15 Best Chicken Plucker Machine of 2023 – Top Pick’s By an Expert

For anyone who raises chickens for the meat, you’re well aware of the importance of having a good, clean pluck. However, if you are breeding chickens for more than your own needs, it can be extremely time-consuming trying to pluck them by hand.

That’s why in this article, we are going to look at the best chicken plucker machine that you can get to cater to your needs.

Top 5 Best Chicken Plucker Machine: Editor’s Pick

best chicken plucker

In our reviews, we feature both drill-mounted and out-of-the-box functional chicken pluckers to allow you to choose the method that works best when defeathering your birds.

We’ve included reviews of 10 of the best options that you’ll find for sale right now, as well as a handy buying guide that outlines all the factors that you need to consider before making your choice.

So without further ado, let’s get right to helping you find the perfect chicken plucker to get the job done!

15 Best Chicken Plucker Machine Reviews:

1. YardBird Chicken Plucker

YardBird Chicken Plucker
  • SIMPLE DEBRIS COLLECTION: An integrated...

If you have ever suffered through plucking a chicken by hand, this handy little contraption is going to seem like a miracle sent from the heavens. It has a compact size that makes it conveniently easy to transport and store. Made from weather-resistant materials, you can be sure that you will be using this chicken plucker for a long time to come.

The integrated irrigation ring has a standard connector for your garden hose. The machine flushes plucked feathers from the drum while 110 natural rubber fingers remove the dirt and grime on the skin of your chicken. If you want a machine that is effective, fast, and efficient, then this is the best chicken plucker for the money.

It comes with a very powerful electric motor and is encased in a waterproof housing to ensure that the machine is totally maintenance-free. In addition to being compact and powerful, this chicken plucker boasts a simple debris collection feature where a feather chute deposits the plucked feathers in a bucket underneath.

This is an easy to clean machine that is durable and will perform great for years to come. You never again have to put up with ugly looking birds with feathers still sticking out of them even after plucking. You also don’t have to spend time cleaning the bird or putting finishing touches after the machine plucking process has been done.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with natural rubber fingers
  • Extremely simple to clean and maintain
  • Conveniently easy to transport
  • Offers plucking torque of 35 foot-pounds
  • Efficient feather removal and debris collection

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2. Vevor Chicken Plucker

Vevor Chicken Plucker
  • MAIN PARAMETER - Power: 2200W;Motor...
  • WITH A BUILT IN WATER PIPE,on off switch...
  • EASY TO USE-Simply grab a garden hose,...

Made from stainless steel, this super-fast chicken plucker will ensure that your birds make it from the coop to the table in no time at all. It also effectively plucks other types of poultry including turkeys, ducks, and geese. The tub-style design of this machine is lined with durable, yellow-colored rubber fingers to ensure optimal performance at all times.

This chicken plucker is ideal for removing feathers from medium and larger-sized birds in addition to chickens. The upgraded appliance is compact in size and comes with wheels, which means that you can easily transport and store it when not in use.

The machine uses specially-made plucker fingers which are larger than average size to ensure enhanced speed of plucking. It will remove the feathers from between four and five chickens or up to 12 quails at a single time, depending on their size. However, it’s always a good idea to pluck your birds one at a time to avoid over-bruising the meat.

This machine comes with many amazing features which make it one of the best in our chicken plucker review. It comes with a heavy-duty motor that can handle between four and six chickens in a single spin. Also, it has 119 plucker fingers as well as a waterproof on/off switch and four sturdy wheels for mobility and safe operation.

Highlighted Features

  • Plucker is ideal for a wide variety of birds
  • Built-in water pipe directly connects to your hose
  • Simple design that is easy to use
  • Effectively plucks up to six chickens at one time
  • Comes with four sturdy wheels for easy transport

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3. 110v 60hz Chicken Plucker

This is a great chicken plucker for defeathering everything from turkeys and ducks to pheasants, geese, and much more. Because of its size and weight, this machine is ideal for those who won’t need to move the machine around a lot. In addition to effectively plucking all types of fowl, this machine offers a hot then cold dunk in water which makes your birds a lot easier to pluck.

