beginner
  • Installation is super easy and convenient
  • These thermostatically controlled heated chicken waterers are portable as fun.
  • Water refilling is easy and fast


  • These are not good to buy at sub-zero temperatures as water will freeze up.

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Farm Innovators Heated Bucket – Best Automatic Heated Waterer

This might not be the best automatic chicken waterer, but this is an excellent tool to have in your collection. It is a heated bucket that quickly turns your ice into water. The design is super simple, and nothing is complicated to worry about. You can soon turn the iced water into warm water and get ready to feed all your domestics.

This bucket will save your time, and most importantly, this will hold water wastage. You will not have to worry about throwing those fresh ice in the morning that you can turn into the water with electricity. It is a two-gallon of water that will be a beneficial choice if you have a farm.

You have ready warm water to feed all your animals like cows, goats, lamas, and pigs. If you are unwilling to place your money only to water your chicken’s warm waters instead of buying a bucket for everyone, this is the perfect tool you should invest in.

If you look at the price point, this is priced almost the same as the others, but you get 2 gallons of warm water on a winter morning.


  • A big bucket of water heater that can manage water for every animal on your farm
  • The water warms up fast, and using is a breeze.
  • It works like a regular bucket where you can carry water as well


  • This is not a water pot for your chickens, as you will have to buy one for them.

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RentACoop Chicken Water Nipple Cup – Heated Chicken Waterer with Nipples

RentACoop chicken waterer cup is a nice thing to have if you want to do your magic to help your chicken out with a water supply. You can use a nozzle kit on different jars, containers, or even on bottles to make it a waterer for your chicken. It is a simple and easy solution for your chickens to get a constant water supply in any season.

Get a big bucket and slap some of these small water-mounted nipples on. Boom, you have got your type of waterer for your chickens. This nozzle will help you a lot if you are an owner of a giant chicken farm.

If you can manage an enormous container, you can turn water nipples into a water supply for hundreds of chickens on your farm. The performance of the heating element is consistent. You will not even need any vacuum container for making a waterer for your chickens.

Everything works automatically, and you will not have to touch a thing. This kit comes with waterproof washers that prevent water from leaking that prevents water wastage. Installation is easy as water.


  • A nozzle package that is super-modular and expandable according to your need
  • A perfect tool for bigger packs of chickens
  • The performance is consistent in cold months
  • It comes with everything to connect with any kind of water source available.


  • This is just a part of the water supply for your chickens

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Harris Farms Heated Poultry Drinker Base – Best Poultry Waterer

Here we have a universal solution for frozen water for your chicken and domestic animals. This is a heating pad for a water container in your far. With the easy and convenient setup process, you can keep the water liquid for days.

The setup process of the heating element and the waterer works is straightforward. Just put the water pot on top of this base, and the automatic heater will do the job fine. It is made of non-corrosive galvanized steel material and does not show any changes when in contact with water and minerals.

You can trust the overall construction of the whole thing. This can carry more than three gallons of water feeder and warm them in the cold winter months.

A heated metal base is the best-heated chicken waterer if you have got your heated chicken waterer for all your chickens on the farm. You can utilize the whole system that works in the summer and just add the base in the winter when wholly enclosed.

The Harris Farms poultry drinker works with almost any type of water container you have on your farm. If the bottom surface of the water container is in contact with the heat pad, it will keep everything warm and flowing.


  • Works on any materials like plastic and metal for heating
  • Easy to use daily for cold weather
  • Comparatively cheap way to meltwater for your chickens
  • The heated base with easy access is helpful for cold days
  • It comes with one year warranty


  • The surface does not match with square-shaped water pots

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Farm Innovators Model R-19 Heated Pet Bowl

R-19 Heated Pet Bowl is the best chicken waterer for winter if you need warm water in the morning for your chickens to feed. This is the fastest and the easiest way to keep water warm in the winter season.

This is a simple 1.5-gallon heated water bowl with a heating pad built underneath it. This one bowl will be enough to keep warm water all day for your chickens. It has a 5 feet corn connected to the bowl. This is the electric connection you have.

The electrical cord is made of excellent materials, and this thing is water-resistant. It does not get damaged even in chilled sub-zero temperatures. The heater is also intelligent when operating. It does not always stay on. Instead, it detects the winter temperatures with a thermostat, which helps keep the water at a safe, warm temperature.

