Chicken Wormer – Every Thing You Need to Know

Chickens’ health is of great concern to chicken owners who raise large flocks for egg and meat production. In cases of illness, poultry owners will see the amount of egg reducing gradually. For this reason and others, there is a need for poultry keepers who intend to raise chicken for egg production to pay attention to their flocks at all times.

Chicken Worms

However, illness is inevitable, and in a lifetime, your flock might develop some health conditions at large. No matter the level of care you provide your chicken, they will have parasites in their bodies over time.

Intestinal parasites are the common parasites you will find in the chicken bodies. They feed by absorbing the nutrients in the chicken’s intestines. These parasites include hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. They are transmitted through different carriers either through the mother chicken, from infected insects and animals, and eggs in their feces.

How To Protect Your Chicken From Parasites

You must protect your chicken from these worms at large if you need high produce. You need to deworm your chicken regularly to ensure the parasites are completely flashed out. Chicken wormers come in handy to ensure you keep your flock free of worms. However, administering chicken wormers can be a challenge to other people. Even if there is a view of veterinary medicine progression, several new ways are flocking in the market about how to administer chicken wormers without distressing chickens.

How To Deter Worms In Chickens

Before you can think about chicken worms to solve this problem, you must learn how to deter them. Typically, most people can advise you to allow your birds to free-range. This can be one of the ways you can go with. However, maintaining their living spaces hygienic and clean can be the best way to do that. Always ensure their living spaces are cleaned regularly, and feces swept to a collection bin or bag.

Chicken worms become deadly, especially if they are not treated immediately. Since they keep feeding on the chicken’s nutrition, their health suffers greatly. The commonly noticeable symptoms of chicken worms include loss of weight, bleeding, and loss of appetite. However, even if chicken wormers do a great job of alleviating these parasites from chickens, others require more than one wormer for it to be successful. Since this can’t be done simultaneously, you are required to deworm the chicken at regular intervals.

Where Can You Get Chicken Wormers?

You can get these forms of medication from major pet stores nearby, or you order online. Administer these medications to your chicken once monthly for good results. Chicken wormers come in different forms; liquid, syrup, or tablet form. You can administer them either orally or by adding it to their water.

The Quantity Of Chicken Warmer To Administer To Chicken

The amount of chicken worms to give you birds depends on the size of the flock and their age at large. In the purchase package, manufacturers have written in detail the amount of wormers you should give a chicken at different ages at large. Chicken wormers are meant to get rid of all types of worms from your chicken once they get administered to them.

Vet instructions should be followed when administering such medication to your chickens. Some options are designed for specific categories of chicken. For instance, there are some that are not meant for laying chickens and chicks. A few types are also designed with new technologies that are only handled by vets. You must get the ones meant for the chicken and always follow all the best results. If you lack idea how to do it, always get a professional vet’s help to guide you through.

Getting The Help Of a Veterinary

Before you embark at getting rid of any parasite infestation, and especially if you will use a chemical-based wormer, ensure you get advice from a professional vet about it. These professionals take sample tests using the chicken feces to determine whether there is an infestation to deal with. The test will also provide information about the type of worms that you will be dealing with.

This is a cheap test and some vets at times do it for free. All information you will get from the test will prevent you from purchasing medications that aren’t suitable to treat other parasites. This way, you will not only stop the purchase of unworthy medications but also those that might harm your chickens at large.

The Common Chicken Wormer Brands In The Market

There are several chicken wormer brands in the market at large. Getting a suitable option is the best way you will ensure you get good results. Some commonly known brands include;

  • Wazine wormer

  • Corid chicken wormer

  • The MayLab Avitrol chicken syrup

  • Vetsense Kilverm chicken wormer

  • AristoPet Wormenda wormer

  • Skyes Big chicken wormer

These are the popular brands you will find in the market to help eliminate chicken worms. However, using it how it is recommended is the only way you can get rid of these parasites completely. Let’s learn how to use chicken wormers effectively for good results.

How To Use Chicken Wormers Effectively

All chicken wormers are licensed chemicals approved to use to get rid of chicken worms. They are manufactured in approved facilities, and they are proved they support chicken health and wellbeing at large. Since the market is saturated with several brands, it is crucial to research the type of warmer you need to suit your chicken needs.

Choosing An Appropriate Chicken Wormer Between Applications

Since every chicken wormer has a different time limit, your wormer’s effectiveness depends significantly on the time chicken gets administered to it. Some chicken wormers last for up to ten weeks and others for just six weeks. For this reason, you must research well and understand the wormers you administer your chicken to. The period you will make worming applications depend on the risk of worms that your chicken has.

There might be a time the worms become immune to the type of wormer you administer your chicken to. This is especially when short time intervals are used when the chicken has a low worm burden. On the other hand, if there is a high worm burden, and you administer the chicken to the longest time intervals, then the chicken might suffer worm infestation and damage at large.

The Weight Of Your Chicken

Investing in a weight tape is vital at large when you are dealing with chicken worms. They help in determining the exact weight of the chicken and prevent cases of overdosing. Overdoses speed up the rate at which worms become resistant to the chicken wormer they are administered. Underdosing, on the other hand, is also dangerous since it puts your chicken at risk of suffering a worm infestation after some time. Colic may also develop if you overdose your chicken with chicken wormers.

The Weight The Chicken Wormer Cover

Every wormer has a weight limit your chicken if effective on. There are sachets with powder wormers and liquids at large. Each of these has indicated the weight of chicken they will be effective. Ensure you have an idea of the exact quantity to treat the worms. Ensuring that your chickens are provided exact dosages is a way of supporting their health for maximum meat and egg production.

The Natural Chicken Wormers

There exist several ways you can get rid of worm infestations in chicken at large. Even if most people will offer counter chicken worms, you can use several natural ways to solve this problem. You can provide your chickens herbs free options. Add raw vinegar to their water, and everything is set to get rid of the problem. Consider growing a herb garden in your backyard for your chickens. They will grow, and your chickens will feed on them directly to medicate themselves against worm s.

Dealing With a Big Infestation

In cases of a big infestation on your flock, it is necessary to control it early before other birds and animals are affected. Typically, you should consider treating your chicken at three weeks since this is the time most worms take to grow into adults. This way, you will curb all infestations that might pop up in the future.

In cases that you are dealing with an external parasite, you can consider chicken wormer brands like the Ivermectin to get rid of them. However, you need to have information about the worms you are dealing with to clarify the chicken worms you will use to solve the infestation.


Chicken worm infestations are inevitable at large. However, such problems can be avoided in several ways. You can prevent having an infestation by ensuring your chickens live in a hygienic and clean environment. You should also ensure that you deworm your chicken regularly and ensure you are using the best chicken wormer that suits the infestation you need to do away with. Chicken worming is a safe thing for your chickens and your entire family, and other animals since these parasites are transmissible.

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