It can handle a large chicken in less than five seconds and can pluck multiple birds at one time. It comes expertly packaged from the factory to ensure that your machine doesn’t get damaged en route to you. This chicken plucker is certainly worth the money that you will spend on it because it will cut your time and effort spent plucking chickens in half.

If you pluck chickens on a consistent basis, this machine could be a lifesaver. It’s a tough, durable little appliance that will serve you for years to come. Not only that, but it also looks great thanks to its stainless steel construction which helps to ensure that it stays rust-free when not in use.

The stainless steel also makes it easy to clean, and you won’t have any trouble with the maintenance aspect of this machine. Compared to a lot of other brands in the same category, this is undoubtedly the best chicken plucker machine that you will get at that price.

Highlighted Features

  • The tab is made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Defeathers different types of birds
  • Sturdy and durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Effectively removes feathers from any bird in under two minutes
  • Can be used to pluck multiple birds at once

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4. Chicken Plucker Home Processing Kit

Chicken Plucker Home Processing Kit
  • Drill Powered Poultry Plucker
  • Heavy Duty Killing Restraining Cone -...
  • Swedish Made High Carbon Steel Mora...

This chicken plucker comes with everything you need to take your chickens from the coop straight to the table. It includes a medium-sized kill cone which is ideal for standard sized chickens. This plucker works differently than the other products we’ve reviewed so far.

All you need to do is put it on the drill then run it. Just make sure you’re doing so with the grain of the feathers. To make sure that it works effectively, you first need to scald the chickens. According to a lot of the reviews online, this kit works extremely well and is well worth the money.

If you’re looking for the best budget chicken plucker, this could be the absolute perfect option for your needs. The three-piece set works extremely well and will be appreciated by any backyard hen owners. The knife that comes with the kit is particularly high-quality and will hold its edge extremely well.

Although many might be skeptical about this plucker when looking at it, it actually works beautifully as advertised. You won’t have any problems using this kit at all. You don’t have to be an expert to use this for killing and defeathering your chickens as it is designed to be simple and easy to use even for novices.

For anyone raising chickens for the table, this is undoubtedly one of the most convenient, easiest to use, and affordable home plucking kits that you can get.

Highlighted Features

  • Very affordably priced home processing kit
  • Includes restraining cone made from heavy-duty steel
  • Simple plucking design for ease of use
  • Comes with Swedish-made carbon steel knife
  • High-quality, durable construction for long-lasting use

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5. Rite Farm Chicken Plucker

Rite Farm Chicken Plucker
  • Rite Farm Products Pro Scalder
  • Runs On Propane, No Electricity Needed
  • Aluminum Pot Has A 42 Quart Capacity

The manufacturer of this chicken plucker does a great job of producing a high-quality, durable product that will perform great when it comes to defeathering birds. It’s ideal for both small farmers and homesteaders, and you will be able to cut the time you spend preparing your birds to a mere fraction of what it is when doing it by hand.

This machine is big enough to process ducks, geese, and turkeys. It heats up very quickly even when used outside in less than ideal weather conditions. If you’re searching for the best commercial chicken plucker, this unit could work to serve your needs.

In this plucking machine, Rite Farm created a high-quality product which is ideal for anyone who runs a small farm or homestead. Because it does the scalding all in one, it takes most of the effort out of it for you. Which means that almost all the process of defeat hering your birds is automatic.

The machine has an aluminum tub that has a capacity of 42 quarts. This is undoubtedly among the most popular home use scalders on the market right now. If you are searching for a machine that is big and powerful enough to remove feathers from a variety of birds of all sizes quickly, easily, and effectively, then this is definitely one that you need to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Made from high-quality stainless steel for durability
  • Comes with a variety of accessories to aid in the plucking process
  • Includes a scalder to make defeat hering easier
  • Remove feathers from multiple birds at one time
  • Can defeather different types of poultry

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6. Kitchener Chicken Plucker

Kitchener Chicken Plucker
  • SPECS; Our Heavy Duty Chicken Plucker...
  • ADVANCE DESIGN; Our Plucker has a robust...

