DIY Chicken Plucker Designs – Every Thing You Need to Know

Chickens are the ideal pets if you want the type profitable. The products of chickens are like: feathers, to their manure, can help you earn extra money. If you decide to keep these animals as pets, it will be financially rewarding.

The right equipment helps poultry businesses increase their productivity and get the most out of their business. Chickens are the most common type of poultry, followed by turkeys, ducks, geese, ostriches, guinea fowl, reds and emus.

Some birds produce a large number of eggs. Poultry owners give them nutritional supplements to further increase the number of eggs they lay. They kill other birds for their meat and feathers. Here are several different poultry equip ments that can help poultry owners increase their profits and take better care of their birds.

DIY Chicken Plucker Designs

Poultry Farming Equipment and Their Uses


An incubator is a tool used for eggs hatching. Hatching eggs using an incubator can be described as a way to incubate eggs unnaturally. These remedies can be used if many eggs want to hatch.

 Chicken box

The chick box is a piece of equipment where poultry is kept for laying. A rolling egg plate is attached to it so that when the eggs are laid, it rolls and the birds will not step on the eggs. This particular equipment helps to prevent damage to eggs.


The flytrap is a device used to control the number of flies around a poultry farm. This helps the poultry farmer to reduce the number of flies in the poultry.

Poultry Plucker Rubber Finger

Poultry Plucker Rubber Finger

This equipment used for Plucking chicken. These rubber fingers are attached to the bottom and side plate of the grooming machine to produce heavily coated chicken in a short period.

 Egg tray

It is a device used to cure eggs. Just like the name, it is tray-shaped equipment where eggs can be placed.

Poultry Incubator Controller

Incubator controller is used to controlling the incubator and the timer. It shows the humidity and temperature of the incubator.

Ventilation Fan

The ventilation fan is a device used to ensure maximum ventilation in the poultry farm. It is also equipment used to lower the temperature of the poultry farm in hot weather.

Laying Nest

Another piece of equipment that helps birds lay eggs is to lay nest eggs. One of the advantages of this equipment is that it increases the productivity of poultry.

Egg scale

Egg scale equipment used to weigh the weight of eggs. It helps the poultry farmer to know which eggs are fertile enough to hatch because it is assumed that an underweight egg does not have what it takes to form a chick.

 Egg Washer

The egg washer is the equipment used of a powder called egg washer powder. Water is added to the egg washer, then the egg wash powder is also added. It is used to wash eggs before delivery.

 Water Pots and Drinkers

Pure water is needed for the growth of poultry. Waterers are therefore equipment used to provide water to poultry. Always make sure that the drinkers are washed regularly to prevent diseases.

Cages and Coops

This poultry equipment is used to keep poultry. Cages and cages are poultry equipment suitable for small-scale poultry farming.

  Dressing Machine

It is a device used to pick birds after slaughter. By using a dressing machine, chicken vinaigrette becomes easier, clean and hygienic.

Finally, the use of protective clothing for people is very necessary. Special protective clothing such as headgear, disposable sleeves, boots and overalls are needed to prevent transmission of contamination from birds to humans or from humans to birds. It is also important to ensure that visitors disinfect their hands before touching the birds.

Understanding Chicken Plucker.

A chicken plucker is a tool that automatically removes feathers from a chicken. Chicken plucker is also known as poultry plucker. Plucker helps you with an easy method to remove chicken feathers without using your hands. You can buy chicken plucker at the local market, or you can choose to make the plucker yourself if you want to save cash.

A plucker is very expensive, so you can buy it by combining it with other neigh bouring farmers. Alternatively, you can buy one and rent it to other poultry farmers. However, the best and most effective solution is to design your chicken plucker with DIY methods.

Here are some amazing straightforward methods you can use to make your chicken plucker with DIY methods. Below we will be talking about simple ways to make chicken picker without spending too much time.

How Does a Chicken Plucker Work?

Chicken plucker has a circular drum or tank, which in turn has a plate called a spring plate. An electric motor drives this spring plate, which is equipped with several rubber pick-up fingers. Run the car’s spring plate when using the engine, after which you throw the discarded and burnt chickens into the bowl.

The birds rotate with the spring plate, while the plucking finger cuts through the flames. It takes 15-20 seconds to carefully remove and remove the feathers.

DIY Chicken Plucker Designs

These are the methods that one can use to design a homemade chicken plucker.

The Washing Machine Chicken Plucker

One can use an old washing machine to design a chicken plucking machine.

If you have an old clothes washer that you kept in the store, you can use it again to make a chicken plucker. You have the opportunity to earn some excellent reserve funds, as most of the parts you need for the job are now available. You may run into problems or be straightforward when developing the machine, depending on your skills and know-how.

Either way, you have the option of improving your overall abilities while trying to turn your idle washing machine into a chicken pick. When you are done building the computer, you can use it to clean extractors, as well as lighten up ducks, geese, and turkeys.

Due to the huge size of this chicken plucker, you can shoot and roll chickens quickly and easily.

Jack McGee Style Chicken Plucker

This model is a copy of a business model. You process the plywood and 2 by 4 pieces, and the white top is 12 inches, heated, flattened and food-based PVC pipe. The chickens are placed on the PVC and never touch the top of treated wood.

The drum of 12 cm piece of PVC pipe with the tips of the squirrel blowers removed will be required. The drum rotates on a 1⁄2 inch steel shaft attached to the outside of the wood unit, with bushings and pieces of metal from the blowers.

It is connected a waterproof electrical box and uses a 3/4 hp Wagner water pump motor to rotate the drum.

Adjusted the pulleys – a 1 3/4 inch pulley on the car and a 4-inch pulley on the drum – to get the right speed. The feathers shoot up to 5 or 6 feet.

Once set up, it only takes a few seconds per chicken to pluck the feathers. Once done, always sprays the device to clean it. It stores it in an outside room and the plucker will be in a good condition over a long time.

Washboard Chicken Plucker

For making the washboard chicken plucker, you need to insert the picking fingers at the bottom and the pressed wood finishes in a U-shape. In any case, you need to physically remove the feathers from the wings, tail and of the area in the middle of the legs before putting the chicken on the machine to wipe them down. Then you can pluck feathers out of the above pullet by placing them in the machine.

To wipe, you have to shoot the chickens at the plucker, several times, which can be relentless. Ejecting this design can be quite tedious, but you also have the option of saving costs! You have the option to speed up the thinning cycle by rotating the flying creatures as you shoot them.

Whizbang Homemade Poultry Plucker.

Any poultry farmer will prove that when it comes to dressing chickens for the market, the removal of feathers from the chicken is the most challenging aspect of the business. Virtually all farmers and poultry breeders will agree that manual slaughter of pullet is a very tedious and difficult task.

So as a farmer if you are new to the overwhelming physical chicken slaughter race at this point you can buy the Whiz bang Chicken Plucker. The Whiz bang Chicken Plucker is a tub-style culling machine with many culling fingers made from a premium rubber band. While most rubber-treated felling fingers are incorporated into the rotating drum or “plume plate” in the machine frame, those that remain inserted into the tank are stationary.

All you have to do once you turn on the machine is put two or three overheated slaughtered chickens on the plume, and they will be immediately eliminated. Nonetheless, the precarious cost of a Whiz bang Chicken Picker might demoralize you from purchasing the machine for your poultry ranch.

These are the top homemade chicken plucker design that is worth trying to save on time and cash.

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