50 DIY Chicken Coops – Plans Ideas And How To Build

Sheltering your chicken from all-weather is crucial. A hen needs a chicken house or coop the same way you house your family. A chicken coop is not the typical chicken house. It is nest-like, where fowls or hen lay eggs.

DIY Chicken Coops

Designing a great chicken coop will not benefit you alone. Your chicken will enjoy the serene environment as they lay plenty of eggs. Constructing a chicken coop is simple and convenient.

Check below fifty do it yourself chicken coops. The plans vary from sizes, availability of materials, and durability. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to make a chicken coop.

Charm-Packed Chicken Coop

1. Charm-Packed Chicken Coop

You use an upcycled door to make the chicken coop—interior parts of the enclosure, plank old store timbers. The roofing is easy to make. Use carriage pallets and uneven metals. Your pen is ready after attaching all the above materials. To add more decency to the chicken coop. On the upcycle door, top with vintage awnings available in your locality.

2. BarnGeek

Suppose you want an above the ground chicken coop. That does not touch the ground. This is the ideal one for you. A 6by4 foot coop to hold eight to twelve chickens. To construct Barn Geek, you will need to lay long posts six-inch apart. Nail one post to a floor joint. Repeat the same procedure with the other posts. Take four joists and nail on the ends of the posts.

On the floor, use plywood of size 1×8. Lay across the joists and nail it to the joists. Check on the square of your construction. This is by cutting the excess wood. Add the headers and girts to support the rafters.

It is now time to add your roofing. Use the remaining 1×8 plywood. Ensure they fit well and cut off the extra hanging wood to ensure the accuracy of your coop. Add the access windows and door after you are done.

3. Colorful Chicken House

A colorful chicken house to hold more than twenty-five chickens. It is a 3D design to fit your real-life conveniences. A massive 128 square feet coop. It needs detailing materials to set up.

Constructing the coop, include three windows of 28×28: a clean outdoor and an access door. The walls of the cages to be built with poultry netting. Use sixteen metal sheets of 8inches. We do not forget an eight-inch clear skylight.

This is easier to maintain coop—also, a comfortable place for your chicken. You do not have to worry about predators as they are safe inside.

4. Hen Haven

A large chicken coop to hold more than twenty-five chicken. However, it looks like a small annex. It is a great feature to have in your backyard. A luxurious 120 feet house. With sliding windows and a sliding French door or electric coop door for access. A perfect fit for your chicken in all weathers. It is also durable. You do not have to temper with it to construct another one.

5. Green Living

An excellent plan for new chicken upholders. It is a small eight-foot chicken coop to hold less than four chicken—an easy to construct the coop. Use old store woods to fix the sides. On the roofing, old pallet metal is fine with well attached old timbers. It is not a long-lasting plan and not favorable for all weather. It may leak water during rainy seasons.

6. Fowl Play

An easy DIY coop plan. A giant chicken coop of 100 feet. Enough to fit twenty-five chickens. It is easier to construct. However, it needs detailing steps and materials to build Fowl Play. Less costly to get construction materials. The Fowl Play has an access door and window. Ventilators to allow enough light and air in the coop.

7. Chicken Shed

This is easy to construct a chicken house. It houses seven or less chicken. The height allows one to clean inside and out with ease. It is built narrow. On the material side, they are available. Construction is the only hassle. While roofing is convenient. The plan needs one to be attentive to details and follow each step for enhanced results.

As, you work on this project, ensure your working area is clean. Free from debris and imperfections. The house measurements are the same. Try checking on the measures to be specific.

After finishing the construction, apply linoleum. To protect the plywood from pet damages.

8. Clutch Hutch

A construction plan to house twelve to twenty-five hens. It is not an expensive project. Constructed a bit above the ground to keep away rodents. Tall enough to walk in and out when doing your cleaning. On an 8×8 surface area. The sloping roof of six feet and four feet at the back.

Clutch Hutch is the ideal coop for DIY. Ensure the windows are on ground level when doing the construction. It should have ventilators at the back. An access sliding door and wider nests in the Clutch Hutch to cater for the egg-laying hens. Have a rodent-proof storage inside the Clutch Hutch. To make the feeding of your hens easier and convenient.

