How to Increase Egg Size in Layers and Chickens?

How to Increase Egg Size in Layers

Does it surprise you when the eggs you buy at the store are larger than the ones you get from your farm? Yes, egg sizes can vary depending on how you raise your chickens, what they eat, and a host of other problems. You may believe that a good food chart and nutritious foods are … Read more

How to Start Egg Farming: Commercial and Home Business

How to Start Egg Farming

Building your auto egg farm is a challenge in itself without the obstacles that come in the way. It’s a long game that requires you to raise one-day-old layer chickens into maturity. Of course, once that is done, you’ll get your end of the bargain in many eggs. That being said, it is not only … Read more

How Should Fresh Poultry be Stored

How Should Fresh Poultry be Stored

To maintain safety, it is crucial to employ suitable handling and storage techniques while working with poultry. Because you can’t see the dangerous bacteria on the chicken or turkey, you must treat it as though it does. Salmonella is a bacterium that occasionally infects poultry and can lead to food-borne illnesses. If you want to … Read more

How to Maximize Egg Production? Ins and Outs!

How to Maximize Egg Production

The egg industry can sometimes give you some challenging situations, such as when your chickens aren’t laying enough eggs, costs are going up, and the business is almost collapsing. So what do you do? Although you can’t simply go and tell the hens what to do, you can make changes that will impact egg production … Read more

How to Keep Snakes Out of a Chicken Coop?

How to Keep Snakes Out of a Chicken Coop

Snakes are the natural enemies of all tiny, innocent creatures such as rats, frogs, and small birds. Snakes in the coops are the most frightening concern of chicken keepers because those sneaky reptiles will take any opportunity to feast on the tiny chicks, eggs, or even the larger ones! Even your protected domestic animals are … Read more

Chicken Disorders: Psychological and Neurological Diseases in Poultry

Psychological and Neurological Chicken Disorders

Many different chicken disorders can have psychological or neurological effects on the birds. Some common diseases include feather picking, head shaking, egg binding, and vent pecking. These disorders can cause psychological stress in the birds and lead to various neurological problems, such as cerebellar ataxia and a loss of coordination in the cerebellum. Many of … Read more

How to Water Chickens In a Coop – Automatic and Manual System

How to Water Chickens In a Coop

A coop owner should consider the environment and the flock’s behavior. Chicken is our pet birds, but they won’t easily come close to you even if you raised them for a few years. So, you cannot call them to drink water. They need to drink fresh water for a healthy body, so you should provide … Read more

How to Use Poultry Shield in Chicken Coop

How to Use Poultry Shield

Poultry Shield is a multi-cleaner sanitizer that you can use to clean the chicken coop and eliminate red mites, lice, fleas, etc. It is a safe and highly effective liquid disinfectant that works better than bleach or chemical cleaner. You have to use it two times to mite free the chicken coop. It is an … Read more

How Often to Change Chicken Bedding for Winter and Summer

How Often to Change Chicken Bedding

Most people think changing or cleaning the chicken bedding is complex, and they have to do it often. Chickens definitely stink but not because the bedding is terrible. It can happen to a lack of fresh air and other messy things. They are very friendly backyard birds, and taking care of them requires only a … Read more

How to Keep Chickens Warm in Winter

How to Keep Chickens Warm in Winter

Chicken needs special care in winter, that does not mean winter will be scary for them. They can stay outside even in the snowfall as the feathers and body temperature helps them to keep fighting the cold for a few minutes. Yet the chicken prefers warm shelter with enough space to spend their night and … Read more