Raising Ducks Vs. Chickens – Detailed Comparison!

Raising Ducks Vs. Chickens

Ducks and chickens have been the popular choice of livestock farming for thousands of years. That’s simply because they’re great sources of delicious meat and egg that many of us can’t imagine living without. You can raise them right in your backyard to get your hands on the freshest food supplies or become self-sufficient! If … Read more

How to Take Care of Baby Chicks at Home

Baby Chicks at Home

Animals rise where humans fail. They are an amazing company, even when all they do is rub their heads against you, begging for pets. And if you want to take them under your wings because they are cute to look at, you must also be ready for the responsibilities that come along. While most people … Read more

How to Raise Chickens in Winter?

Raise Chickens

Got a nice little backyard with a good breeze and sunshine? And maybe some spare planks of wood too? Then, my friend, you are already one step ahead in your poultry farming journey. At first, it might sound like pushing water uphill with a rake; especially when you’ve grown up in a big city. You … Read more

How to Catch a Chicken?

Catch a Chicken

Chicken farming can be an exciting hobby to have. Whether you do it as a living or just as a simple past-time out of sheer love for feathery birds, rearing hens can be a reward in itself. Besides the obvious perks of having a regular supply of eggs and fresh meat in handy, chickens are … Read more

Best Chickens for Meat and Eggs – Every Think You Should To Know

Chickens for Meat and Eggs

A dual-purpose chicken breed is a kind of chicken that lays great quantities of eggs as well as being sufficiently big to be served as table meat. Such breeds are often reared as flock birds at homes for potential food. If you’re interested in getting chickens, whether it is just for obtaining eggs or preparing … Read more

Wyandotte Chicken – Breed Behave and History

Wyandotte Chicken

These chicken types are American breed discovered in the 18th century and now available across all corners of the world. They have a striking look, are broody with a wee bit temperament. These birds are not only known for their protecting abilities but also remarkable laying. With a lifespan of approximately six to fifteen years, … Read more

Easter Egger Chicken

Easter Egger Chicken

Several people in the world have embarked on poultry farming due to several reasons. This includes the nutritional value of poultry products and a form of investment for many families at large. Before you embark on poultry farming, you need to learn more about different chicken breeds around. This way, you will decide on the … Read more

How Long Do Chickens Live?

How Long Do Chickens Live

Chickens are domestic birds Kept majorly as a source of food and rarely as pets. Can you believe it, long ago, the rearing of the bird was for special ceremonies like cockfighting. Research has shown that there are numerous chickens in the world than any other bird. Well then, have you ever asked yourself how … Read more

Guinea Hen

Guinea Hen

Guinea hens are beautiful Africa native birds most people have embarked on adding in their backyards. The guinea hens have always lived a wild and independent life. They spend most of their time foraging around looking for food. Most of them feed on insects, ticks, and weeds. They will walk around in groups and feed … Read more

How to Make an Egg Incubator – A Detail Guide

How to Make an Egg Incubator

It doesn’t matter whether you own a chicken farm or simply want to have a steady income of fresh eggs, having an incubator goes a long way, especially during the colder seasons. More and more people are catching onto the trend of building their own incubators rather than buying consumer-grade models simply because they are … Read more