Best Chicken Wire Fences: electric, movable, cheap for coop

Although it may seem rather straightforward, choosing the right sort of wire fence can be a fix. Either to provide protection for your chickens or from them, a wire fence can be your best friend. Especially if you’re new to this business of taking care of feathery little creatures.

In order to keep your chickens happy and safe, your fence needs to be able to hold off predators without becoming a nuisance. Then again, you might also wanna use a reliable fence to keep your chickens from laying waste on your garden greens. Either way, you’d need to take extra care when choosing the fence you’re gonna use to enclose your chickens.

Check out the fencing for the chicken price table:

YARDGARD 308421B Fence, 50 foot, Silver
AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Hardware Cloth 48inch x...
Tenax Poultry Fence, 3 by 25-Feet, Black (Pack of...
YARDGARD 308421B Fence, 50 foot, Silver
AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Hardware Cloth 48inch x...
Tenax Poultry Fence, 3 by 25-Feet, Black (Pack of...
YARDGARD 308421B Fence, 50 foot, Silver
YARDGARD 308421B Fence, 50 foot, Silver
AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Hardware Cloth 48inch x...
AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Hardware Cloth 48inch x...
Tenax Poultry Fence, 3 by 25-Feet, Black (Pack of...
Tenax Poultry Fence, 3 by 25-Feet, Black (Pack of...

Reviews of the Best Chicken Wire FencesBest Chicken Wire Fences

And if you don’t know how to choose the right one, worry not. I’ve gone through all the best chicken wire fences so you don’t have to. Now, let’s get you one that suits your needs in particular.

Check out the chicken wire fence reviews to find what’s best for you.

1. YARDGARD 308421B Fence

The YARGARD 308421B Fence is the perfect fence if you’re seeking something lightweight yet durable. Its 20 gauge hexagonal weaved silver-finished zinc-coated steel gives the protection you want to provide to your chickens without being a drag to move. On top of this, the galvanization before weaving leaves you worry-free when it comes to rust.

However, if you want extra protection and an appealing appearance, the YARGARD fence can provide that. You can easily choose the PVC option to enhance the overall longevity as well as its appearance. It’s perhaps the best chicken wire fence for dogs.

Lastly, the YARGARD fence can be used to protect your garden plants and enrich your soil through the prevention of soil erosion. And you can use this for both commercial and residential purposes. What more do you need!


  • It provides the protection you need without becoming a nuisance.
  • It’s incredibly lightweight.
  • The role of the fence comes to shrink wrapped
  • You can choose the PVC option for even better longevity and appearance.


  • Some have reported issues with the mesh size.

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2. Amagabeli Hardware 9 Gauge Square Chicken Wire

If you’re worried about being lied to and just don’t wanna take any chances on your chickens anymore, then the Amagabeli Hardware 9 Gauge Square Chicken Wire fence has you covered. With half-inch holes, there’s literally no chance of anything getting in to harm your chickens. Even baby snakes are out of the question.

As for longevity and sturdiness, there’s nothing quite like the Amagabeli chicken fence. It’s been galvanized after welding to make it completely rust-proof. Even the welding points are carefully galvanized to increase durability.

The fence is just the right amount stiff so that you can easily bend it to make anything out of it for your use. You can also place a pet chicken cage in it without any trouble. And if you’re worried about the overall stiffness of it, you can rest easy. You’d require nothing but your ordinary everyday tools.


  • It has the right amount of sturdiness and flexibility
  • The fence is completely rust-resistant.
  • Its half-inch holes make it the perfect protective fence.
  • You can easily use it for 6-10 years in natural environments.


  • Some have reported issues with the galvanization.

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3. Tenax 72120546 Hex Poultry Fence

If you’re looking for a cheap chicken fence that’s also one of the best fences for chicken runs, then the Tenax 72120546 Hex Poultry Fence has to be your choice. With its five years of life expectancy, you truly get your money’s worth. And what’s more, it comes in different slick colors.

As for durability, Mono-oriented HDPE ensures toughness and provides tear resistance. On the other hand, the UV-resistant colors of the fence offer an extra layer of protection so that your fence stays intact. The smooth non-cutting edges, however, ensure not to harm you while providing complete protection for your chickens against wild animals.

This easy-to-use plastic fence is perhaps the best fencing for chicken coops if you’re into plastic fences.


  • It comes with a 5-year life expectancy.
  • The fence is UV treated for better protection.
  • Its mono-oriented HDPE makes it extra sturdy.
  • Its smooth non-cutting edges provide you extra safety.