9. A-Frame Chicken Coop

A-Frame Chicken Coop

For a cheaper chicken coop. The A-frame coop got you sorted. With $100, you are ready to construct this chicken house. What amazes me about the plan is its portability. To mean you can move it to your preferred location anytime. With the A-frame chicken house, you end up constructing an excellent hutch for your hen. The plan comes with step by step guides on creating it. Tool lists, diagrams, and a shopping list of the material required for construction.

A simple project to work on the weekend and get your chicken happy. At the same time, laying extra eggs as an appreciation.

10. Roxies Coop

A medium-sized coop to house twenty-five hens. It takes simple and easy steps to construct it. That any chicken keeper can build. It has a bottom door for access. You can use the door to collect the eggs when inside or outside. As you construct the coop, ensure the feeder is on slide boards for easy filling and cleaning.

Add extra windows at the back and side of the coop for efficient air circulation. Add electric boxes and lights to the enclosure. To provide your hen with comfort and safety.

Decorating the outside part is not wrong with beautiful flowers. It makes your hen happy and lay more eggs each day.

11. The Coop

It is a small house-like chicken coop. It houses six to eight hens depending on the size. It has several nesting boxes on the exterior, for an accessible collection of eggs. The coop is raised a few feet from the ground. To keep off rodents and other crawling predators. The underneath space also serves as a running space for your chicken.

The DIY project cost around $600. Suppose you are useful in construction or a carpenter. But if you do not discern how to handle the woodwork. Be assured to use extra dollars to achieve it.

The coop has a dimension of 3×4feet—nesting box with 1×2 feet. The leg poles are two feet and the pen 5×8×5 feet.

12. Southern Maine

Suppose your backyard lacks enough space to construct a decent chicken coop. Adopt Southern Maine as your ideal chicken house. The tiny enclosure is built on aneight square feet space. To house a maximum of eight hens.

This is the cheapest and easiest DIY chicken coop. Several features make Southern Maine exceptional.

  • It has a sweeping door. That makes cleaning easy.
  • The place to stay is removable. They are making maintenance and cleaning of replacements and floors stress-free.
  • It has windows, roof vents, and end vents for excellent and sufficient ventilation.
  • You install electricity in the coop. To provide lights and heat water feeders.

13. Rural Rehatch

This is an 8×8 feet fabulous country looking chicken coop. To hold a maximum of twenty-five chickens. It is cheaper to construct, and the materials are available. You do not have to go through many struggles of purchasing the materials. Use all available materials at your disposal.

For the floor post, use six bars from the old outbuilding. Get foundation stones from an old building. As, for the frames and floor, plywood of sizes 2×4 inches will do the work. For the roofing, use tin and galvanized roofing and apply rust oleum to look improved. Roofing joists combine pallet woods.

Choose the precise location to build rural Rehatch. The construction should be a few feet above the ground. To keep away crawling predators. It is ideal for the heavy hen breed that cannot jump higher. Place angled roofing on the nest box. To keep away the hens from staying there.

After finishing the construction. Apply tint to the woods to protect them from pet damages. It gives the chicken coop a fantastic look from outside.

14. Riverton

A highly raised, small, built chicken pen. With two large hinged doors. They slide downwards for an accessible collection of eggs from the nest box. A 16square feet wide coop to house a maximum of six hens.

You can use leftover materials and little hassle to construct the chicken coop. Include below and above windows at all four sides of the pen. Use plywood at all ends, even the roofing. After placing the roofing joists, add a tar paper on the roof. With a small window to transmit light into the coop.

Choose a simple color to paint the plywood. It ensures your backyard looks fantastic. At the same time, your chickens enjoy their great hutching area.

15. Pretty Coop

A functional and pretty chicken coop. With two access doors and a ventilator. There is an outside egg box covered with a sloped roof. The roof prevents the hens from roosting in the egg box. An ideal coop plan to house a maximum of eight chickens.

Choose an appropriate location to construct it. It should be away from direct sunlight. In this, a shady place will work. Build it a few lengths off the ground. To give your chicken a serene wandering place. Surround the coop with wire mesh. This also helps keep off predators from attacking your flock.

