How to Make an Egg Incubator – A Detail Guide

How to Make an Egg Incubator

It doesn’t matter whether you own a chicken farm or simply want to have a steady income of fresh eggs, having an incubator goes a long way, especially during the colder seasons. More and more people are catching onto the trend of building their own incubators rather than buying consumer-grade models simply because they are … Read more

13 Best Automatic Chicken Door 2021 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Automatic Chicken Door

As a chicken owner, you know how it is essential to ensure that your birds are secure and safe from predators whether at night or during the day. It’s no secret that finding the best automatic chicken door is a worthwhile investment for your coop. This will not only keep your birds safe, but will … Read more

10 Best Customer Rated Chicken Coops of 2021


We all have aspirations to rear good growing chicks and give them a comfortable accommodation for them to thrive in the best chicken coops. However, there are some challenges that must be dealt with to make the project a success. While spending your cash on the coops may not be a major challenge, you must … Read more

The Polish Chicken – A Very Popular Bird In The World

Polish Chicken

In the following article we will talk about a very particular breed of hens, it is the Polish Chicken, this is a bird known for its exotic characteristics, which give it a very special touch, then we will know more details of this unique species. The Polish Chicken The Polish Chicken, belongs to a European … Read more

10 Best Egg Slicer 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Egg Slicer

Sliced eggs come in handy for many different issues, particularly those which require the texture of hard-boiled eggs. But if you’ve ever tried to slice boiled eggs using a knife, then you know how much of a hassle it can be. That’s why, in this article, we take a look at the best egg slicer … Read more

Egg Float Test – Every Thing You Need to Know!

Egg Float Test

Eggs usually last a lot longer than people realize. An unrefrigerated egg is usually able to last for at most two weeks whereas to preserve them longer you can always refrigerate them which makes them last for a lot more than two months. But whenever you’re in doubt that your eggs might be rotten and … Read more

10 Best Chicken Waterers 2021 -Review And Buying Guide

Best Chicken Waterer

Rearing free-range chickens on your farm or backyard is not complete without some reliable chicken waterers.  They are a must-have! But where can you find the best chicken waterers that your chickens will love? There are tons of options from which you can choose. They range from tiny watering nipples for chicks to huge gallon … Read more

Chicken Sour Crop


The crop is a small bag or pouch located just above the stomach of chickens. It is meant to store food temporarily before it goes down to the stomach. Sour crops in chicken develop when the crop empties slowly or entirely fails to empty. Food stuck in the crop usually starts to breakdown or ferment, … Read more