This heavy-duty stainless steel plucker from a well-known brand has unique features that make it a firm favorite of a lot of chicken keepers. It’s antimicrobial and it’s also FDA-approved which means that you can rest assured when using this chicken plucker, you’ll be able to produce clean, healthy, and safe chickens for your table.

The brand has an in-house team focused on research and development to ensure that their products provide you with creative, effective solutions that take care of all your kitchen needs. This brand is extremely well-known and trusted by a lot of customers from all over the world, and it’s easy to see why.

Their product range is wide and varied, and includes meat grinders, mixers, sausage stuffers, tenderizers slicers, and meets saws. All of these are high-quality, well-crafted products, and this chicken plucker is no different! It also has wheels for easy transport and is compact -sized for convenient storage.

If you’re in the market for a plucker made from high-grade materials with an effective, ideal design featuring 92 individual rubber fingers to remove feathers, dirt, and grime from any size bird, then make sure you check this product out. It’ll certainly boost your time management because it can do all the work of defeathering a bird in just a few seconds.

Highlighted Features

  • Simple design that is easy to use
  • Comes with a steady tripod for stability
  • Includes handles and wheels for easy transport and storage
  • Comes with a waterproof on/off switch for safe defeat hering
  • Exceedingly simple assembly and cleaning

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7. Yonntech Chicken Plucker

Yonntech Chicken Plucker
  • It is a 20" automatic tub style chicken...
  • The chicken plucker machine is very...
  • It works beautifully, can clean up the...

This automatic chicken plucker comes in a tub-style design made from high-quality, durable stainless steel. It’s lined with dozens of yellow rubber fingers which work to make the job of plucking your chickens extremely easy and fast.

With this machine, you will be able to remove feathers from medium-sized and large birds including chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. If you find yourself plucking different types of birds on a consistent basis, this could be the best type of chicken plucking machine that you could get.

In addition to making your life a lot easier by taking all the work out of defeat hering your birds, this machine is also energy-efficient which means that you will be able to save time, effort, AND energy by using it. This is a great tool that will make all the difference when it comes to poultry processing. Whether you’re raising chickens for yourself or to sell, this is a handy appliance to have in your corner.

Highlighted Features

  • Tub-style design with wheels for easy use
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel for long-lasting durability
  • Energy-saving design great for canteens and restaurants
  • Easy, simple, and quick cleaning and maintenance
  • Comes with a waterproof on and off switch for safe use

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8. EZPlucker Chicken Plucker

This defeat hering machine is one that you should consider if you’re looking forward to harvesting your homegrown poultry in the quickest and most convenient way possible. It will allow you to cut the processing time while ensuring that the birds are as smooth and feather-free as possible.

Investing in this plucker will turn out to be one of the best things you could’ve done for yourself. Its high-quality construction ensures long-lasting durability which means that you will have a great performing plucking machine to help you harvest your poultry for a very long time to come.

The machine works just as the manufacturer promises, and you’ll have fresh, wholesome chickens in no time at all. You can efficiently harvest dozens of your birds in less time than it would take to pluck just one or two chickens by hand.

Highlighted Features

  • Produces clean, featherless birds with skin intact
  • High-quality plucker made from stainless steel
  • Steady, durable design for long-lasting use
  • Very competitively priced compared to others in the same category
  • Can defeather multiple birds at the same time

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9. ZX Moto Chicken Plucker

ZX Moto Chicken Plucker
  • Uses specially made smaller plucker...
  • Great for smaller newborn...
  • Simply grab a garden hose,turn on the...

This small chicken feather plucker machine is made from stainless steel to ensure durability. It’s also extremely easy to use thanks to its simple design and clear instructions from the manufacturer. If you’re in the market for a fast and effective plucking machine for home use, you certainly need to take a look at this one.

