Welsummer Chickens

The world is home to many varieties of chicken. Talking of many, it implies that there several hundreds of breeds in our existence. We have brown layers, ornamental breeds, bantams, colored layers, white layers, crested breeds, etc. Most of the species are domesticated by farmers on a large scale or small scale, majorly at the backyards. They are tamed for different purposes. Mostly for meat and laying eggs for commercially or household use.

One of the foremost essential factors in choosing a breed for your coop is the type and quality of eggs. It is particularly important you’re creating a flock as a part of a more natural and locally grown diet. Welsummer chickens are recognized for their egg production, and lots of people specifically hunt down the breed as a food resource. Welsummer eggs most frequently fall within the broad and extra-large category and have gorgeous chocolate, speckled shell. These eggs are quite appealing to several. The hens typically produce about 160 eggs per annum, which make them quite lucrative.

Welsummer Chickens

Both male and female fowls are characterized by a well-rounded chest smoothly neat and balanced with a massive body. They also have a very nice looking body with feathers smoothly running down to the tail. The tail is well-placed with wings neatly tuck to the body. It makes them attractive and unique.

The farm fowls are in two categories; hybrids and heritage or indigenous breeds. They are majorly reared on a large scale but not in all cases. The indigenous one is now more available hence domesticated on a large scale of all the domesticated breeds; we will focus on a unique species, the well summer chicken.

Origin And Characteristics


It originated in a town by the name Welsum, Holland. In the early 19th century, it was developed by an unnamed farmer’s son whose focus was to improve the local breed in the area by then. A few years later, the Dutch Association of Welsummer breeds, created in 1927. The chicken became famous for its dark terracotta brown eggs, which are spotted. The eggs became vastly popular because of their exportation to the European countries on a commercial scale. Rhode Island Reds, Partridge Leghorns, and Barnevelders are amongst the breeds initially were used to create the Welsummers breed.

These single combed hens are excellent less with some laying Up to 250 eggs yearly. Its egg production and color make them even more popular. The eggs are also the top-selling across the world. The rustic red and orange color all the feathers around their body also add toppings to the ice cream.

Their body coloring is dark-brown with shady/ White or Brown feather shafts. The feathers on the neck and nip feathers are a Golden Brown with fairly dark Brown shedding, making them appear Golden mantle. After the eggs hatch, they produce healthier cheeks compared to other breeds. The females possess a dark head as well as back markings. It distinguishes them from the males. It also enables one to recognize them easily, even from a distance. The hen weighs about 2.5 kilograms, whereas the roaster ways around 3.25 kilograms.

The females also have shafts, which are lights, and their back feathers are red, Brown speckled /spotted with black. They do not have feathered legs, which are single combed. The neck, saddle, and ahead of the males are Golden Brown the wing bows and wing fronts are bright red- Brown. The farm fowl is a large Breed that has I do a dual purpose, meaning they are both egg layers and meat producers. It makes them more preferable since they bring double profit for the farmers, they have a wonderful disposition, and of all the breeds, they are friendlier. These gorgeous birds are popular and a top brand in American adverts.

Healthy living and long lifespan require that the farm fowls should be well tendered. For a farmer or a pet keeper, one should consider some factors. They include; proper housing, feeding, and taking them for veterinary services. We have a look at each one of them.


Since the Welsummer breed appears to be calm and friendly, they are effortless to handle. Nevertheless, they require less managing and caring since they are Hardy birds and healthy as well.

Like other domestic animals, they do require proper care end cannot get neglected. Proper care and management will help the birds to grow well and have high yields. One should check them much as you can for any disease or abnormality. The necessary procedures should be taken if a problem is noticed. Communicate with your veterinary as early as possible to ensure vaccination is at the appropriate time. In the event of signs of distress, treatment should get administered promptly.


Proper feeding by giving adequate and nutritious food is crucial to the chickens’ growth and development. The feed must contain vitamins, Commerce, touch carbohydrates, minerals, and amino acids for good nutrition. Each of these nutrients is important and plays a role in the chickens’ growth and productivity.

As there are various breeds and age are different likewise should be there feeding. For instance little chicks should be fed with the starter feed. Hens need a feed rich in calcium to produce eggs. Feed the chickens with enough protein if you want more meat.

The feeds can be purchased made locally at home. In making the feeds, a farmer should add coccidiostat to detoxify the food taken by the chicken. The latter prevents a disease by the name coccidiosis from attacking them. Allow the chicken two freely range as they are good foragers. Never forget to give them fresh drinking water, which is enough for them to drink. Clean the feeders and waterers regularly.


A good coop is one that is well ventilated and specials enough. It helps them to sleep comfortably and not fight over space. It plays a significant role in making them healthy and stress-free. These also allow them to lay eggs with ease.

Suitable housing should also keep away predators like hawks, snakes, squirrels and many others who continuously hunt for them. Proper lighting and bedding are also important food stop; it enables them to keep warm during cold seasons. It also helps to keep calls during hot seasons.

One should regularly clean the house and fumigate it to prevent diseases like mice, lice, mites, and worms. They can cause severe damage to the farmers’ fowls. Keep changing the beddings regularly and, if possible, replace them with new ones.

Also, ensure to fence around the house. It helps to keep away predators like wild animals and secure them from thieves. There are factors that can negatively affect them. One of them is diseases.

This is the number one factor that chicken farmers face. Whereas many diseases that commonly affect them are not deadly, some are life threatening. Diseases like fowl pox, a virus that stops the egg production of eggs is rampant. Another disease is fowl cholera; it damages the organs and chicken joints. Coccidiosis is also a common disease; it is fatal and can make the chickens lose appetite. It as well prevents their system from accessing the required nutrients. A more contagious disease is bird flu. Just like human beings chickens also have flu. The flu spreads fast especially when chickens are crowded together. Others include; Salmonellosis, Marek’s disease and many others.

We should not forget lice and parasites like; mites, lice and worms which adversely affect them negatively. They cause skin irritation, anemia, feather damage and discomfort. Generally, they slowly drain away their body energy reserves and intently reduce their overall lifespan.

To curb these problems try to dust your chicken coop as much possible. This will enable your chickens to live comfortably, happy and longer. Do not forget to worm your chickens!


In conclusion, the Welsummer breed of chicken is amongst the best in the world. It is because of the various benefits they have to a farmer or a pet keeper. The bird’s beautiful, intriguing body color of their feathers as well as the eggs they produce. Its eggs are one of the best-selling in the world. Leave alone the double poultry products that come with them. They lay eggs and produce meat for human consumption or commercial use.

On top of that, the chicken is purely organic. It is because human beings have not altered their organism due to new technological advancement. Why else go for a chicken that can only lay eggs whereas you can get both benefits?

For those who love keeping pets, Welsummer is for you. It is a calm, intelligent and friendly chicken. Need to brighten your days? You should consider it. You get to have good company and harvest large, dark-brown eggs. If you do not have one, try to get some for yourself. I promise you will not regret it. Research has also shown that the bird can live long. If you ask me which chicken breed is the best? Welsummer is the answer.

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