How to Install Chicken Coop Door?

Install Chicken Coop Door

So, you have got yourself a proper coop for your chickens. Well, a proper coop is just half of the story. The other half would be the door. Without the door, the birds are as secure as keeping them out in the field. That is why most of the chicken keepers put proper emphasis on … Read more

How to Ferment Chicken Feed?

How to Ferment Chicken Feed

It is a well-known fact that the chickens will eat whatever they can get their beak onto. They are one of the types of omnivores that are relatively easy to raise. That is why the number of keepers is increasing day by day. Nevertheless, to keep them healthy and to get top-notch eggs, they would … Read more

How to Cook Egg Rolls in Frying Pan?

How to Cook Egg Rolls in Frying Pan

There are multiple versions of egg rolls. While some prefer the deep-fried version, many like the pan-fried version. Well, the pan-fried versions have a lot of popularity, to be honest, because the process you need to follow for that is a no-fuss and no-mess process. But if you do not know how to cook egg … Read more

How to Build a Chicken Coop Door?

How to Build a Chicken Coop Door

So, you have sorted out a birdhouse for keeping your chickens safe at night. And you probably know this by now that without a door, the birdhouse is as safe as the chickens sleeping out in the open. Well, as you have clicked this article, we guess it is safe to say that you want … Read more

How Do You Use an Egg Frying Pan

How Do You Use an Egg Frying Pan

Bacon, potatoes, and fried eggs is a dish that is the go-to options for many in breakfast. But to make them taste good and look good, you would need to get the right cookware. And by the right cookware, we are referring to a frying pan here. However, getting a proper frying pan will not … Read more

How To Hatching Chicken Eggs

Hatching Chicken Eggs

It is true that nowadays, hatching chicken eggs is becoming a noble experience to most of the people. Many beginners are purchasing incubators because of their affordability over some years. Some of the standard manufacturers of these incubators include Brinsea and R-COM incubators. The incubators are capable of accommodating about 20-25 eggs of chicken, which … Read more

Raising Ducks Vs. Chickens – Detailed Comparison!

Raising Ducks Vs. Chickens

Ducks and chickens have been the popular choice of livestock farming for thousands of years. That’s simply because they’re great sources of delicious meat and egg that many of us can’t imagine living without. You can raise them right in your backyard to get your hands on the freshest food supplies or become self-sufficient! If … Read more

How to Take Care of Baby Chicks at Home

Baby Chicks at Home

Animals rise where humans fail. They are an amazing company, even when all they do is rub their heads against you, begging for pets. And if you want to take them under your wings because they are cute to look at, you must also be ready for the responsibilities that come along. While most people … Read more

How to Raise Chickens in Winter?

Raise Chickens

Got a nice little backyard with a good breeze and sunshine? And maybe some spare planks of wood too? Then, my friend, you are already one step ahead in your poultry farming journey. At first, it might sound like pushing water uphill with a rake; especially when you’ve grown up in a big city. You … Read more

How to Catch a Chicken?

Catch a Chicken

Chicken farming can be an exciting hobby to have. Whether you do it as a living or just as a simple past-time out of sheer love for feathery birds, rearing hens can be a reward in itself. Besides the obvious perks of having a regular supply of eggs and fresh meat in handy, chickens are … Read more