10 Best Chicken Coops for 6 Chickens [ 4, 5] for Backyard Reviews

While chickens can be interesting pets to raise in the backyard, their other side abilities make them efficient flocks to be in touch with. They will give you eggs and enjoyment with their cute abilities with being cared for properly with the right space, food and accommodation.

We all aspire to rear good-growing chicks and give them comfortable accommodations to thrive in the best chicken coops. However, some challenges must be dealt with to make the project successful. While spending cash on the coops may not be a major challenge, you must consider other requirements like feed and vaccination. With this in mind, it is a guarantee that your chicks will be housed comfortably.

Check out the comparison of the chicken coops for 4 to 6, 7 and 8 chickens:

PawHut 84" Wooden Chicken Coop, Large Chicken...
Best Choice Products 80in Outdoor Wooden Chicken...
SnapLock CN001 Animal_CAGE, Brown
Petsfit Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Outdoor Hen...
PawHut 84" Wooden Chicken Coop, Large Chicken...
Best Choice Products 80in Outdoor Wooden Chicken...
SnapLock CN001 Animal_CAGE, Brown
Petsfit Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Outdoor Hen...
PawHut 84" Wooden Chicken Coop, Large Chicken...
PawHut 84" Wooden Chicken Coop, Large Chicken...
Best Choice Products 80in Outdoor Wooden Chicken...
Best Choice Products 80in Outdoor Wooden Chicken...
SnapLock CN001 Animal_CAGE, Brown
SnapLock CN001 Animal_CAGE, Brown
Petsfit Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Outdoor Hen...
Petsfit Chicken Coop with Nesting Box, Outdoor Hen...

Top 10 Best Chicken Coops Reviews: Editor Recommended


It’s important for your chicken to have a contented area where it can lay eggs. If you want to optimize their production and survival rates, you should provide everything you can to enhance their endurance.

If you can’t afford a DIY chicken coop, exploring our list of coop plans will save you time and help expand your brood in a safe, practical, and robust place to live in. Plus, it’s a chance to make your chicken’s residence stunning, like your own house.

10 Best Coops for 4, 6, 8 Chickens Reviews:

1. PawHut 83” Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop With Nesting Box – Overall Best

Paw Hut is an outdoor chicken made from the best grade of fir wood and comes as a complete structure to suit your home and garden. It ranks among the best backyard chicken coops and is usually cheaper than others in the market. Paw hut Chicken Coop’s assembly should not take more than 4 hours.

Although the wood seems quite thin, it is strong enough, mainly when standing still on a flat surface. It can withstand strong winds, but avoiding outdoor activities like baseball near the unit is recommended. You can strengthen it by placing it against a wall or a corner.

The chicken coop measures 83.25” in length, 35.5” in width, and 48” in height. It weighs 83 pounds, which means two people can move it around. Although this coop can hold up to 3 mature chickens, 4 to 5 can still fit in the hen house if your breed is not that large. All the doors come with small metal rods; you can close and lock them from the outside. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the chicken sneaking outside the coop to roam outside.

The Paw Hut Chicken Coop is suitable for nearly all weather because it has very good insulation. However, it’s worth adding some insulation materials if you reside in a very cold area.

Best Coops for 3 to 4 Chickens

While the whole size is high enough for 5 chickens, you should keep 3 to 4 chickens to make them comfortable.


  • Extensive indoor nesting area with a wide outdoor run
  • Heavyweight wire mesh
  • Detachable droppings plate
  • Weather-resistant and treated woods plus green asphalt amalgamated roof
  • Multiple lockable from the outside doors and a wide nesting box

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2. Best Choice Products 80in Wooden Chicken Coop – Best Coops for 4 Chickens

Are you looking for the best small chicken coop specially designed for multiple purposes other than housing your poultry? Th80in Wooden Chicken Coop can be home to ducks, roosters, rabbits, and other smaller pets. This chicken coop is best for 4 chickens with utmost comfort.