Your coop should also have adequate ventilation. To provide enough air and light to the flock during summer and at night.

16. Pallet Palace

A pet chicken cage or big chicken coop plan to house a maximum of twelve chickens. It was constructed with a twenty-two oak pallet. Thus, the name palace pallet. The use of oak was convenient for the construction project. The floor of the pallet covers 28 square feet.

With this coop plan, you are guaranteed a step by step guide on constructing it—photos of each construction procedure. There is a shopping list of the materials needed.

To construct a pallet palace. You can purchase the materials or source them free from a known carpenter. You are making construction easy and cheap.

Pallet palace has a construction dimension of; 8×16inches back wall. 8×8 sidewalls and the front wall is 8×16-inches. Leaving the space occupied by the door.

17.Noyolks Coop

A large chicken coop to house twenty-five hens. It is seated on a floor of 96 square feet. It has a wide access door. Windows on each side and a sliding opening from the egg box. For a straightforward collection of eggs. The roof is a constant slope for easy put on.

Inside the Noyolks Coop is a vast space for the chicken. At the ends are low raised feeders and egg boxes. There are also the hen’s roost poles for easy movement and staying.

Noyolks chicken coop is an ideal plan to try. Suppose you want ample time for your chicken and yourself. It is a guarantee they will love it. Do not detail it much with plywood and other materials. It should be an easy coop that will be budget-friendly.

18. Palace Coop

The palace coop is an excellent hutch to house a maximum of ten to twelve hens. 28square feet wide. It is serving as a run and a cage, with outer egg boxes. Has ventilation holes at the top of the pen with flapping windows. Roof is a continuous slope extending to the back. It also has a wide access door for easy cleaning of the coop.

A great backyard idea to emulate. The plan has simple to follow guides and pictures on how to construct the chicken coop. You won’t miss details if you are keen and have all the required materials at hand.

Maintenance and cleaning of the coop are easier and promising as you can stand inside. The cage is favorable for all-weather conditions. It doesn’t matter whether it is the tropical storm or the scorching sun.

19. Moon Shadow

A large 8×10feet floor with 6×6-inch walls chicken coop. To house fifteen to twenty-five chickens. A gable roof can coop that is easy to construct. It is considering its standard large size dimensions.

The chicken coop has numerous ventilation holes at the top. A wide human access door and windows on each side. The roof is covered with plywood and asphalt shingles. The windows are covered with hardware cloth screen. Several nesting areas. An automatic door for chicken access and rows of roosting area. It also a rodent-proof storage area for supplies, medical staff, and food.

Moon Shadow is cleaning and maintenance-friendly. One can stand inside the coop while cleaning because of its large size and high length.

20. Monks Chicken Coop

It has the same design as a segmental house. All the areas are constructed separately. It is reasonably cheap and easy to build a chicken coop. Houses a maximum of six chicken, on a 15 square feet area.

The ventilation is impressive as there are vent dryers constructed to work with the exhaust fan. There is an extra screen door to boost ventilation. Has a secured base. Tacked with linoleum all leveled.

This plan comes with a simple step by step guide and pictures to help you in your constructions. As a professional structural engineer or a chicken keeper. The DIY plan is easy to construct.

21.Minnesota Chicken Coop

Minnesota Chicken Coop

An enormous chicken hutch with three rooms. One small place at the entrance and two large rooms on both sides. Some would love to have a vast area of egg incubator machine, but most prefer the incubating section away.

The coop is on a 160 square area. It houses more than twenty-five chickens. This is the perfect coop to consider for large flocks. The 10×16 floors, ceiling, and walls are fully insulated.

On the concrete linoleum floors, ends are two sets of drains for convenient cleaning. The enormous room has a small feeding area. There are one water heater bases and seven indoor outlets. They are rigged with electricity.

This is an impressive DIY idea when you have a flock to house.

22. Mid Life coop

An excellent chicken coop. For someone who wants to construct something unique. Raised 32 feet from the ground. It protects your chicken from predators. An ideal plan for easy access and cleaning—a collection of eggs without getting inside.