Specially-designed for plucking small birds quickly and efficiently, this chicken plucker has small fingers that work to ensure that no feathers are left behind. It’s ideal for those small chickens, quail, guinea fowl, doves, as well as other smaller-sized birds of up to 1.2 pounds.

It’s important to note that this unit is quite small and compact and it will not work for larger-sized chickens. If you need to pluck bigger birds, then take a look at the other types of chicken pluckers we have on our list. This one is specifically designed only for small birds and it can only pluck them one at a time.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel make will not corrode or rust
  • Plucks a wide variety of small birds
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Works extremely quickly and effectively
  • Competitively priced to offer great value

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10. Josas Chicken Plucker

Josas Chicken Plucker
  • Highest quality plucking fingers, made...
  • Our customers admire white rubber for...
  • This plucker drill attachment has food...

This is among one of the easiest chicken pluckers to use that you’ll find on the market today. It not only saves you money and time, but it’s guaranteed for over 10,000 birds. You only need one person to operate it which makes it convenient for anyone who wants to defeather chickens on their own.

You can use this to pluck ducks and geese, just ensure that you scald the birds first to make everything a lot easier. By scalding the birds, you also ensure that the machine easily gets all the feathers and the result is a very smooth bird that has its skin intact.

All you need to do to use this chicken plucker is to put it on your drill and then run it. Follow the grain of the feathers to make your job a whole lot easier. It’s ideal for standard-sized chickens, but it probably won’t work as well on smaller birds such as pheasants as it tends to tear the skin in the areas that are more difficult to reach on the body of the bird, such as between the legs, and under the wings.

According to a lot of the reviews online from satisfied customers, this machine is as effective as they come. If you are looking forward to processing your birds at home, this could be the exact tool that you need to make your job infinitely easier.

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely easy to use even for one person
  • Simple design that works fast and effectively
  • Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze
  • Very affordably priced feather plucker
  • Guaranteed for 10,000 birds

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11. Chicken Plucker Poultry Plucker, Feather Plucking Machine

Versatility is an important aspect when purchasing any form of machine to use at home or workplace. The Chicken Plucker Poultry Plucker, Machine forms the most versatile defeathering equipment people have tested in line with that. They form the best machines for corporate slaughterhouses, and in agriculture, manufacturers design them to handle all types of poultry. Users can employ them to defeather various birds, including the guinea fowl, quail, rooster, pigeon, and hunted birds.

What makes these de-feathering machines exemplary is their long service life as well as high efficiency. They feature a quality 2200W power copper motor that operates with a speed of 275r/min. Moreover, their dimension and holding capacity as well are pretty appealing to most prospective buyers. Plucking buckets have 58 cm/22.8-inch diameters, 0.6 mm thickness; these make them ideal for 2 to 4 chickens at ago.

Consequently, operating these de-feathering machines is quite simple, and they take few seconds to complete plucking tasks. Users require adding poultry into the plucking container and spray water over using a garden hose. Manufacturers indicate they can hold 2-4 chickens; however, up to 6 medium-sized birds can still fit the plucking bucket.

Furthermore, their construction incorporates anti-oxidation stainless steel to prevent them from rusting and stay sturdy for long. Also, they have waterproof power switches to provide users excellent safety during the processing period. Nevertheless, their 119 yellow rubber rods prevent the skin of the birds from getting harmed.


  • Versatile models
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent performers
  • Ultra-durable


  • Very expensive
  • Poor customer services

12. Chicken Plucker Drill Attachments — Stainless Steel Poultry Feather Remover

Chicken Plucker Drill Attachments
  • 2 types of plucker fingers: Chicken...
  • Tender plucking: Customers admire our...
  • Solid and Secure: This feather remover...