It is made with rain-resistant fir wood that is not only durable but will also keep your animals safe and protected from harsh weather conditions. The coop also has an easy-to-access nesting box near the roofing top that can be opened or closed when feeding, cleaning, or collecting eggs. A raised housing area and a spacious caged running area will provide your pets with a spacious living enclosure.

Accessing any part of this coop has been made pretty simple, credit to a design that comprises two doors that can be closed/locked with a metal rod. The nesting box is also easy to open or close. The cage has a sliding door which allows chicken and other pets to move between the lower and the raised housing units effortlessly.

Given that it’s paramount to provide your animals with a comfortable living environment, 80-in Wooden Chicken Coop maintenance is cheap. It comes with a detachable bottom sliding tray where droppings can be easily accessed and emptied. The wire fencing enhances ventilation while at the same time keeping your animals safe from predators.

How Many Chickens Can this Coop Accommodate?

This coop is best coops for 3 to 4 large chickens. You can accommodate more medium-sized chickens in this very comfortable chicken coop with a good yard area.


  • Water-resistant fir wood for durability
  • Detachable bottom sliding tray for easy maintenance/cleaning
  • Chicken can easily access the raised housing area through sliding door and lamp
  • 2 lockable doors with locking system and nesting box
  • Wire fencing to keep predators at bay
  • Suitable for chickens and other smaller animals

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3. Snap Lock Formex Large Chicken Coop – Best Chicken Coops for 6 Chickens

Maybe you have been dreaming of rearing a couple of chickens in your backyard, but aesthetics concerns keep you procrastinating. Or you have limited space and don’t want your neighbors to notice that you are rearing a small chicken flock. Snap Lock Formex Large Chicken Coop may be the solution.

This coop is the best chicken house that has been upgraded to provide large and more spacious units for your chickens. It is made of double-walled Polyethylene that can withstand the harshest weather conditions and chemicals. Credit its maintenance-free design, your main focus will shift to the best aspects of rearing a small chicken flock. You will enjoy collecting eggs!

Cleaning this cage is a breeze thanks to a sliding tray that lets you remove droppings and add more fresh litter. Ventilation is adjustable, with a vent on the front and another one on the rear top of the roof. This will allow the free flow of air on warmer days, and you can minimize the flow during the cold months. For proper air circulation, the topmost remains open. The cage is double-walled, meaning your birds stay warm on chilly nights.

The Snap Lock is designed to keep your animals safe from predators that might attempt to break into the cage. There are safety hasps on the roof lid and the wall (where you access the litter tray) for additional security measures.

How Many Chickens Can it Accommodate?

These chicken coops can accommodate 4 to 6 large chickens; for the bantams, you can put 8-12 of them on average.


  • Large in size with 4 nesting spots.
  • Sturdy: Can withstand harsh weather conditions and chemicals.
  • This is the perfect Chicken Coops for 6 Chickens
  • Easy maintenance: Detachable litter tray, adjustable ventilation, and easy eggs picking.
  • Easy assembly: requires no tools. Simply snap together
  • Lightweight at only 65 pounds
  • Made in the United States

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4. Prevue 465 Barn Chicken Coop – Best Coops for 4 to 6 Chickens

Prevue 465 Barn Chicken Coop is among the best-rated chicken coops that are compact but spacious for a limited urban environment. Its design combines security and safety for your flock by incorporating convenient and modern features. Your chickens can freely roam in the spacious run and access the outdoor surfaces filled with ground and grass.

Ventilation is superb in an area where air circulation and light are guaranteed. Cleaning and maintenance are easy with removable floors. A large side-access door also allows full entrance to the roosting space and comprises two lockable enclosures. Next to the roosting area is a nest box containing 3 wide nesting slots that measure up to 9” wide. You can easily lift the nest box lid to remove eggs but lock it for security reasons.

Prevue 465 Barn Chicken Coop is large enough to accommodate 4 to 6 hens. This traditional-inspired coop has a green asphalt roof to keep the interior dry and cosy. Although lightweight enough for repositioning by two people, it is heavy enough for predators to lift.

