What Are The Ingredients For Chicken Feeds

Chickens rearing is one of the easiest things to do. However, you might not know what type of food chickens like. When you leave them alone in an open area, they try to eat anything that looks edible to their eyes. But then you should know that whatever they eat is reflected in their meat and egg quality. Therefore, you need to add some nutrients to their diet so that they remain happy and healthy. Chickens rearing has multiple benefits if they are well taken care of in terms of what they eat.

What are the ingredients for Chicken Feeds

Therefore, it is prudent that you understand the right feeds for your chickens and the kind of ingredients that the feeds carry. This helps you manage them properly by selecting the right feeds with desired ingredients for your chicken’s intended purpose. This article will discuss the different types of chicken feeds and the ingredients that make up the particular chicken feeds.

 Which is The Right Way to Feed Your Chicken?

Which is the right way to feed your chicken

Before looking at what the chicken feeds constitute in terms of ingredients, lets first look at the right way to give meals to your chicken.

The right and recommended way to feed your chickens is by scattering them in an open area to freely peck on them. Additionally, you can buy a chicken feeder for them if you have them in an enclosed building. The other important thing to remember is always to provide water.

If you are raising laying hens, place them in a dark area free from any other rooster. There are two types of eggs produced by hens that are unfertilized and fertilized. Unfertilized eggs come from hens that never got laid

hence cannot get a chick out. On the other hand, if you want to raise chicks, you need to have roosters put in place. Roosters will enable your hens to lay fertilized eggs that can allow chick development.

Feeding laying hens are slightly different because they require additional nutrition. They need a steady and consistent source of calcium and grit. Calcium and grit ensure that the eggshells become sturdy. Please give them a special diet to help in improving egg quality. If they are left to feed on onions, garlic and other powerful ingredients, you might experience an unusual taste in their eggs.

Crushed clam shells are a great source of calcium. You can find them in most of the feed stores

Another essential ingredient to your chicken diet is the animal protein. You should ensure they get it from small bones with meat on them and fish meals. These feeds make your chicken happy because they are tasty as well.

 Types of Chicken Feeds and The Ingredients Available in Them

Chicken feeds

There are various types of chicken feeds, and every chicken feed comes with different kinds of nutrients and benefits necessary for your chicken to remain healthy and productive. Below are some common chicken feeds and the nutrients that they provide to your chicken.


These are the common chicken feeds. They can obtain them by themselves, or you provide them from your farm. They can be green leaves, weeds or lettuce leaves etc. Greens are rich in various nutrients, but they are ideal when mixed with other feeds.

 Chicken Scratch

These are the commercial type feeds that are full of fat and oils. Chicken scratch has a low protein content that is vital for the chickens to grow healthy. It consists of corn and grains. It is excellent when mixed with other feeds.

 Chicken Pellets

Chicken Pellet is a type of chicken food that consists of ingredients that are mashed and then turned into pellets

Mash Feeds

They are commercial feeds that consist of different kinds of nutrients. Unlike the pellets, mash feeds are mashed and grounded.


Grit is a small stone that allows chickens to acquire enough nutritional capacity from their food. Mostly, chickens obtain grit on their own they feed on a free area or behind your farmyard. If this is not the case with you, ensure that you provide them in a container.

Oyster Shells

They should be provided in a container. They are small pieces of oyster shells that ensure the chickens get enough calcium so that the eggshells produced become strong. It strengthens the health conditions and lowers the risk of skeletal problems.


It would be best if you also tried to make your chickens happy by giving them corn, bread, and worms to interact with them. However, bread has calcium and proteins as well.

 Vitamins A & D

Healthy chickens require vitamin A because it helps them retain healthy skin, healthy respiratory tract, and reproductive organs. Vitamin A can be easily obtained from yellow maize and grass meal.


This is yet another type of food that is rich in proteins. They have a high protein content as compared to the commercial feeds. It would be best if you combined the two chicken feeds so that chickens attain a balanced diet.

On the other hand, vitamin D should be present in your chicken feeds. This is because it is responsible for the uptake of calcium and phosphorous, forming strong bones. Chicken can obtain vitamin D freely through direct sunlight. If yours don’t get direct sunlight, ensure you provide them with fish meal and cod liver oil, they have this kind of vitamins.


For every homeowner who loves chicken rearing, it’s vital to understand the feeds you feed them and their ingredients. Ensure you check the labels of these feeds and confirm the elements discussed above in chicken feeds before you purchase. It is important to note that protein and calcium are the two primary nutrients to consider in your chicken feeds. This can be found in some stores cheaply, but again you should boost their diet by creating your blend of food.

Once you put all these into consideration, your chickens will be more happy, healthy and productive enough. Additionally, you input in terms of time and money shall have not been in vain,

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