Here are the healthiest chicken pluckers in the market constructed using quality food-grade stainless steel materials. Manufacturers build the plucking fingers using quality rubber-based food-grade material and don’t leave any traces after completing. Their construction meets the European construction standards of all agents, articles, and materials intending to react with food.

Moreover, the stainless steel material used to construct these machines make them stay longer, offering excellent service. They feature excellently constructed shafts and well fastened drills for increased stability and strength. Usually, manufacturers ship packages including user manuals to enlighten users on the secrets of plucking smoothly and efficiently.

Also, these machines have different plucker fingers suitable for defeathering a variety of medium-size poultry, including chicken, ducks, and broilers. They have ball-shaped fingers that are used after completing plucking to remove all fluff remaining on the skin. On the other hand, ring-shaped fingers are effective for removing large feathers on the bird’s skin.

Customers always admire these defeathers due to the white rubber in their construction that offers excellent elasticity and maximum softness. Their advanced construction enables the completion of projects without deforming the skin as well as hurting operators’ hands. Nevertheless, these are versatile models; they combat to drills and screwdrivers of standard speeds of between 110-220 volts. Lastly, they take over the market by offering 12 years refund warranty as a sign of quality.


  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to use
  • Backed by 12 years warranty
  • Versatile models


  • Harms the skin and meat
  • Gets caught in the wings

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13.VEVOR Chicken Plucker 1500W 275R/min Turkey Chicken Poultry Plucker

VEVOR Chicken Plucker 1500W 275R/min Turkey Chicken Poultry Plucker
  • Efficient Defeathering: Power: 1500W;...
  • Premium Features for Premium Results:...
  • Convenient Operation: Just grab a garden...

These are advanced models you will find in most farming industries and abattoir businesses. VEVOR Chicken Pluckers feature 1500 W power with a motor output speed of 275r/min. With a bucket diameter of 20 inches and 0.6 mm barrel thickness, they can hold between 2 and 4 chickens. 12 quails can go in at a time, but manufacturers recommend plucking one at a time to avoid over bruising.

What makes them more exemplary is their constant speed and general efficiency in plucking a variety of birds. VEVOR Pluckers has an in-built water pipe that connects directly to the water supply for the birds and barrel’s continuous rinsing. Also, they have on and off switches enabling users to control the entire chicken de-feathering process. In addition, they comprise 4 wheels for free movement in rooms and anywhere you need to use the machines.

Furthermore, VEVOR Chicken Pluckers are the simplest chicken defeathers for use and provide excellent and fast results. Users require adding a bird, spray water using the hose, switch it on and wait for the machine to complete. Usually, the process takes between 10 and 30 minutes to complete, and owners can commence processing and packaging their meet.

Lastly, VEVOR Chicken Pluckers forms the best versatile defeathers designed to perform a variety of applications. Manufacturers design them precisely to pluck chickens. However, you can still employ them to pluck game birds, quail, bantam chickens, guinea fowl, and turkeys. Designers created them specifically for plucking chicken; plucking goose and ducks might not end effectively due to their Downey feathers.


  • Easy to use
  • Plucks a variety of birds
  • Constance speed and efficient
  • Durable models


  • Arrived poorly packed
  • Stops functioning faster

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14. Buffalo Tools CKNPLKR Chicken Plucker, Silver, 27×22×30.5

Buffalo Tools CKNPLKR Chicken Plucker, Silver
  • Buffalo Corp is a premier wholesale...
  • Silver

People looking for affordable chicken defeathers or pluckers should look for nothing other than these models. Manufacturers designed these pluckers specially to defeather small and medium-sized birds, but they can still pluck two small chickens simultaneously. However, the plucking process becomes easier; you can pull of the feathers easily after scalding. Buffalo Tools CKNPLKR Chicken Pluckers can easily handle 8-pound birds and complete the plucking project within 30 seconds.

Another greatness about these plucker machines is their ease of operation as well as they complete tasks faster. Completing the project faster requires operators to use hot water and do proper scalding. The time used to pluck your birds depends on their sizes since smaller birds take little time than larger ones. Usually, after proper scalding, it takes approximately 45 seconds to complete the plucking process, and everything is ready for processing.

