How Long Do Toasters Last [and How to Increase Lifespan]

People want to know the lifespan before getting a new one. However, there is no certain timetable. Also, better maintenance enhances longevity.

The reliability depends on the average lifespan of the toaster. Even the mechanism of a fancy toaster is not made of better parts, so the longevity is almost the same.

How Long Do Toasters Last

How Long Do Toasters Last

A modern toaster, like the proper 4-slice toaster or the normal 2-slice one could last up to 10 years. However, it can fail before that because of stress and other variables. The heating element could get corroded by the humid climate. Also, moisture builds up and causes corrosion if you toast frozen bread repeatedly.

The damage could happen for other reasons too. Shaking the toaster, banging it around, removing the sharp object, and using the toaster a lot could damage the heating element sooner.

The manufacturer can guarantee three years of use without defects. But any electronic device could fail at any time. The average lifespan of a toaster is six to eight years. Sometimes it needs to change or repair the internal parts. You can extend the lifespan by cleaning and maintaining it regularly.

Does the Lifespan Matter When You Shopping for Toaster

Some expensive toasters and advanced bread machines have delicate heating elements and other internal parts that last longer. Still, the fail rate is high. The modern toaster has better construction quality than the vintage toaster. A good brand toaster lasts long enough (also with better maintenance).

So, a 5-year lifespan is worth the money. A cheap toaster does not have the same lifespan as an expensive one. So, it matters for the money. If you have a tight budget, you will get lower longevity.

The lifespan matters because no one wants a tool that won’t serve long.

Does the Lifespan Matter When You Shopping for Toaster

But that does not mean money is only a big fact here. Actually, maintenance and build quality are facts. And better build quality requires higher money, as well as regular cleaning and usage.

How Often Should a Toaster be Replaced?

Any household appliance gets older over time. Sometimes climate, usage, and ignorance make them older quickly. The problem could occur at any time.

Cleaning is necessary because any leftover food or crumbs could damage the internal part and catch fire. Even if your toaster has been running without any problem for more than six years, you should check it. When the toaster is completely unresponsive, replace it.

Is It Safe to Use a Rusty ToasterIs It Safe to Use a Rusty Toaster

A toaster could corrode or rust from humidity, moisture, leftover food, or more. It would be best if you did not use a rusty toaster, as iron and oxygen can harm your health.

Also, it can cause tetanus and infection if you use the toaster for toasting bread. So it is better to check the internal parts of a toaster at least once a year. Change the corrode parts if possible, and don’t toast frozen bread repeatedly. Room-temperature bread does not build much moisture.

Can You Replace the Heating Element in a Toaster

Every toaster has a heating element that reacts with oxygen, so corrosion happens. However, modern toasters have corrosion-resistant heating elements, which are fragile.

You don’t need to hire a professional to change the heating element. Just unscrew both ends and brackets.

You will find many youtube videos about how to replace the heating element. Also, consult with a professional one. The different models may have different internal designs. Also, if you are confused, take it to a repair shop.

Can You Replace the Heating Element in a Toaster

Can a Toaster be Repaired?

The toaster can be repaired until it’s completely damaged. However, a new toaster can last up to three years if you use it twice or more weekly.

After fixing the toaster, it can last another two years; you must replace it. Also, clean your toaster regularly; otherwise, rust build up and cause tetanus, fatal infection, and other harmful effects to your body.

Are Cheap Toasters Good?

The market has various kinds of toasters with different prices. The price starts from $24 to 400 depending on the function and quality. A good toaster costs more, but that does not mean a cheap toaster cannot make toast.

It is similar to the cheap and expensive toaster. But the build quality, performance, brand name, and features have a cost.

Cheaper toasters are made of plastic exteriors, so they are not durable as the stainless-steel toaster. So which toaster will be good for you depends on your needs.

How do You Know When You Need a New Toaster?

A toaster can last up to 3 to 5 years. When the heat conduction wears out and starts building rust on the metal parts, the toaster looks older, getting excess heat, and if you see smoke inside, you should definitely need a new toaster.

Also, you will feel a bad smell from your toast. First, check it by a professional, then replace it.

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