Purina Vs. Nutrena Chicken Feed: Comparison and Differences

feed. You will find many choices in the feed and farm supply stores; all have almost the same levels and nutrition. However, Purina and nutrena are the two most popular chicken feed brands for farmers.

We are here to help you to choose the best feed by comparing Purina and nutrina feed. You will know some important considerations and tips for buying and using the feed.

Purina Vs. Nutrena Chicken Feed

Purina Vs. Nutrena Chicken Feed: Difference

Check out the differences between Purina chicken feed and Nutrena chicken feed below:

About Purina Chicken Feed

If you want to give the best food for your egg-laying chicken, then Purina is one of the best choices. It has all the essential nutrients such as calcium, oyster shells, and more. Calcium and oyster shells help to improve egg production and strengthen the egg shells. They also improve the chicken’s digestive process.

Essential Ingredients

The essential ingredients make the egg yolks deep yellow with their high level of xanthophyll. Calcium and minerals make the eggshells strong, and amino acid helps the chicken to produce a large number of healthy eggs. The other essential ingredients are vitamins A, D, and E, which improve health and makes their feature thick. Probiotics, prebiotics, and added yeast also increase immunity and health.

You can feed it to female ducks in their laying season.

Food Types


Nutrena Chicken Feed

Nutrena is another chicken feed brand that helps produce the best egg. Chicken, quail, and female ducks love this food and can lay lots of eggs. This non-medicated, high-quality feed is affordable, and your birds will always be happy and healthy. The egg production will be consistent.

Essensial Ingredients

The essential ingredients are oregano oils that improve the flock’s health and egg size. The Aztec marigold improves the golden egg yolks and optimizes the immune system and performance when provided in the best chicken feeders. It also has prebiotics, probiotics, and yeast to support the immune system.

Food Types


Nutritional Requirements

Chickens need proper nutritional requirements, the right amount of protein, carbs, fat, minerals, and more to develop their bones and internal organs. The amounts change during their growing level. The calcium levels must increase during their egg-laying session. A growing chick requires more nutrition than a fully grown chicken.

Tips for Buying the Best Chicken Feed

Providing suitable feed is not enough for the flocks. They need other supplements to aid egg production and digestion. Grit is an essential element to improve the digestion and grind-up process. Before purchasing the feed, check the list to see if it has enough necessary supplements like oyster shells, calcium, protein, minerals, and more.

Add some extra ingredients to mix the best chicken feed, such as one tablespoon of scrap to reduce food waste and fresh water to increase the grind-up process.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Best Feed

Feeds depends on the purpose of your chicken raising. You need to have enough knowledge to choose the best chicken feed. Apart from vitamins and minerals, the shape of the feed is another essential thing to consider. For young chickens, choose crumble-type food. Also, if your farm has various species, give this shape of food. Pellet is an adult chicken food type, and scratch is mostly for unhealthy chicken.

Also, the feed type depends on the purpose of raising the chicken. For egg production, provide them with high-quality food. For meat production, provide protein-rich food but with limits. Protein-rich food increases the chicken’s weight in a shorter time. Provide organic food for your chicken for both egg and meat.

Does Brand Matter?

The market has varieties of chicken feed brands, and it may give you a headache to choose the best one for your flock. The first thing you should check is the nutritional value. The feed should have enough protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals, and more. The protein should be at least 20%. When the chicken begins to lay eggs, they need more protein and calcium. Full-grown chicken does not need the same amount.

Check the feed level and requirements that match your need. Check the chicken feed dealer websites to get better information. Also, each bag has a nutrition tag with an ingredient list and percentage. If you want to raise the chicken organic, give them Purina organic soy-free food. Nutrena is non organic but can be used as an alternative.

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