Buff Orpington Chicken

Buff Orpington Chicken

Since time immemorial, chicken is known to be a common part of every homestead. There are different reasons as to why people rear them. Some do it for fun, and others do it for egg and meat production. Statics have shown that there has been an increase in the number of people interested in keeping … Read more

Benefits Of Quail Eggs

Benefits of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs are universally known for their many benefits compared to chicken eggs. They contain more nutrients. Tastes more like a chicken egg and its tiny size. Make them preferable in cooking. Their shells are creamy with brown patches. The York is deep-yellow. Quail are growing their fame day by day. But, there are several … Read more

Australorp Chicken

Australorp Chicken

Austral orp is a shortened form of Australian black Orpington. As per the name, it can be deduced that these strain of birds has its roots in Australia from the English Orpington. This bird is best suited for the Australian climate. It lays about 300 eggs annually in a commercial setting; it can be a … Read more

50 DIY Chicken Coops – Plans Ideas And How To Build

DIY Chicken Coops

Sheltering your chicken from all-weather is crucial. A hen needs a chicken house or coop the same way you house your family. A chicken coop is not the typical chicken house. It is nest-like, where fowls or hen lay eggs. Designing a great chicken coop will not benefit you alone. Your chicken will enjoy the … Read more

Dominique Chicken: Everything You Need To Know

Dominique Chicken

Several people have embarked on poultry farming in the world. There exist several chicken breeds in the world. Choosing a breed to domesticate can be a great challenge at large. The choice you make depends on two factors. This is your personal preference and the intended use of the chickens. The key factor that should … Read more

Serama Chicken

Serama Chicken

Ever wondered which chicken breed is the best? This is where you will learn more about the existing breeds you can consider domesticating. We have many types of fowls spread across the world. It makes it difficult for one to choose which one to rear, but it becomes comfortable with the proper knowledge.   Amongst … Read more

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Running a farm proves to be an arduous task for many. But then, the benefits that one reaps are amazing. The daily fresh eggs and milk you get from chicken and cows, the juicy meat obtained from your big fat pigs, and the cheese you get from your goats are all the fulfilling farming rewards. … Read more

How Long Can You Leave Chickens In Coop?

How long can you leave chickens in coop

Weather conditions can affect your barns and barns in different parts of the world. How does the weather affect your barns and barns? We will go over some of the different situations and conditions and recommend solutions in this article. In this article we will learn about: Desirable climate for keeping chickens for long time … Read more

How To Make Chicken Feed

Make chicken feed

Feeding chickens is a crucial aspect when rearing chickens. Various kinds of chicken feed come along with their benefits. Chicken needs a balanced diet for growth and development. This includes starch, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The nutrients enable them to gain weight and produce enough eggs. Farmers incur a lot of money to … Read more

How to Increase Humidity in The Chicken Incubator

Increase Humidity Chicken Incubator

Incubators are essential investments in our homes. This is especially for farmers who need to reap big in the chicken farming industry. Humidity occurs when water surfaces get into contact with the air in circulation. This is the primary source of moist air for eggs in these machines. Oxygen is necessary for the development of … Read more