Differences Between Air Fryer Vs Toaster Oven

An air fryer is a recently launched cooking machine that was a huge hit in the market. On the other hand, the toaster oven is another popular machine that people have used for a long time. Most of us get confused about choosing the right cooking machine for our kitchen because the criteria for an air fryer and toaster oven are similar.

Does your relay need an air fryer? Are the differences worth it? You will know these answers when you learn about the features of air fryers and toasters.

Differences Between Air Fryer Vs Toaster Oven

Comparison Between Air Fryer Vs Toaster Oven

The usage of air fryers and toasters is almost similar; still, there is controversy about which one is more efficient. Both are modern kitchen appliances and are important in cooking.

A question may pop into your mind: if they are almost the same, why the manufacturer makes these two different devices? Well, not all the feathers are the same. The biggest difference is cooking method, cooking time, heat circulation, food types and more.

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Heat Source and Circulation

A toaster oven does not have any fan to circulate or distribute the air to reach heat in all spaces equally. The fan won’t circulate or distribute the air. So the o, the food may spot, and maybe the toaster oven’s heating element is basic, the toaster oven is basic, and the old model taster has only a heating element at the top.

Some taster oven has fas located outside, and they only help to cook the food directly.

An air fryer has a strong fan that distributes the heat to cook the food more evenly.

Heat Source and Circulation of Air Fryer

There will be no cold spot inside. The heating element is also strong and designed in coil form. The powerful fan makes the heat more evenly distributed.

Temperature (Air Fryer Vs Toaster Oven)

We have mentioned earlier that the air fryer has a strong fan, so it heats up faster. It quickly reaches a high temperature because of its compact size and air distribution system. The internal temperature range is from 150-500°F. You can make desserts or any exquisite dishes too.

The toaster oven comes with automatic or manual adjustments. You can adjust the inside heat level to make various dishes at different temperatures.

Size and Cooking Space

A traditional toaster oven is larger than an air fryer. Some new toaster oven models are small, but still, it takes up more space than air fryer. Also, the cooking area is larger, and thus you can fit more food. But without a fan, the cooking time will be slower than making toast in an air fryer.

An air fryer is compact, and the cooking space is smaller.

Size and Cooking Space of a Toaster Oven

The device cooks food more quickly with a powerful fan than a toaster oven. However, the internal space is smaller, so you cannot cook much food. Some models have a larger cooking area, and still, it cooks faster than the taster. The temperature reaches all the spaces quickly to increase the cooking speed. Also, you can fit them in a tiny kitchen.

Cooking Method

Not all foods are suitable for air fryers and toasters. Some food cooks better in a toaster, and others in a fryer. The air fryer is gentle in baking and cooking. The fryer cooks food without oil, so the foods remain healthy and delicious. The device is versatile and can cook, be baked, fried, grilled, roasted and more. Just follow the device’s instructions.

The toaster oven also cooks delicious food, but it has limitations. It requires a little bit of oil to cook and retain moisture. Grilling, roasting and baking is the main function of the toaster. But you can also use it for cooking other dishes. It all depends on your cooking skill.

Cooking Speed

The air fryer cooks faster because of its lower internal space. The heat distributes all the space evenly with high temperature, which shortens the cooking time, and the nutrient won’t destroy much.

A regular taster oven is much like a traditional oven. It takes 2x much time to cook as an air fryer. Also, it does not have instant features to cook in radiant heat.

Food Taste

the air fryer can make much crispier food than the toaster oven. It can push high heat to the food to make it crispy and fried quickly without oil. On the other hand, a toaster cannot make crispy food like an air fryer. The toaster requires little oil to cook and takes much time, so the taste is slightly different.

Power Usage Between Air Fryer and Toaster Oven

The toaster oven uses 1400 watts, and the air fryer uses 1600 watts because it is more powerful and uses more power to cook. While there is not much difference in the current monthly bill, air fryers can save more energy.

Power Usage of a Toaster Oven

Cleaning and Maintenance

The internal and external designs are different in the toaster oven, slice toasters, and air fryer, so the cleaning procedure is. The air fryer has smaller parts to clean. The toaster has fewer features, and the parts are bigger. The toaster also has a tight place to reach.

Cooking with a fryer does not require oil, so the cleaning is effortless. It gets less dirty than a toaster. The toaster requires oil, so clean it with a sponge and detergent without damaging the heating element. The pan of the air fryer is nonstick and easy to clean. The fryer also takes less time because of its smaller size.


The air fryer has a separate food bucket with an insulation system. Also, the insulation system is special, so you do not need to worry about burning and other messes. The toaster oven has a lower insulation system and does not keep anything flammable while using the toaster.

Some modern design has better insulation system still not enough to give safety. Do not clean or store the device until it cools down completely.

The air fryer also does not heat your kitchen, so your small kitchen will remain cool. Also, the outer part of the air fryer won’t get hot, and you can clean and store it after cooking.


The air fryer has more functions with updated technology, which is more expensive than a toaster. The lowest toaster price is 20$ to 30$, and the cheapest air fryer price starts at 40$. The price also depends on big brands. Some types of air fryers can pick up to $250.

Pros and Cons of Air Fryer and Toaster Oven

Air Fryer Pros

  • It can cook food faster as the heat distributes evenly better than an oven or an indoor smokeless grill. Also, the cooking area is small, which makes it absorb more heat during cooking.
  • Requires less space to set
  • Worth the price
  • The cleaning process is simple
  • Can cook dishes without oil, so the food remains healthy and delicious
  • Versatile in function and can cook a variety of dishes. The device is energy efficient
  • The tasks and steps are easy. Good for making frozen food crispy. The cooking process is easy

Cons of Air Fryer

  • The food compartment is small, so you cannot cook much food at the same time
  • It has a sealed design, so difficult o check inside while cooking. So you cannot check whether the food is drying or burning.
  • The result is mostly crispy; some people may not like it.
  • A toaster oven lasts a bit longer than an air fryer.
  • Comes with only an air fryer basket and rack

Pros and Cons of Air Fryer and Toaster Oven

Source:  The Pioneer Woman

Toaster Oven Pros

  • It can cook whole chicken or steaks because of its large cooking compartment
  • The cooking result is versatile with various cooking methods
  • You can manually set the time and temperature for different dishes
  • Comes with various accessories like a pizza pan, racks and other items like the conventional oven

Toaster Oven Cons

  • Takes up more space in your kitchen. Some models have non-separable designs, so difficult to move to another place
  • It takes a long cooking time because of low heat circulation
  • The insulation system is not good

Which One Is More Usable In A Kitchen

The usage depends on your needs and kitchen size. The countertop fryer will be better if you want to cook quickly.

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But if your kitchen is big and has to cook larger items, then a toaster is good because of its larger capacities and cooking chamber.

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