As,the name mid-life suggests, it is a coop idea discovered in one’s forties. It is excellent to keep a maximum of twelve chickens. With outside access doors and windows at all sides of the coop.

Midlife coop has two egg boxes and two large sliding doors for easy feeding and cleaning. There is also a side room for feed and tool storage.

The coop has a perimeter of 6×8 inches. To protect the chicken from scorching heat from the sun. Also, the entry of predators and rodents.

23. Kassys House Coop

A postcard-like red exterior coop. Under the windows are hanging flower vases. This is a great coop for lavished chicken, with an area of 196square feet. It is the most massive featured chicken coop. It is adding more significance to the pen. It houses over thirty chicken without arising problems.

Kassys House has two wider hinged access doors. Two more expansive windows at the top of the sides and a solar coop fan box. For heat exhaustion during summer. It is also for air regulation during winter times.

It has a large area for feeding and drinking water. It is enclosed with wire mesh. To keep away chicken from roosting there.

This is a large chicken coop with inexpensive expenses. It gives your flock enough space to run and roost.

24. Hope Hut

It is a box-shaped chicken coop. That houses twenty-four chickens. Plotted on a 60square feet area. It is easy to build a chicken pen. Includes the blending of natural twigs and boards to get the desired coop.

The coop has a sliding door for easy access to the nesting boxes. Chickens also love the sliding door. It gives them significant steps to the hutch.

Use the natural twigs to make the roost bars. It is simple and easy to find raw material. No costs will be incurred. This is the cheapest chicken coop to consider.

25. HGTV

You have to go through numerous pictures to set up the coop. It is constructed on a 10square feet area. It houses six hens or fewer. The construction of this coop is average, depending on your exterior finish.

HGTV suits any backyard style. From rustic to fancy ones. Follow the given plan on the step to step directions. With detailed pictures. On how to construct your stylish chicken coop. Most people fancy the high raised enclosures from the ground. It gives them peace of mind that their chickens are out of predator dangers and rodents.

26. Annabel

A chicken coop to house one to six chicken maximum. The cost of building the hutch is $200. It is constructed on a 6square feet area. It is easier to make the coop. You will take less than two days to create it.

Annabel has two access doors. One is for outside access, like cleaning. The other door near the nesting boxes. To enable the accessible collection of eggs.

27. Feather Factory

The feather Factory houses twelve hens. It is built on a 20 square feet area. The cost of construction is average. The hutch has an overhanging sloppy roof. An opening on top of the roof to allow adequate air ventilation. On each side of the coop are hatch windows.

Check on the following features before adopting the amazing DIY coop plan:

  • The security of your chickens
  • Ventilation and drainage system
  • Appealing features for your backyard
  • The construction materials

28. Gopher Boy

Construction of this coop was by use of old garage materials. It reduces thy cost of materials with a more significant percentage. The enclosure houses more than thirty chicken. The roofs are shaped well with numerous windows to disperse enough light. The hutch looks like a small home for your flock.

29. Port Hennebunk

One incurs average cost when constructing the coop. It is in a square area of 36 feet. Appropriate for keeping seven to twelve hens. Hennebunk port is a nest-like coop in the interior. With a sliding door to access the nesting boxes.

There is vast ventilation on top of the large door—expansive windows on each side. The building is designed on a 6×6structure with walls of 6inches.

30. The Egg Nest

A medium-sized chicken coop. To house a flock of twelve to twenty-three hens. Its floor space is 38 square feet with a wide exterior access door. The external egg boxes are two-tiered. To give enough space to egg-laying hens.

There is also an insulator in the coop for temperature regulation during the cold weather. The plan is durable with simple to follow guidelines. Becomes easy to build a chicken pen.

31. South City

A narrow chicken coop with a floor area of 8square feet. Houses a maximum of six hens. It is significant for a small backyard. However, it is a small-sized coop. The cost of constructing it is high. It is also tricky to build it.

South City has two access doors. A separate nesting place for the hen and expansive windows on each end.