Assembly is very cheap and comes with step-by-step instructions.

Numbers of Chickens Can Prevue 465 Barn Chicken Coop Accommodate?

Sometimes, the number of chickens varies depending on the chickens’ size, the area outside the chicken coop, and the weather. However, on average, the Prevue 465 Barn Chicken Coop can comfortably accommodate 4 – 6 hens.


  • Large enough to comfortably accommodate up to 6 chickens.
  • Compact but yet spacious enough for an urban farm environment.
  • Protected chicken provides enough space for your flock to roam freely.
  • The roosting area is well-ventilated with a nest box and roosting bars.
  • Weight: 99.2 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 71” by 45” by 39”

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5. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop

Have you just started raising chicken and wants to give them a spacious and comfortable place to rest and roost? Pets fit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop is the best chicken house which is relatively inexpensive but will offer your chicken a relaxed and safe accommodation.

This coop comes with two doors in front, plus there is a nesting box area where your hens can lay eggs. There is another door with stairs where your chicken can easily enter in and out. Measuring 53”L x 25”W x 28”H, it’s a perfect option if you have a small yard. It can comfortably accommodate 3-4 grown-up chickens.  Although the main roof cannot be opened, the nest box contains a hinged roof where you can easily access the eggs. The coop is mostly made of fir wood. The coating is made of water-proof paint to make it durable and capable of withstanding all kinds of weather.

It features improved ventilation, allowing air to circulate from the slab gaps at the bottom. For cleaning purposes, there are 3 removable floor panels. At 62.2 pounds, this cage is heavy enough for predators to move but lightweight for repositioning by two people.

How Many Chickens Can this Small Coop Accommodate?

It is rather smaller comparing other coops. For barred rocks, it can accommodate 6 of them. If you are looking for duck accommodation, 3 of the full-grown duck can fit in.


  • Easy to assemble with instructions and comes with pre-drilled holes.
  • The box can comfortably accommodate up to 4 grown-up hens.
  • Solid, water-resistant fir wood for improved durability.
  • The side nesting box contains a divider for 2 hens to use
  • Top hinged-nest box for easy collection of eggs

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6. Paw Hut 124” Dual Backyard Chicken Coops Nesting Boxes

Homeowners with spacious backyards can provide their chickens with plenty of living space to play and run with these best chicken coops kits from Paw Hut. They are specially designed to give your chickens everything they require to stay outdoors while enjoying a fun-filled life safely.

These coops come with a two-pronged symmetry plan which features an expansive area where chickens can easily play and run. To make things easy, there are 4 entrances and the roof is designed to open to the inside for effortless clean-up and maintenance. This special feature ranks it among the top rated chicken coops you can find around.

Another unique feature is the chicken nesting box which provides a safe area where your hens can lay eggs. It is a tray, which makes it easier for you to collect eggs. The cage also has a detachable tray to ease cleaning and maintenance.

The cage also has various accommodations features like double chicken nesting box. It is hinged from the top and offers a convenient way to deposit or pick eggs. There are perches where your flock can roost on at any time of the day. There are two screened windows for proper ventilation and air circulation.

How many chickens can you put in this coop?

The numbers can vary. You can keep 6 chickens in this chicken coop, but to make the environment comfortable, you should reduce the number to 3 big hens.


  • Large and secure outdoor space for running and playing.
  • Well designed with many accommodating features, such as, perches, 2 ramps, and screened windows.
  • Cleaning and maintenance made simple with hinged roof that opens to the inside
  • Durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Heavyweight for predators but lightweight for repositioning ant 99 pounds.

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7. Rite Farm Products Lifetime Series Chicken Coop – Best for 8 Chickens

Made from high-quality anodized aluminium frames, this is one of the top-rated chicken coops you have ever seen. The polycarbonate panels are designed to last a lifetime without worrying about weather maintenance. They can’t wear out after a year or two because they are not made from chip fir. You won’t have to apply polyurethane yearly to prevent this coop from rotting.