You can utilize this metal waterer pot in different ways to your need. If you want to provide warm water for your cattle, you can serve them directly in this bowl. It would be best to have a universal bowl for a generous water supply on your farm.


  • A perfect water container for your chickens’ water supply
  • Has excellent built quality and suitable materials in the built
  • It comes with a good quality extension cord
  • The ideal water system for cold climates
  • The cord has a metal coil wrapped around it to keep it safe from breaking and tearing.


  • This is not the best bowl to leave as a heated chicken waterer in your chicken playpen.

Harris Farms Double Wall Poultry Drinker – Insulated Chicken Waterer

If you want an insulated chicken waterer that does not let the water freeze when the temperatures drop drastically, this is the one. This one is made of metal, which is made to be used for heavy usage. If you have a lot of chickens in the chicken playpen, this waterer will be the perfect watering solution.

The whole construction is solid, and it is made like a tank. This unit works in the principle of vacuum sealing technology, where the water has the perfect flow on the water-containing part. Your chickens are going to love this. If you have a big chicken and a small chicks breed and are a bit aggressive on heated chicken waterers and feeders, this will be a perfect companion for them. They can not do any damage to this.

Because being made of metal will last almost forever if it has not gone through too much beating. You can drop this waterer in the middle of a concrete floor, and nothing is going to happen. In addition to the metal, two walls keep the container sealed and solid.


  • A solid metal heated chicken waterer for your furious chicken pit
  • The principle is simple
  • It is suitable for raising chickens
  • It comes in different sizes and capacities for a big and small flock
  • These metals are corrosion resistant and do not have any effect on water minerals


  • This does not have any heating elements to keep the water warm in the winter.

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Is There any Battery-Operated Chicken Water Heater?

Is There any Battery-Operated Chicken Water Heater?

An electrical heater works to turn electrical power into heat energy. The energy conversion depends on the wattage of the coil or the electrical components. If you look at the battery technologies, you will see that you will need a massive load of current and large capacity batteries to use as a heating power supply.

Looking at different markets, you will not find any battery-operated chicken water supply through a plastic waterer. The first thing that comes to mind is why you need a battery-operated chicken water heater?

This might be because you don’t want to deal with the dangling cord around your backyard or the playpen. All you can do is use PVC pipes, feed the line inside of this pipe, and bury them under. This would be a good solution for you.

If you have portable cages for chickens, you can move them close to your house, reducing the need for long cords to power the heater up.

Heated Chicken Waterer DIY

If you are a person who loves to handle things in your hand, this is the best part of the review for you. We will let you know how you can easily make a heating pad by yourself and use it as a water heater to prevent the water for the chicken from freezing to ice.

In the first step, we will be arranging some items that are the most necessary. There are not a lot of things we will need. We will need a concrete block that is going to be the base. We will use 50 to 100 watts of the bulb for the heat source. Depending on the heated chicken waterer size and capacity, we will decide what bulb we need. We will need a tungsten bulb holder and a cord to power the whole thing up.

Now we get to the main work. A concrete block will have a sizeable hollow part inside of it. This open part is going to be the heated chamber for now. We will connect the bulb holder to the power cord and feed the holder inside the hollow portion. Just so that the line does not choke up, we will break a small part on a concrete side that will feed the cord in.

Our work is done here. Now we have to connect the bulb to the bulb holder. Directly connect the power cord to the main power supply and place the waterer on the top of the hollow part. The lightbulb will heat the open chamber, which will prevent the water from being too cold.

Now there are several things you have to keep in mind. There are open electrical lines that might be dangerous for you. So be precautious. A light leakage of hot water or a drop of water on the bulb might break the bulb or cause an explosion of the lightbulb.

How Do you Keep Water from Freezing in the Winter?

How Do you Keep Water from Freezing in the Winter?


The best supply for your chickens is a clean water supply. You can use a premier heated poultry waterer to prevent freezing in the winter. But there are still a lot of techniques that do not let the water freeze up that easily. We will share these techniques here.

Empty up the waterer at night

It is the nighttime when the flock’s water freezes up. If you can see the sun in the daytime, the water will be liquid all day long that you can be sure of. As the water freezes up at night, all you can do is empty up the waterer if the water source is placed outside of the coop. You have to refill the water every morning so that your chickens get fresh water every day.

Use ping pong balls

Using ping pong balls is an old technique of preventing the water from freezing up. You have to keep the water supply close to the breeze. If you have placed three pink pong balls on a water surface in the draft, it will float on the thin water surface, and that might be helpful to keep the water flowing and will not let the surface water freezing.

