Quail Vs Chicken Eggs: Taste, Nutrition, Protein, Calories

Differences between quail and chicken eggs regarding taste, nutrients, protein, and calories have been debated over the past few decades. Eggs have all the essential nutrients, so they are very demanding. Most people prefer chicken eggs, but quail eggs are gaining popularity daily.

Quail egg also has protein, iron, and fat. Chicken and quail eggs are almost similar; their size, yolk ratio, and nutrients differ. To know which egg has more health benefits, read the following section.

Quail Vs Chicken Eggs

Comparison Between Chicken and Quail Eggs

Chicken and quail eggs have some visible and internal differences. The nutrition value, taste, size, appearance, benefits, and health value all are significantly different, and knowing them will help you to choose the right egg and amount to eat for better results.

Size & Appearance

Quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs, around one-third the size. A single chicken egg is bigger, so the yolk and white parts are also bigger. However, that doesn’t make the quail egg a terrible choice. You can carry and buy them easily. The taste and nutrition values vary slightly according to the size.

Quail eggs are tiny and greyish and have black spots or specks on their shell. On the other hand, chicken eggs are white or brown, and there is no black spot on them. Some quail eggs are white, Brown, and grey. You can easily recognize them. The egg yolks are white parts, almost the same as chicken eggs, so the only noticeable difference is their size and eggshell.

Taste Difference

chicken and quail eggs have similar tastes, but the creaminess or richness and yolk-to-white ratio differ. Quail eggs have larger yolk sizes according to the balance. The cooking and eating parts are the same as chicken eggs.

Taste of Quail Egg

You can boil them, makes omelets, scramble, and more instead of chicken eggs. However, quail eggs are too tiny, so you will need 4-5 eggs instead of 1 chicken egg. The taste is too minimal to notice. Quail and chicken eggs also taste like duck eggs. But the flavor is light.

Although quail egg has a high yolk ratio, the maker’s food is much creamier and thicker in texture than chicken eggs. The flavor of quail eggs is slightly higher than most people do not even realize. You can cook the quail eggs in a shorter time.

Nutritional Benefits [Quail Vs Chicken Eggs]

Quail eggs are too tiny than chicken eggs, so their nutrition benefits may not be a fair comparison. However, the yolk size is bigger according to the ratio; still, the eggs are rich in vitamins, selenium, riboflavin iron, protein, and more.

Quail eggs are small, so 10 quail eggs equal 2 large chicken eggs. Ten quail eggs and 2 chicken eggs contain 158 calories 148. The fat and protein percentage is the same, 11 grams and 13 grams.

Chicken eggs have more chlorine percentage, but quail eggs have more riboflavin. Quail eggs also have more vitamin B12 and iron. So the differences are minor. However, you must eat at least 10 quail eggs o fulfill your protein source.

Quail and Chicken Egg Nutritional Benefits


Health Benefits

Quail egg has some exceptional health benefits over chicken eggs. They are more nutritious, so if anyone doesn’t like to eat eggs, he can eat quail egg as it is smaller, and you won’t have to struggle to eat it.


Quail eggs can cook like chicken eggs; you need many more quail eggs. But it’s better not to eat raw eggs as most quail eggs are unpasteurized because they are difficult to find commercially. You can boil, pan-fry, scrambles, and even poach them. The cooking time and temperature are also the same.

Which Has More Cholesterol, Chicken Egg or Quail Egg?

Egg yolk has cholesterol, and different egg yolk sizes have different cholesterol levels. The cholesterol level of 1 quail egg is 844 mg/ 100 g, and one chicken egg is 372 mg/ 100g. if you have a heart problem, diabetes, or another health issue, consult a doctor before eating quail yolks.

Can I Replace Chicken Eggs with Quail Eggs?

Quail egg has a higher yolk ratio than the white part. You can use quail eggs instead of chicken eggs in a recipe, use lots of them, and the texture will be more creamy, soft, and velvety.

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