According to the manufacturer, Coop’s NM ore, they were driven by a passion for developing a better backyard coop that anyone can afford. This chicken wire is coated aluminium, which means it won’t rust and is suitable for outdoor use.

This cage can comfortably accommodate up to 5 mature egg-laying hens based on size and breed. It can hold up to 7 female bantams. There is only one nesting box, which measures 42” W by 45.5” 45.5” H, is large to accommodate all the eggs laid in a day. Your flock can freely roam in a run area which is 24” tall. At only 46 pounds, the cage can be easily repositioned, but it is still too heavy for predators to run away with it.

How Many Hens Can Be Kept in it?

You can fit 4 to 5 full-size laying hens if they are bigger. But for chickens, you can keep 6-8 without any problems. 


  • All the red panels are polycarbonate for lifetime durability.
  • It is not made from cheap hardboard panels that rot.
  • The coop is ultraviolet-proof.
  • Chicken wire mesh is aluminium coated for durability.
  • Item weight: 46 pounds.

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8. PawHut 87” Deluxe Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop Nesting Box – Best for 5 Bantams

Paw Hut 87” Deluxe Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop will allow your flock to move effortlessly from a comfortable area to a protected outdoor field. This indoor facility comes with multiple roosting poles and an expansive nesting box that can accommodate several chickens.

The upper enclosure is separated from the open field by small door with stairs to help your chicken run in an out without allowing harmful elements during harsh weather conditions. This small entrance is attached to a wider open fenced area where your chicken can bask and play.

There is something unique about the roof. It is divided into multiple pieces so it can be partially or completely opened and closed.

This coop also has several features, including a nesting box hinged from the top. This allows easy access when collecting or depositing eggs. Additionally, there are 2 perches where your chicken can roost at any time of the day or night. There is a ramp for quick access while the screened windows ensure proper ventilation and air circulation. These features make this particular coop ideal for someone with limited space but still want to rear a few chickens.


  • Professionally designed with different accommodating features.
  • It’s compact to fit in a small space.
  • Easily accessible with a roof that can be completely opened for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Easy access to chickens through multiple doors.
  • Total weight: 92.4 pounds.
  • Long-lasting treated fir wood finish
  • Large outdoor space for playing and moving around.

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9. Best Choice Products Outdoor Wooden Chicken Coop

Do you want to give your small animals a nice place to call home and stay comfortably? This 66-inch cage is one of the best chicken coops for your little chickens, rabbits, ducks, and other little critters. It comes with a multifunctional design to suit as a home and nesting box for small animals if you have a limited area. The nesting box is divided into 2 sections linked with a sliding door and ramp to allow the movement of your animals from one section to the other for feeding or nesting.

It has two doors which are secure and accessible with a metal locking system, and an open/closed nesting box allows movement across the two cage areas.

This chicken coop is weather-resistant. It consists of solid waterproof fir wood, making it durable irrespective of prevailing weather conditions.

This coop has a removable sliding tray at the bottom for easy cleaning and maintenance. Plus, it also features a metal wire for ventilation.

Assembling should take you less time since all the panels come assembled and simply need to be screwed together. All the holes are pre-drilled, so you will only require a cordless drill.


  • Comfortable and expansive living space
  • Secure and easily accessible
  • Weather-resistant
  • Dimensions: 79.5”L x 26.5”W x 51.5”H
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

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10. PawHut 114” Wooden Customizable Backyard Chicken Coops

The productivity of your chicken is determined by a number of factors but mainly how they are housed.  What a cool way to give your chicken a spacious room where they can have fun, feed, and rest with this amazing chicken coop kit made by Paw Hut? This outdoor wooden coop is specially tailored with two exterior separable runs that allow customization to fit your desired configuration for both limited and expansive spaces.

With an expansive 2-tier housing and ramp, your chickens will easily access the upper and lower units. The main chicken house is attached to 2 galvanized wire enclosures that lets your animals roam freely without the fear of predators. Plus there is a perfectly placed chicken nesting box where your animals can lay eggs. Collecting eggs is a walk in the park with the nesting box bearing a hinged roof.

