10 Best Egg Slicer 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Egg Slicer

Sliced eggs come in handy for many different issues, particularly those which require the texture of hard-boiled eggs. But if you’ve ever tried to slice boiled eggs using a knife, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. That’s why, in this article, we take a look at the best egg slicer … Read more

Egg Float Test – Every Thing You Need to Know!

Egg Float Test

Eggs usually last a lot longer than people realize. An unrefrigerated egg is usually able to last for at most two weeks whereas to preserve them longer you can always refrigerate them which makes them last for a lot more than two months. But whenever you’re in doubt that your eggs might be rotten and … Read more

10 Best Chicken Waterers 2021 -Review And Buying Guide

Best Chicken Waterer

Rearing free-range chickens on your farm or backyard is not complete without some reliable chicken waterers.  They are a must-have! But where can you find the best chicken waterers that your chickens will love? There are tons of options from which you can choose. They range from tiny watering nipples for chicks to huge gallon … Read more

Chicken Sour Crop

Chicken sour crop

The crop is a small bag or pouch located just above the stomach of chickens. It is meant to store food temporarily before it goes down to the stomach. Sour crops in chicken develop when the crop empties slowly or entirely fails to empty. Food stuck in the crop usually starts to breakdown or ferment, … Read more

How To Wash Eggs

how to wash eggs

You might have at one time bought eggs from the nearest shop and found that others are soiled and even poop on the surfaces at large. You will wonder why the seller never washed them before selling them to you. However, cleaning eggs has been a heated debate for many groups of people at large. … Read more

Chicken Noise

Chicken Noise

Chickens have been domesticated since the past for eggs and meat production. However, recently, raising chickens has turned out as a key investment to several households. But then, do chickens communicate? Like any other animal or pet, chickens have their way of communicating. They make different sounds of passing a message to other flock members … Read more

Silkie Chicken – A Complete Step By Step Guide

Silkie Chicken

Silkie chicken refers to a small type of bird that usually weighs between 1.5 and 3.5 pounds. It is named for its furry or hair-like plumage that usually feels silky to the touch of silk. Silkies are unusual looking chicken due to their strange appearance, kindliness and mothering skills, which endear them to many pet … Read more

A Complete Guide of Brahma Chicken

Brahma Chicken

Brahma chicken, or King of all Poultry as it is commonly known, is known for its strength, vigor, and size. By 1901, the chicken was documented to have weighed 13 to 14 pounds for hens and a staggering 17 to 18 pounds for roosters. Around 1850, Brahma chicken and the Cochin breed fuelled the hen … Read more