Wyandotte Chicken – Breed Behave and History

These chicken types are American breed discovered in the 18th century and now available across all corners of the world. They have a striking look, are broody with a wee bit temperament. These birds are not only known for their protecting abilities but also remarkable laying. With a lifespan of approximately six to fifteen years, they are a must-have breed in your household.

Wyandotte Chicken
wyandotte rooster in front of white background

Wyandotte Chicken History

It is an American chicken breed, its name Wyandotte originates from the native American state of New York; Wyandotte which is also a language and a tribe. The people of Wyandotte do not have much to do with the chicken breed, and the name came into use when the Wyandotte native people helped the white settlers who were in that state. With that, it remains unknown why the name Wyandotte was chosen for the chicken breed.

In exception of why the breed was named Wyandotte, there are several other types of Wyandotte breed which are widely recognized like; partridge, buff and the silver laced breed.  With the breed spreading to different places and mixing with other breeds, it is a clear indication that it is not going to diminish anytime soon.  Different breeds of a different colour, size and variation are established each day.

Wyandotte chicken as a heavyweight and dual-purpose breed is believed to be the most magnificent egg-laying breeds. It was discovered in the 1800ss, Wyandotte breed first appeared as partridge cochin cock, silver-laced hen and gold-spangled Hamburg cock. These first breeds were not known as Wyandotte but Winnebago. In the 1800s, the Wyandotte breed took its first international trip to be showcased in British Poultry Purveyors across Atlantic. Later between the 19th century, it became so expensive to buy a Wyandotte that its price was the same as that of purchasing a small household.

Wyandotte Chicken Appearance

The approximate weight of a Wyandotte chicken is nine pounds. Its colours are also different depending on the breed type which the American Poultry Association has identified and other colours that it is yet to find its original breed mixture. The Wyandotte cock weighs approximately nine pounds while the hen’s weight is moderately less than the cock at six or seven pounds. There is another Wyandotte breed known as the bantam-variety which weighs 35 to 45 ounces.

Looking at the Wyandotte chicken breed’s body size; its head and frame are large with a profound rose comb. As opposed to the rose comb of other chicken breeds which are usually held upright on the chicken’s head. The Wyandotte’s rose comb helps it during the winter period from frostbite conditions.  Its eyes are orange with the wattle, earlobe and comb all red. The Wyandotte breed’s beak is dark golden yellow. Its feet are also exceptional from the feet of other chicken, the feet are sturdy to hold its body weight plus they are clean and with no feathers.  These characteristics make a Wyandotte chicken a unique breed.

There are other appearances of the Wyandotte chicken breed, but that depends on their colour variation. We have the golden-laced breed, as its name suggests, they have golden feathers with an intense dark mixture. Their veining is also subtle. Check out for other physical appearance of the Wyandotte chicken breed;

  • There are seventeen colours of the Wyandotte chicken that are known which include; buff laced and buff, the famous golden-laced, silver laced, lavender, partridge, white and black and the silver pencilled.
  • Wyandotte chicken breed boasts and walk with showy air, confidently and with no hurry as if the world belongs to them.
  • Their legs are shapely and long with no feathers on them.
  • Their plumage is desirable- check it out!
  • Wyandotte chicken has a round body which can be termed as rotund sometimes.

These are other chicken breed variation as observed by the American Poultry Association. The Great Britain Association also knows the breeds;

  • Black Partridge; it is a crossbreed between a partridge cochin and Buff Wyandotte.
  • Silver-laced; this breed is a cross between Brahma dark coloured and the silver spangled Hamburg.
  • Pencilled Silver Blue Colombian; this is as a result of a crossbreed between the white Wyandotte and a Barred Plymouth Rock.
  • Gold Laced; it is as a result of a crossbreed between Gold Spangled Hamburg, Silver Laced Wyandotte and the Partridge Cochin breed. It was created in Wisconsin.
  • Buff; this breed was as a result of Buff Cochin and Silver Laced Wyandotte chicken breed.

How Does The Wyandotte Chicken Breed Behave?

Wyandotte breed is widely known as friendly and docile birds. They are the best birds your backyard can have; they are not only tolerant of confinement but also free-range and feed. The Wyandotte chicken breed gets along well with other chicken breeds as they are calm and accommodating. The only problem of mixing the Wyandotte breed with other chicken breed is they can be cranky often. It is a result of mixing it with the chicken breed that is always top during the pecking order.

As the Wyandotte chicken breed is always there to stay, with their fierce dominant streak, they do not like any bullying whatsoever. Wyandotte breed like spending most of their time alone, they enjoy free-ranging and good confinement tolerant. About their interacting pace, you do not have to worry about that. They take their time to patrol their environment and what other birds are doing does not worry them. Who does not know hurrying things is not the best option!

They are also not known for being an aggressive type of birds, and they do not lap chicken either. You do not also have to worry about Wyandotte chicken going after your pets or children; their preferred past time is not being cuddled. This makes them the most popular 4H birds for exhibition as it takes a lot for the bird to get upset. Their gorgeous appearance and personable characters make them the high ranked award-winning birds.

