How to Skin a Chicken Without Plucking

Chicken skin is a nutritious part of the chicken body, and you need to pluck the feather before making a dish with skin. Plucking a feather is a traditional method to remove the feather, and if you don’t have a plucker machine, the process will be time-consuming. However, you can skin a chicken without plucking, and this way, you have to remove the skin without damaging the meat.

The technique is proper when you don’t have much time and want to cook crispy chicken or another delicious item. Also, you don’t have to scald the chicken, as scalding is only necessary when you plan to pluck.

How to Skin a Chicken Without Plucking

Things You Will Need

skinning a chicken only requires using a few things, especially without plucking. A sharp knife, a cutting board, and a killing cone are good to go.

How to Skin a Chicken Without Plucking

Choose a chicken to make a delicious dish today. I chose a grey broiler today as she is old and annoying and she usually ruins my garden.

Step 1: Make a Setup

Hang a killing cone on a tree, and set the cutting table nearby. Keep two to three buckets below the table to put the blood, features, and other refused things that are not needed.

Step 2: Kill the Chicken

Put the chicken in the killing cone and wait for a few minutes. Then remove her neck from the cone and cut the side of the throat to cut the main artery. After that, put the chicken on the table.

Step 3: Remove the Legs

Wet the chicken with a small water hose or spray bottle to clean the blood. Then remove the legs with your knife in the usual way. Put the legs on the bucket.

Step 4: Skin Down the Belly

Lay down the chicken on her back. When you get her all laid out, you will see the stomach skin that is loose and stretchy. Grab the loose skin and put a little hole with the knife. After that, grab the hole with both hands and give a big rip until the breast meat is exposed. Almost the entire inside will be revealed.

Step 5: Separate the Thigh

Run your finger along the outside of the chest area, and you will find a hole; push your thumb through the hole and pull the skin right over the top of the foot. Repeat this process on the other side. Sometimes you may have to use pliers to pull off the skin and expose the leg quarter.

After pulling off the skin, grab the hips and break them upward, and you will see the bone come out. Now cut the joints with a knife to get the leg quarter.

Step 6: Take Off the Breast

Cut the breast a quarter inch from the center line and slice off a piece of meat until it reaches the tender. Cut the other stuff you want, such as gizzard, liver, etc.

Step 7: Skin Off the Chicken Wings

Cut the wings off with a knife and pull the features out. This part is the most complicated and takes time to process. Just make a little cut, then tear the skin around the joint. The part of prominent feature is no use to use so that you can feed it to your dog.

Step 8: Skin the Chickens Back

Grab the chicken, and pull down the skin from the back to the tail. Give a little pressure, as this part is sticky. Cut the bottom and remove the skin thoroughly. Do not cut the skin and abdominal wall. Now wash the chicken thoroughly.

Step 9: Wash the Chicken and Refrigerate

After skinning off the chicken, cut the parts as you want, then wash the chicken with cold water. Keep them in a plastic bag and store them in the freezer.

Skinning a Chicken vs. Plucking a Chicken

Skinning and plucking are two different methods of processing poultry for cooking. However, the decision depends on some factors, such as when you want the skin to keep the meat moist, you have to pluck the chicken. You can only remove the feathers, and the skin will remain intact. A good plucking machine will do the job easier, but you can also pluck chicken with your hand.

Cooking chicken meat with skin retains moisture so that the meat will be juicier and more flavorful. Also, the skin will be crisp and nicely roasted. But plucking is time-consuming, and you will need a big pot of water to boil.

Skinning a chicken is a faster and easier process than plucking. Just peel off the skin from the body with a knife and clean the chicken for cooking. Skinning off the whole chicken will take 30 seconds or less when familiar with the process. However, chicken meat without skin will be slightly drier and less flavorful.

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