Consequently, Buffalo Tools CKNPLKR Chicken Pluckers make versatile chicken defeathers we have around. Not only do they make the perfect machines for plucking chicken but also for other wild birds. Such wild birds include the quail, Hungarian partridge, pheasants, grouse, chukar, and even the doves. However, users should go slow about using the machine for smaller birds since the spin speed can break their bones.


  • Designed for multipurpose use
  • Easy to operate
  • Relatively affordable
  • Excellent performers


  • Stops working after few days of use
  • Not powerful

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15. Small Chicken Dove Feather Plucking Machine Birds Depilator Plucker

Small Chicken Dove Feather Plucking Machine Birds Depilator Plucker
  • 1.Stainless Steel, will not rust or...
  • 2.Small size is great for plucking...
  • 3.Feather discharge chute, keeps your...

Lastly, we have the best pro defeathers for those who deal with small birds and need to handle large numbers. These pluckers have specially designed fingers meant to defeather small birds faster without harming their skin. Small Chicken Plucking Machines deal on various birds, including pigeons, guinea fowl, doves, and game hens. They also pluck the quail, bantam chickens, and all those that weigh up to 1.2 pounds.

A thing that makes them exemplary is the durable construction that makes them remain sturdy over an extended period. Manufacturers design them using quality stainless steel that doesn’t rust, and they promise a long-term and efficient service. They also boast a feather discharge chute that gathers all feathers and residue in one place for faster disposal. Buyers should understand that these machines are meant for small birds, and they don’t defeather whole chickens.

Consequently, Small Chicken Dove Feather Plucking Machines are the simplest to use since they need nothing to accomplish plucking projects. Users require adding a bird into the plucker bucket, spray water into the drum using a garden hose. Turn your machine on and wait for few seconds to get the bird entirely plucked. Unlike other devices that can handle two or more birds once, they handle one bird per session.


  • Plucks faster
  • Ultra-durable chicken pluckers
  • Simplest to use
  • Designed for multipurpose use


  • Works only for small birds
  • Worrying customer service

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Buying Guide: Things to Look’s When Select Chicken Plucker Machine:

When choosing the best chicken plucker for your requirements, it’s important to keep in mind a few basic factors to ensure that you get the right one for your particular needs. There are many different types of chicken pluckers, and in order to get the right one, you need to understand how they work. Take a look at the factors listed below, and then decide which ones are relevant to your needs.

Type of Chicken Plucker

When plucking chickens and other types of poultry, there are different pluckers that you can use. They vary according to the type of poultry, their processing capacity, the bird’s weight, and much more. There are three basic types of pluckers, which are:

 Machines For The First Level of Plucking.



These are used just after scalding the chicken. These form the basis for yet another plucking process. This type of plucker is aggressive since it needs to remove as many of the bird’s feathers as possible.

Machines for Critical Parts.

These are second-level machines used after first level plucking missions. This is because, after the initial level, there may be some feathers still left on the chicken’s critical body parts.

Finishing Pluckers.

The third type of plucker, as the name suggests, is used at the final stage of cleaning the chicken. This takes care of any feathers that might remain on the bird even after undergoing the first two plucking stages.

Speed of Plucking

Whether you want to pluck one or five chickens in a matter of minutes, this is something that you need to take into consideration. Some pluckers have 100 or more fingers on them, which means that they are capable of extremely quick plucking.

Experts do recommend, however, that you should defeather the chickens one by one to prevent injuries to the chicken’s bodies. The good news is, many of the pluckers on our list of the 10 best chicken plucker options on the market right now are extremely quick at defeathering the birds that are placed inside them.


You obviously want a high-quality machine that is also budget-friendly. After all, no one wants to pay more than they have to for any product. Luckily, all the products on our list are not only high in quality, but they are also very competitively priced.