What makes this chicken coop long lasting? It is purely made from grooved fir that is fully treated with and coated with water-based preservatives. Based on its unique style, durable materials, and function, this PawHut chicken cop is the best home you can give to your birds.


  • Dual separable runs allow customizable configurations.
  • 2 tier main chicken housing unit gives your chicken enough room to rest and play.
  • 2-part nesting box that can be easily accessed for egg collection and deposit.
  • Multiple entrances for easy access during cleaning and maintenance.
  • Steel wires shield your chicken against predators.
  • Made from treated solid fir wood for durability and quality strength.

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Buying Guide Things to look’s When Select Chicken Coops for 4 to 6 Chickens

chicken coops

If for some reason you can’t construct your own chicken coop, purchasing one can be a quick solution. Don’t rush to buy chicken coop just because it looks stunning. There are the essentials you should consider before investing your money.

  • Quality

One feature of the best chicken coops is that they have top class workmanship. They should be long lasting with the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Look for features like gaps between boards, strength when shaken, thickness of the wood, hinges or hardware durability, locks used, and how the vents/windows are protected.

If you find there gaps between the boards, that is not a recommendable coop during the colder months. 

A strong coop should not shake easily when you push it. The wood thickness should be at least 1cm. Avoid plastic coops because they break easily and won’t give your birds protection from predators.

  • Size

Don’t be lured by the advertising hype that says a small box can accommodate several birds. Each bird should have enough space. Crowding can lead to antisocial misconducts like pecking or picking. Consider the available running area based on the number and the type of birds you want to raise.

  • Mobility

Do you want a stationary coop or one that you can move around? For stationary coop, you can go for the heavier types. However, go for lightweight types if you want a coop that you can haul from one point to the other. 

  • Weather

The climatic condition in your residential area is a major determining factor when it comes to birds keeping. The same applies when choosing chicken coops and where to place them. 

For instance, if you stay in an area that receive strong winds from the East, set the coop against a wall to tone down the winds and keep your chicken warm during the cold months.

On the other hand, if it gets hot by midday, place your coop where there is some shade.

  • Features

Your selected coop should provide enough security and safety for your birds day and night. A sturdy coop is critical for your flock’s health as well as your peace of mind. Your hens will require a coop with features like, the main entrance, good ventilation, nesting boxes, perches, adequate space, and easy human access for maintenance and cleaning.

Although most people would like to have the feeder inside the box to keep off predators at night, the majority of coops lack enough space for this. However, some coops have an area where the feed can be placed or hung to keep it safe from the rain. 

  • Price

The cost of a chicken coop is mostly determined by several factors including the construction material, size, design, and added features. Keep in mind that if a coop is low-priced, there must be a reason. Either some features are missing or it will just last for a season. However, you don’t have to invest heavily on chicken coops and leave your wallet empty. A mid-range coop with all the essential features should cost you not more than $750. 

How to Build Chicken Coop: Step By Step Guide

Building chicken coop is a simple task based on the number of birds you want to keep. 

Check these step-by-step instructions on how you can construct your own chicken coop:

Step 1: Identify How Many Chickens you Want to keep

Each should have at least 4-square feet to prevent cramping. This is why identifying the number of chickens you want to raise is crucial. This will help in establishing the real dimensions of your coop. It’s a good idea to make it a little bigger than the recommended space per chicken.

Step 2: Pick The Location Your Chicken Coop

Planning where to position your chicken coop is fundamental. Bear in mind that you are constructing a home for your flock and the main goal is to ensure they are comfortable and safe. How large is your backyard?   

Step 3: Pick Your Design

There are many chicken coop designs to select from depending on your purpose. Identifying your design will let you know the materials you want. For instance, wire mesh is vital for covering the outer section of your coop. Select locks that cannot be easily flipped open. 

Step 4: Gather all the Tools and Materials

Once you have planned, pick all the tools and materials that will be required to build the chicken coop. Taking accurate measurements will guide you in gathering the materials your will require for your chicken house.

