The Polish Chicken – A Very Popular Bird In The World

In the following article we will talk about a very particular breed of hens, it is the Polish Chicken, this is a bird known for its exotic characteristics, which give it a very special touch, then we will know more details of this unique species.

Polish Chicken

The Polish Chicken

The Polish Chicken, belongs to a European breed of chickens, which are characterized by having a very striking feather crest. The oldest populations of these birds come from the Netherlands, although their exact origins are unknown.

Most of the plumage of these birds serve as ornaments of their particular style, since their large crests almost cover the entire head, for this reason the crest of these birds limit their vision, and as a consequence it is directly affected Your temper (see article: breed hens ).

The Polish Chicken, is considered a bird of calm behavior, and is usually excellent in the acts of exhibition due to its so amazing appearance, the chickens that belong to this breed, are raised with the aim of being exhibition birds, although there was a stage where hens of this species were productive laying eggs, of these birds there is a very unique variety.


Determining the origins of the name of this breed of chicken is very complex, because its data and meanings are uncertain, some experts claim that the breed comes from ancient times and may have been named after the country of Poland.

As for the relationship of his name, it is presumed that it is related to the word (Pol) giving reference to a Dutch term, which means “head”, that is to say, a series used to refer to the skull of this hen that is similar to a polish dome. (See article: Henca Menorca ).


As for the origin and history of this breed it is very uncertain, because it focuses on a series of opinions, one of these theories considers that this breed of hens was incorporated from ancestors, which were moved by Asian Mongols to places like Eastern Europe, in medieval times, for this reason some consider that these birds originated in Poland.

It is also believed that immigrants may have brought race ancestors from places like Spain or Italy at the end of the 16th century, based on a series of opinions.

Usually this particular breed was standardized in the Netherlands and declared purebred in the 16th century. Due to the wide variety of chickens that have a similarity to Polish are observed in the paintings corresponding to the fifteenth century, this breed of Polish Chicken, was also reflected in various Dutch and Italian paintings in everything corresponding to the sixteenth century until the eighteenth century .

At present there are no known exact data about the origins, it is only known that at some time in France, very good quality eggs were produced, produced by this bird.

Polish hen

There is a strong opinion that considers that this breed was introduced in America in the years of 1830 and 1840 and that it had a good acceptance on the part of the American farmers and the chicken breeders, others affirm that it was simply a race created in Poland. (see article: Laying hens ).

After a while a recognized association, established the acceptance for 3 varieties of Polish Chicken in the year of 1874; Additional varieties of this breed were accepted in the following years:

In the year of 1883
In the year of 1938
In the year of 1963


The Polish Chicken breed, has a very particular style, it has a series of very distinctive characteristics, which are classified as follows:

It has a small V-shaped comb, although it is hidden by the crest of feathers
The earlobes, like those of the chins are small and may be hidden by the crest
The earlobes are white

This breed of hens is considered the most sought after decorative hens
It is a tough chicken, has a short beak
The original color of this hen was white, currently it has other colors

Its weight is 1.5 to 2 kg
The weight of the rooster is 1.75-2.5 kg.
This breed of chicken can lay 150 eggs a year with a weight of 45 grams, which are white

There are 8 varieties of these hens recognized by the American Association of Poultry Farmers and 13 not recognized, the recognized ones are:

Crested White
Blue Crested
Silver Cord
Golden Cord
Buff Cord
Red Cord
Black White
Black Crested

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