Wyandotte Chicken Breed Productivity

1. Egg Production

Many people choose to keep the Wyandotte chicken for egg production as it is a guarantee it will lay eggs throughout the year, not minding if it is winter or summer seasons. This is its one added advantage as opposed to another chicken breed that will stop their egg-laying during the cold seasons. Per year, Wyandotte chicken can lay approximately 200 large eggs. That is almost four to five medium eggs per week. It makes the Wyandotte hen a unique breed. Regardless of any season or reason, a Wyandotte will lay its eggs, and this is the opposite of dual-purpose hens that reduce their egg productivity during the cold season.

2. Meat Production

Apart from being the best hen ben for egg production, some people keep the Wyandotte chicken for meat production. Their round bodies make them worth in the dining table. Most Wyandotte chicken by four months they are ready to be slaughtered. However, the chicken meat is usually tender than that of a fully grown chicken. By eight months, the meat is fierce, and you can take it to a butcher for slaughtering.

Another advantage of the Wyandotte chicken is their meat is not overly fatty as compared to the meat of dual-purpose chicken breed like Orpingtons. The carcass by their 25-30 weeks is fuller, charming and full of meat.

When raising any bird for meat production in regardless whether it is the Wyandotte or the dual-purpose chicken breed, what you feed them is what will determine their meat production and taste. Let the chicken have a free-range and instead of eating grains, let them eat natural feeds. This way, their meat is going to have an excellent flavour and leaner.

Some Health Conditions That Affects Wyandotte Chicken Breed.

Wyandotte chicken is the best breed to raise as they are typically self-sufficient. They are fluffy and featuring to keep off some parasites. This does not mean other external parasites will not stick on their bodies. An example of mites and lice, your chicken needs a weekly inspection of a bite from these peculiar parasites weekly.  The chicken needs dust bathing facilities; these will help to keep any external parasites.

Their rear ends get affected too because of their downy being so thick. Because their behind is thickly feathered, in case you notice any messing drops at the back of your Wyandotte chicken, trim the features partly and you are sorted out.

Remember not to dehydrate your Wyandotte chicken, just like any other chicken type, and they should be given nutritious meals and plenty of water. Provide the chicken with a clean, secure and safe chicken coop to lay eggs on or to nestle at night.

How to Raise Wyandotte Chicks?

Wyandotte chicken being broody, reliable sitters and amazing mothers who handle their chicks with care after they hatch.  With Wyandotte chicks at your backyard, you do not have to do much for them at their tender age except giving them the primary care you will also give to any other chick breed.

As the Wyandotte grow to adults, the type of feed to give them is the basic laying meals. Check on the amount you are supposed to feed them, in cases where you have roosters too, do not give them too much feed, it will lead to liver and kidney problems.

Their spacing per bird in the backyard should be more significant. Wyandotte chicken needs more space per bird to prevent them from fighting and riding each other. The amount of space you leave for another chicken breed should be twice when you have the Wyandotte chicken breed. The more space your Wyandottes have, the freer they are and the better. The coops should also be well ventilated and free from extreme light wind. With this, the breed will not be chilled during the winter season.

Benefits of Nurturing Wyandotte Chicken Breed

Wyandotte versatility allows them to cope with any weather condition. Their heavyweight and thick feathers make them hardy for winter periods, and also they adapt well during summertime. All you need to do is making sure the room is well ventilated, and there are abundant glooms during the summer conditions.

In case you do not know why the Wyandotte chicken breed is known as hardy breeds during winter, it is because they are tolerant to the condition with ease. Even when the temperature readings are at zero-degrees, their large rose comb also helps during the cold condition; it has less flesh visible to coldness, thus dropping frostbite risk.

Wyandottes are good hunters as well as they are tolerant of incarceration. You do not have to be scared of attack from predators when they are out hunting or when they are in their coop. Even though the Wyandotte is still chicken and is prone to attack from predators like foxes, their big and bulky bodies make it hard for air predators like the eagle to attack them.

Another advantage of keeping the Wyandotte chicken breed is its versatility at your backyard.  It not only gets thoughtful but also can produce more than two hundred eggs every year. An incubator is not needed to hatch eggs at your home- to fertilize your eggs, all it takes is a rooster and a Wyandotte hen.

When planning to rear the Wyandotte chicken for meat and egg production, it shows how much you value it and know the range of meat production it offers. For whatever production you want to nurture the Wyandotte chicken, know the many benefits it offers in that particular production. When their productivity reduces, which shows a sign of their ageing, take good care of it by turning it into your dinner table favourite.

Challenges of Rearing Wyandotte Chicken Breed

Everything with an advantage must have its limitations, and with raising Wyandotte chicken in your household, there are few advantages to it.