32. Stalbridge

The cost one undergoes to construct the coop is $40. That is the average cost for any chicken keeper. It is cheapest when you have access to materials at hand. This is a great deal if you have a tight budget plan.

Houses a maximum of six hens on a 16square feet area. The following requirements are necessary. When setting your budget to construct a Stalbridge.

  • Protection from predators
  • Temperature regulation
  • Enough space to construct the coop
  • Good and dry ventilation

33. Urban Chicken Nest

An excellent coop for a small flock. It houses one to six chickens. In an off the ground raised hutch- 18square feet. Cost of construction is average. The coop has a wide door at the center for easy cleaning and access. It is also raised 32-inches from the ground—an effective way to keep rodents and predators from your chicken.

Has another sliding door near the nesting area for easy collection of eggs. The doors are also used for ventilation.  They should both be left during the day. For temperature regulation and fresh air.

34. Debby’s Roost

A large chicken hutch. Effective for housing twenty-five and above hens. It is constructed on a 96square feet floor, with both ends having a wide door. The walls are thin and insulated. It has vast spaces for ventilation at the ceiling. Raised a little from the ground. To keep off rodents and crawling animals. From finding a home in the nesting area. There is electricity around the roost as the walls are wired with an extension cable extending to the plug.

35. Down East

The chicken coop acts as a Fort Knox. Its primary function is to keep predators away. Constructed on a 32square feet floor. With a wire locked place to protect the chicken from scorching heat and bad weather. There is an external sliding door for easy egg collection.

Down East chicken coop houses a minimum of seven chickens and above. Needs no hard labor or cost to build the pen.

The plan comes with detailed instructions. Helpful for coop planning and building.

36. Creative Mom

A unique and special chicken coop for you. Easy to construct and pocket-friendly budget. It houses seven to twelve hens. It has a sliding door for easy access and cleaning. Creative mom is a 32square feet hutch. Enough space for your roasters and egg-laying hens.

With its instruction plans. You can follow the steps one by one to bring out the best version of it. Also, make sure to keep it away from chicken plucker kit and hen rigging area.

37. Trictles Chicken Coop

Trictles Chicken Coop

A small cube-like coop. Housing six hens on a 9 square feet area.  Construction of Trictles is easier on a low budget. Has two framed windows on the coop’s sides, with ventilation spaces on top of the side window. There is an external egg box for accessible egg collections.

38. Dog Farm

The house serves as a run and a coop. With a limited access door-having a bottom opening for easy cleaning. It houses up to six hens on a 18square feet area.

There are two windows on the sides of the coop. Raised from the ground. To keep crawling animals and predators away from the hens.

For beautification of your backyard. Add some flower vases are hanging below the windows. This is attractive to your neighbors. The hens, too, love a colorful environment.

39. White Chicken Coop

The easiest and smallest coop plan. A simple triangular shaped hutch for your favorite chicken. Cost of building it is average. Holding a maximum of six hens. On a 14square feet area.

This coop needs little material to construct. Unlike other chicken coop mentioned above. It has a broader window plan sealed with a cloth net. For easy ventilation. There is a small access door at the front side of the coop. That enables easy cleaning. It is also an entrance and exist of your chicken.

40. West Wing

A medium-sized hutch with a gable roof. It has 71 square feet area to house up to twenty-four chicken. The cost of construction is expensive. It is also hard to build it. But the end product is remarkable, of high quality and durable. To make West Wing uniquely, use metal pallets for main flames.

41. Zelda

Zelda chicken coop has detailed step by step instructions to follow. Convenient for housing up to twenty-four chickens. In a square area of 40 feet. With a step by step picture instructions. It is framing diagrams and 3D advancement.

You only need three days to construct the coop on a $450 budget.

42. Chicken House

It houses more than twenty-five chickens, in a square area of 128feet. Easy to construct this chicken house. Comes with an instruction plan. With detailed pictorials and 3D diagrams for your convenience.

The chicken house is raised from the ground. To hinder moisture curb in the roost. A small outside access door for the chickens. Another small sliding door near the egg boxes. To make egg collection easy. There are two other windows and ventilation holes near the ceiling.