Step 5: Erect Your Chicken Coop


Depending on the plan you came up with, start erecting your coop. Raise your chicken coop at least 2 feet from the ground. This will ensure that your coop remains dry during the rainy season and it will be easily repositioned. It also adds safety against predators.

  • Build Perches

Most birds tend to sleep better while perching. Creating enough space for perches also helps to prevent cramping.

  • Build Nesting Boxes

Nesting boxes are fundamental in all the best chicken coops you can find. It’s an area where your birds can comfortably and safely lay eggs. Make the nesting boxes spacious to accommodate a couple of eggs.

  • Ensure Proper Ventilation

All animals including birds require fresh air. Poor ventilation can lead to illnesses if the air becomes stale inside the coop. Add a window or a vent to help sufficient air flow.

  • Ensure Adequate Insulation

Based on weather conditions, identify the correct insulating material to prevent harsh temperatures in your chicken coop.

  • Make the Coop Accessible

Your chicken coop should be easily accessible for cleaning, maintenance, and egg collection.

FAQ’s: Frequently ASK Question About Chicken Coops

Q.1- How Do You Clean a Chicken Coop With Vinegar

Simply take 15ml of vinegar and mix it with water in a spray bottle. You can choose either ACV or white vinegar. Shake well to create an even solution and spray this mixture all over your chicken coop. You should then take a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off. This will give you a nice-smelling chicken coop.

Alternatively, you can create the mixture with 120ml of vinegar and 60ml of baking soda in a 2-litre water spray bottle. 

Q.2- How Can You keep Free Range Chickens In Your Yard?

There are two main ways of keeping free-range chickens in your backyard. In the first one, also called total free range, chickens can roam freely in the yard during the day. They are then lured back into their chicken coop to roost and rest at night. Luring involves giving the flock any form of treatment, like grain feeding.

The second option involves confinement in a safe and secured run or coop. In this case, you should meet all the nutritional requirements of your birds.

There is a developing trend between these two free-range chicken-raring methods. The birds are confined in chicken pens but allowed to roam freely. This method has been coined as supervised free ranging.

Q.3- Can Chickens Run Free In Backyard?

Yes. Chickens can run free in the backyard, provided they are safe and don’t sneak into neighbourhoods. It is recommendable to find out if the law within your locality allows chickens to run freely in the backyard. However, there are some things you opt to consider. Remember that some areas may have toxic compounds or chemicals that can make free running unsuitable. Your chickens might also search for a secret nesting site other than your chicken coop boxes.

Q.4- When Can I let My Chickens Out Of The 4 to 6 Chicken Coop?

You can allow your chicken out of the coop at any time of the day provided they are secure and safe from predators. Some of the upsides of letting your chickens outside the coop include:

  • Healthier eggs: Free range chickens produce eggs that are richer in vitamins and minerals than their caged counterparts.
  • Improved health: Allowing the birds to roam outside the coop gives them more room to exercise and diversify their nutritional sources.
  • Reduced feeding cost because they will access other food sources.

The downsides of allowing your chickens out of the coop include:

  • They will be more susceptible to predators and diseases.
  • They might lose their way back to the coop.
  • Locating eggs can be an uphill task.

Q.5- How Often Should You Clean a Chicken Coop?

Keeping your chicken coop clean is very crucial for their health and production. An accumulation of droppings can lead to a build-up of ammonia, which can harm your birds’ respiratory system. 

The best frequency to clean your chicken coop is once a week. You should take away all the droppings and change their litter. It is advisable to ensure that your coop is completely dry before you put in the fresh litter. 

Final Verdict

We believe that our review of the best chicken coops has added value if you are planning to raise some birds in your backyard. After thorough research, we managed to come up with these bird cages with the topmost ratings and positive reviews from users who have found them helpful. Apart from enjoying interacting with your flocks, you will remain calm with peace of mind once you get the right coop for your chicken. We hope that you are also going to enjoy the daily happy returns. 

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