  1. The very first disadvantage of keeping Wyandotte chicken is their temperaments. This is one behaviour in them that you have to much deal with during your first interaction with them. Although it is a behaviour in another chicken breed to be so quiet, with Wyandotte, it is the opposite. They make a lot of noise in every situation they face; be it laying eggs or in their hunting adventures during the day.

The Wyandotte roosters too are known for their crowing sounds. Saying this does not exclude another chicken breed as being noisy. Though all chicken breeds are known to make noise, Wyandotte takes the title of being lively and more vocal.

  1. If you are introducing the Wyandotte chicken to other chicken breeds, you will need to watch on their dynamics in the group. Wyandottes chicken like controlling and remaining at the top and in cases where they have to be pushed around, a fight will eventually blow up.
  • If you live in a warm place, your Wyandotte breed needs close attention during hot conditions. With their thick feathered body, it becomes ideal for them to adapt to warm weathers which are the opposite when it comes to adapting to cold conditions. Make sure to keep the breed hydrated by giving it plenty of water and providing enough shade.

Is Wyandotte Chicken Breed worthy?

Wyandotte chicken is beautiful, brassy and bold birds both from the in and outside. Their cheerful personality is going, and submissive characters make the Wyandotte chicken the best choice for every home coop. They are the best chicken breed to go for if you want to rear them for a dual purpose; egg and meat production. The other reasons to make you love these birds more are below;

1. Exceptionally Pretty

Talk of their appealing feathers, Wyandotte chicken, got it all. Their feathers come in different pattern and colours to give it the title of pretty looking chicken. From silver-laced birds to bold blue, buff or blackbirds, Wyandotte! What of golden-laced birds? It is all Wyandotte chicken.  With their stunning feathers, you can even think of having a beauty contest of the most attractive birds. Guess what, and Wyandotte will take the lead in the beautifully feathered birds.

2. It is an Easy Going Breed

Their beautiful feathers are not what attracts chicken keepers alone. Their cold, bold, and easy-going temperament makes it a must-have breed at your home coop. They do not mind feeding at your side while you work at your garden. They also like chatting as any other girl does; their coos, chirps and chirps will live your backyard and keep you entertained throughout the day. These birds are just the best companion to have in your compound.

3. Beautiful Bird with Beautiful Eggs

It is not only about their personality and looks, but they also have another advantage to help pay for their beautiful plumage. They are high egg layers and can offer you more than two hundred eggs per year. If you want that excellent egg dish to cook for your friends or family, Wyandotte’s brown eggs got you sorted. Leave alone their stunning egg brown eggs, the other great thing about them is their ability to lay eggs even during the colder seasons. Their egg production is not limited to a specific season. High production Wyandotte breed!

4. Incredible Mother Hen

You got a bunch of eggs that need to be fertilized, search no further the Wyandotte hen as great foster mothers, got you sorted. They are great mothers that will hutch and take care of chicks as if they are theirs. Their broodiness and tenderness make them great mothers to bring up chicks that are filled with joy and health.

5. Cold is not Worry

The Wyandotte chicken breed with their heavy, curvaceous and thick-feathered body makes it hard for coldness to penetrate. With their warm feathers and little rose, combs are a perfect breed for chicken keepers living in the cold areas. You need to make sure their coop is well ventilated, and they have warm bedding inside the coop for nestling.

Essential Points to Note About Wyandotte Chicken Breed

  • They Wyandottes eat less food than the other chicken breed.
  • Their loosely packed and full feathers together with its rose comb enable it to handle the cold condition well.
  • They are a quite friendly chicken breed which makes it the right choice for you if you want to start a chicken flock even though their personality is strong.
  • They adapt quickly to their new environment and in case of less land, and they can range as compared to another chicken type.
  • These birds are stunning and entice a lot of fanatics.

Wyandottes Chicken Breed Are Your Choice if;

  • You have a parcel of land, no matter how small it is but your poultry can wander most of the time freely.
  • You desire a chicken type that is best for the production of both eggs and meat.
  • If you are a starter in poultry keeping and want chicken with the best and robust temperamental
  • Winter times in your area tend to be very cold.

Do Not Buy Wyandotte Chicken Breed if;

  • Your resident area is in an urban place, and noise is a restriction.
  • You want to purchase a chicken breed as a pet, and your space is enclosed.
  • In case you want a chicken breed that has a dependable moody.

Wyandotte chicken breed is a must-have for any chicken keeper who wants a dual-purpose chicken with a great personality, one that can cope with any climatic condition while still being self-tolerant. As for the kitchen keeper, you should take note of any changes experienced from the chicken breed, with this you can identify when your Wyandotte chicken needs to be a dinner table bird and when it needs some special care from you.

Remember to make proper judgements about the type of Wyandotte chicken breed you want. Before purchasing any breeder, check the one with dual production, a healthier, enthusiastic bird and the one you can proudly and passionately talk about it. If you are not sure of what to look for in a Wyandotte chicken breed, the above information can be of help.

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