You’re able to get smaller-sized pluckers at a cost of under $50. If you’re looking for something that’s cost-effective, durable, and reliable, you’ll be able to find what you need on our list. Usually, pluckers at this end of the scale have 10 fingers which are long and sharp.

One of the major highlights of these plucking machines is that they also work effectively on various other birds including geese, ducks, quails, turkeys, and so on.


If you want to change the area where you conduct your chicken plucking, it’s easy to do so if you choose a chicken plucker that is portable. This is something you need to consider before buying a chicken plucker because some of them, once installed, cannot be moved easily.

If you think you might need to shift yours around, then go for one with wheels and a handle so that you can easily transport it to the new place of your choice and continue plucking chickens without further hassles.


Some of the best chicken pluckers you’ll find are those that are multipurpose, whereby you can scald your birds first, making their feathers easier to pluck. Some manufacturers offer combo units that scald and pluck inside the same unit. You’ll find features such as light control and heat control settings within the scalding unit.

The birds for plucking are first inserted in the drain where they are subjected to specific heat settings. This causes their feathers to come off a lot easier during the plucking. Investing in a multipurpose unit will save you a great deal of effort and time, particularly if you have to pluck a lot of chickens at one time.

How to Use Chicken Plucker Machine

When it comes to using a chicken plucker, there isn’t much of a learning curve. The machine comes with a few different parts that work together to effortlessly pluck feathers from chickens and other birds in a fraction of the time it would take to do by hand.

The machine is designed with long fingers for plucking feathers from even the most hard-to-reach parts of your chickens. It not only does this effectively but also in an extremely fast manner, too. Even when the machine is filled with feathers, that doesn’t affect its ability to keep plucking fast.

This is because it comes with a special filter that constantly cleans the feathers from the work area in order to ensure optimal performance. Because of this feature, you’re able to clean numerous chickens one after the other without having to break, if that’s what you want to do.

There’s no need for you to make any finishing touches after plucking because the machine does a thorough job of re-examining the bird for used feathers after the original process of plucking.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Chicken Plucker

1. What is a Chicken Plucker?

A: Simply put, a chicken plucker is a machine that does the job of removing feathers from chickens and other types of poultry without you having to do any of the work by hand. It saves a lot of time and unnecessarily spent energy because all you do is throw in your bird and watch the magic happen. Chicken pluckers work at a very fast rate with speeds that you undoubtedly couldn’t match by hand. In addition to that, the results are typically much better than most people get when plucking by hand.

2. How are Chicken Feathers Removed?

A: A lot of people are confused (to say the least) when it comes to figuring out how chicken pluckers work. A chicken plucking machine is designed with many special prongs or fingers, each of which is long enough to pluck feathers even from tight places that are difficult to reach on your poultry, such as under the wings and between the thighs. The machine does all this quickly and effectively without damaging the body of the bird.

3. Can you Pluck a Chicken Without Scalding?

A: The short answer is yes, you can pluck a chicken without scalding it. However, it’s important to note that the process of scalding makes it a lot easier and quicker to pluck the feathers from the bird. Scalding simply involves submerging the bird in hot water for a few minutes before commencing with the defeathering.

Although it’s possible to dry-pluck your bird, some stubborn feathers might be hard to pluck without scalding and you might end up tearing the skin off the bird. The good news is that, with some of these chicken plucking machines, you will be able to get the job done in no time at all without having to put in all that extra effort.

4. How Long Does it Take To Pluck a Chicken?

A: The answer to this question depends on whether you’re doing it by hand or using a machine. In addition to that, it also depends on what type of machine you’re using. So, for instance, if you are plucking by hand, first you might want to scald the chicken for about half a minute, then grab a handful of feathers and begin pulling them out.

Plucking in this way can take anywhere between five minutes and 30 minutes, and this all depends on how good or practiced you are at plucking birds, as well as on the size of the bird.

A better, faster, and more efficient way is to use a chicken plucker. The best chicken plucker can remove all the feathers from a bird in mere seconds. Some machines can do the job in under five seconds while others take up to 30 seconds to pluck an entire bird.