This is quite an old technique to prevent water from being too cold. It is not going to work if the weather is too cold.

Sunroom for wind prevention

The sunroom is a tent-like construction that people had been using to meltwater and prevent it from freezing up in the night. This tent-type construction will keep the water out of the freezing breeze, which will block the water from freezing up into ice.

Your chicken will also like the construction if too cold wind is floating around. They will take a rest in the sunroom to keep them warm.

Use flowing water streams

Flowing water stream does not freeze up too quickly. If you have water flowing in any plastic poultry fountain, you can use this technique. This is going to be a great water source as well.

If you can route the water through a pipe and make yourself a water jar that will flow through the other side of the stream, that will be the perfect solution not to freeze up.

You will have to be careful about many factors and consider many factors for this technique. You will find a lot of tutorials online to make yourself one.

Use Heated Chicken Waterers

Use Heated Chicken Waterers

The last and the most convenient technique of preventing the water from freezing up is using a water heating system. You can buy different devices and procedures that will help you warm up the water.

There is a 5-gallon chicken waterer that you can use to provide water for your chickens and use a heating pad underneath to keep the water from freezing. You can also buy heated water bowls. We have recommended several top-fill chicken waterers in this review. You can purchase any one of these.

How do you water chickens in the winter?

Water is the most necessary food element to provide your chicken in all seasons. You have to make sure that the water you are providing to your adult chicken is clean and germ-free. You have to make sure that the water is not too warm or too cold for them. There are water temperature charts that will help you with the ideal temperature.

If you provide water using regular Poultry watering Cups, you should ensure that you are emptying it up at night. The reason behind this is to make sure that the water is not freezing up at night. It has to be liquid in the morning to consume the chickens.

The best thing you can do is arrange an automatic heated waterer for your chickens. This will ensure that the water is at the right temperature and has the perfect temperature to be drunk by your chickens.

One in a week, you should clean up the waterer as fungus and bugs might be a reason to get your chickens sick.

Where do you keep chicken water in the winter?

This is an entirely subjective thing for farmers. Depending on situations and temperature, you can place the waterer wherever your chickens and cattle like to have.

If you have a large coop and several chickens, you should keep the water inside the cell. Make sure that the pen is large enough to have a waterer inside. Generally, chickens do not like water while it is cold winter nights. They love freshwaters in the morning.

As chickens love having fresh water in the morning, all you can do is empty up the waterer at night. This will prevent the water from freezing inside the water and jamming the system up. Take a bucket of water to the automatic waterers and fill them up fully to let your chickens enjoy a sip of fresh water.

The thermostat-operated waterer is a great thing right now. Generally, a thermostat is placed inside the waterer to monitor the temperature. As it goes down to the freezing temperature, the heater coil gets activated, and thus the water does not freeze up. These thermostats are not too aggressive to make the water too hot for chickens.

If your chicken coop is close to your house or living space, you can bring the waterer home if you have the facility. As your room heater keeps the house warm, the chicken’s water will not freeze up at that temperature. S, you are not wasting any water.

What is the Best Heated chicken waterer?

What is the Best Heated chicken waterer

This topis is also a subjective choice for farmers. People use different facilities and systems to prevent the water from freezing to ice depending on situations and facilities. We have almost recommended every type of system here in this review. Depending on your needs, how many chickens you have, and what your chickens want, you can choose any heated waterers.

If you have a big chicken farm and want a versatile setup that works every season, Premier 3 gallon Waterer would be the best choice for you. This waterer can be used without electricity as the cord is detachable from the waterer unit.

If you already have a chicken waterer and you want to add a temperature-increased base to it, Harris Farms Heated Base is the right thing to go for. You can add your existing water pit with this, which will be acceptable for all seasons.

If you plan to go fully DIY, RentACoop nipple waterers would be a thing to purchase. You can add your favorite drinking bowl with it, and you are ready to go.


The whole discussion about chicken waterers is subjective, and depending on weather conditions and temperature, the choices will be different. If you live in hot summer weather, your regular Poultry watering Cups will do the job fine. You can invest in a good tractor supply chicken waterer with heaters if the temperature goes down too low at night.

Before placing your order for a chicken waterer, analyze the farm situations and place the order. You might need a heated bucket like Farm Innovators Heated Bucket if you have chickens and other animals living together. Almost every option is included in our recommendation list. Place your order when you are ready.

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