  • Installing it is a bit complicated.
  • It’s not as durable as a wire fence.

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4. AOVKY Chicken Wire Fencing Mesh

With a measure of 16.9 inches by 32.8 feet, the AOVKY Chicken Wire Fencing Mesh is perhaps the best wire fencing for chicken coops if you wanna cover a large area. The slick hexagonal mesh is just small enough to block your chickens from entering and exiting. And no need to worry about small critters biting the wire off either-they simply can’t.

One of the most impressive things about this fence is the galvanization that prevents rust and corrosion. And if you’re worried about lead, you can rest assured cause no lead has been used in the galvanization process.

As for durability, the AOVKY fence, with its’ double-direction hexagonal twist, is as sturdy as it gets. Yet it’s flexible enough to bend it into any shape you want without breaking. The entire package comes with a pair of cotton gloves and a plier so that you do everything yourself without the help of a single person.

Lastly, this excellent chicken fencing comes with a foolproof replacement guarantee that very few companies would provide you. If you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can quickly get a replacement or even a refund.


  • It’s perfect for large chicken coops or if you simply wanna cover a larger area.
  • The fence uses lead-free galvanization to make it super durable.
  • Its flexible nature of it makes it perfect for DIY projects
  • It comes with an awesome replacement guarantee.


  • It’s a bit difficult to unravel and manipulate.
  • Some have reported issues with the gloves.

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3 Types of Best Chicken Wire Fences

From electric chicken fencing to colorful plastic ones, there’s a variety of chicken fences for you to choose from. If you want one that works best for your current situation and suits your needs choosing a fence from a list is not enough. You need to find out what type of fencing would cater to your needs.

Though easy to do, it’s often irritating to research it yourself. That’s why I’m gonna guide you through the three best types of chicken fences there are. Just follow my lead.

3 Types of Best Chicken Wire Fences

Wired Chicken Fences

Wired chicken fences are made of galvanized wires with hexagonal holes of 1 or 2 inches. You can use it to keep off aerial predators and to slow down larger animals like raccoons or a dog. However, a wired chicken fence will never be able to stop dogs or foxes from ripping through it to get to your chickens.

Another downside to a wired fence is that sometimes baby chickens are able to pass through the hexagonal holes and leave the coop. So, it’s better not to use wired chicken fences for baby chicks.

That being said, wired chicken fences work pretty well if you wanna separate a portion of your run for bringing in new chickens. Likewise, you can also use it to separate your garden plants from your chickens to protect them.

Chicken Netting

Chicken nettings are made of plastic and come with holes of varying sizes. While it’s one of the most inexpensive fences, it’s only suitable for separating your chickens from your garden plants. As they’re made of plastic, nettings are basically worthless against wild predators such as a fox or a raccoon.

You can also use nettings to separate your chickens into smaller groups to separate the sick or the new members.

Half Welded Wire Chicken Fence

This is the fence for you if you’re seeking a sturdy fence to ward off large predators such as dogs, foxes, and coyotes. While it works like a charm against large creatures, it also keeps out small predators such as snakes and rats.

This welded wire fence also comes in a 1/4” size for extra protection. However, this makes it much harder to cut and make fittings.

Although this type of fence ensures no predator gets to your chicken, it’s relatively expensive and time-consuming.

FAQ on Fencing for Chicken Coop

What is the strongest chicken wire?

The strongest chicken wire would be a wire made of welded galvanized steel. Although it’s a bit more expensive, it’s certainly worth the money. Fences made from this sort of wire provide the best security for your chickens.

What gauge should the chicken wire be?

Although what gauge wire for a chicken coop would be the best depends on several factors, generally, a 19 gauge wire would be the best choice.

A 19 gauge wire can be easily bent by hand and reasonably retain its shape. Unless you’re planning to make “the best movable chicken fencing,” a 19 gauge wire for your chicken will serve you well.


The Bottom Line

If you’ve gone through the entire article by now, you’ve understood how crucial a chicken fence is for the safety of your chickens.

It can easily mean the difference between long-living healthy chickens and an empty chicken coop. That’s why you need to be highly cautious when getting a chicken fence for your chicken run.

Although it may seem so, getting yourself the best fencing for chicken runs is not an easy task in any regard.

Not only does it require a hefty amount of work, but also some research on your part. Hopefully, this article on “Best Chicken Wire Fences” will be enough for you to get one that meets your requirements.

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