43. Wichita Cabin

A simple, small, and easy chicken coop. An excellent idea for a small backyard. Also, convenient for a small flock.  It a hard to construct a hutch. Hosting up to six chicken. In a square area of 16feet. The coop has an outer access door. Two windows on both sides with a small slanting window near the nesting area. For an accessible collection of your eggs. There is also a bottom door to enable easy cleaning of your chicken house. It also has ventilation holes on top of the ceiling.

44. Chicken Mansion

The chicken Mansion is the best chicken coop with attractive features. It is constructed on a 64square feet floor. With an attached porch of 4×8 by8×8 feet. The chicken mansion houses up to 24hens.

This chicken coop is the hardest to construct because of its detailed instructions and features. It has an external nesting area. It is surrounded by wire mesh attached to pole joists and horizontal poles.

A few feet raised from the ground to hinder water leakage into the hutch—two windows on the sides and an access door for easy cleaning of the mansion.

45. Spools Wire Chicken Coop

A great chicken coop with an exclusive shape. It is one of the gorgeous hutches. It is an ideal coop plan to house two bantam chickens. It is also easy to construct the coop. Spools wire does not need a bigger space to create it. It is a vertical build coop enclosed with wires.

It is not great for use with other chicken breeds. But if you are interested in it. Construct it a little wider to give your chicken space to wander. You should get the chicken out during the day to provide them with an excellent exploring range.

46. Judy’s Chicken Coop

A pallet made chicken coop that is free to construct. It is also easy to build a coop. Housing a maximum of twelve hens. In a seven by seven-floor dimension. There is a slight difference between Judy’s pallet chicken coop and the palace pallet. In Judy’s coop construction, the pallets are undone before used. An extra work than the pallet palace. But the results are outstanding.

47. EazyBuild coop

Chicken coop plans from Eazy Build are convenient and easy to follow. This is a chicken hutch you can construct with $5. However, it proves hard to build. It has a dimension of 6 by 6 feet—ideal for housing up to ten chickens.

Has a narrow extended access door with the above windows on each side of the coop. The plan is detailed with easy to follow instructions. Inclusive of pictures to explain the steps with ease.

48. Six Chick’s Chicken Coop

A triangular-shaped coop with a dimension of 4×8 feet. Hosting up to eight chicken. On the mode of construction, it is easy to make a hutch. It has continuous roofing extending from the front to back. Six Chick’s has two doors. One complete and long door, for easy cleaning of the coop and feeding. Another small door near the nesting area. For a straightforward collection of your eggs.

There is a wide window on the coop’s front side, with a hanging flower box below. Above the small door is a wide ventilation hole. To ensure enough air circulation.

49. Home Depot Chicken Plan

The chicken plan is raised above the ground. This chicken coop is reliable in all weather. Though it houses three chicken. Which is a great deal for beginner chicken keepers. It is easy to build and has a dimension of 3×4. Has one wide door with a sliding climbing pathway. This door is multi-purpose. They are used as an access door for cleaning. An egg collection entrance. They do not forget the way used by chickens to get in and out of the chicken coop.

There is also a ventilation hole on the sides of the Home Depot. Considering its aesthetic nature, it has a beautiful color. To give a great appeal to your backyard. Your hens love beauty too. It makes them happy. It is rewarding you with more eggs as a sign of appreciation.

50. Easy Coop

As the name implies, it is an easy chicken coop. Though its features are luring. The enclosure houses a capacity of six hens on an area dimension of four by six. This easy chicken coop takes someone one full day to construct. Your chicken can also move in the same day.

It is raised from the ground a few feet. The windows are wire meshed. You do not have to worry about any attack from predators like the eagle or raccoons. There is a small opening with a sliding pathway. For easy movement of your chicken. In and out of the hutch. There is also a wide ventilation hole above the door for adequate air circulation.


Whatever DIY coop plan you consider. It needs to be favorable to your chicken and you. It should be easy to clean. Maintain and an excellent place for the girls. Your hens, like any other girl, are very selective about where they lay their eggs. One tip to initiate anytime you want a DIY coop. Is to construct something more extensive than what you planned. With this, you do not have to worry about the increasing number of your chicken.

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