5. How Hot Does The Water Have to Be to Pluck a Chicken?

A: The answer to the question of how hot the water has to be for plucking a chicken lies in the word ‘scald’. The water has to be scalding hot. This means that you need to use water that has a temperature of between 130 to 1 70°F.

If you have ever plucked a bird without scalding it first, when you try it after immersing it in hot water for a few seconds, you will be surprised at how easy the process then becomes. Just keep in mind that the scalding temperature is not the same as boiling temperature. If during your plucking process the feathers become difficult to pull out, you can consider soaking the chicken again for a few seconds in hot water.

6. What is the best way to pluck a chicken?

Usually, plucking chicken becomes easy immediately after slaughtering the bird since the body at this time is still warm. However, a time you might not want to pluck it immediately after slaughtering. In such cases, you require leaving the bird become cold to commence the process. Doing it while half warm and half cold might make the entire process overwhelming.

The best way to defeather your chicken needs preparations, seating appropriately, and holding the bird the best way. Rest on a 20 inches height seat and hold legs for the head face downwards. Towards completing the process, you can hold the bird at the wings and deal with the upper region.

7. Can you use a chicken plucker on a duck?

When plucking your chicken using your plucking machine, you will realize that the experience is smooth. However, using these machines to pluck a duck can somehow delay completing the task for various reasons. However, there are few chicken pluckers around that can accomplish such tasks as fast as defeathering chickens.

If you intend to get through the plucking process faster, ensure you increase the scalding temperature to about 160 degrees. Likewise, adding soap inside can help here to fasten the plucking process. Wear insulated gloves and use your hands to work on the bird all sides up and down. Pluck the duck a little faster after the water has gotten into the skin.

8. Can you use a chicken plucker for quail?

We have different chicken pluckers designed to defeather various sizes and weights of birds. The best plucker for a particular bird depends on the plucking fingers the manufacturers created it with. Soft plucking fingers do an excellent job for small-bodied birds, while bigger ones are best handled using advanced machines.

All in all, chicken pluckers effectively pluck a variety of birds, including the quail and others. They have smaller and soft plucking fingers that enable them to accomplish the task fast and efficiently. You can defeather between three and five quails in chicken pluckers at a time, and they complete the process fastest.

9. How do you use the Yardbird chicken plucker?

Yardbird pluckers are incredible inventions around, and they are easy to use than other chicken plucking machines. When you need to use these machines, you will turn the hose on the flip the machine toggle switch. Ensure you don’t trip the beaker and ensure you set the machine slightly at an upper angle.

Setting the machine at an appropriate angle prevents water from reaching the motor that eventually shuts it off. After setting everything appropriately, heat the reset button and allow the machine to accomplish the task. The machine will take approximately 20 seconds, and it shuts off to signify completing the plucking process. If round one wasn’t accomplished perfectly, then do it the second time.

10. Can you skin a chicken instead of plucking?

Plucking chickens to make it ready for processing as well as packaging is a long process. The plucking process even becomes tedious when dealing with heavily feathered chickens like the Wyandottes and Cochins. However, whichever the process’s tediousness, we have to accomplish it and make everything ready for processing.

Now, skinning chickens is the best alternative to go with if you need to deal with such tasks quickly. Skinning chicken involves eliminating the feathers, skin, head, tail, and even excess fat layer that lies on the skin surface. The result is clean meat ready for processing and packing for future use.

Final Note:

Depending on whether you’re breeding chickens for yourself or if you’re a smallholder who needs the versatility of being able to pluck different varieties of birds, use our chicken plucker review list and buying guide to help you choose the right machine for your needs.

You’ve seen how the best chicken plucker can save you a lot, not only in time and effort but also in frustration of having to deal with unsightly-looking birds with torn skin and rogue feathers all over their bodies. So use the information in our review and buying guide article to ensure that your birds always come out looking beautiful and smooth, ready to get cooked!

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