10 Best Cattle Feeders Of 2023 – Top Pick’s By Expert

Cattle keepers raise livestock purposely for meat, milk, and breeding. Whichever the purpose for raising the cattle, there is a need to feed them adequately to get maximum production. The cattle can forage around to search for pasture. However, there are some cases you will find there is insufficient space they can forage through. This requires the farmers to look for alternative ways to feed the animals.

Top 5 Best Cattle Feeders: Editor’s Pick

Best Cattle FeedersMost ranchers have resorted to using integrated cattle farming systems to feed their livestock. They are using cattle feeding equipment like cattle feeders to feed and supplement their animals efficiently. But then, what are the best cattle feeders to use for this purpose? Let’s keep tuned in this cattle feeders review to get information about the best market options.

The Best Overall

After going through the cattle feeders review, the Moultrie Pro Magnum Hanging Deer Feeder emerges as the top choice of all. This is easy to assemble and install cattle feeder in the market; you can take less than 10 minutes to finish and start using. Moreover, they are equipped with digital timers to dispense six schedule food sets per day. Furthermore, the package comes with a rechargeable battery, and it’s backed by an unlimited or lifetime warranty. They are the best cattle cube feeders worth their tag.

The 10 Best Cattle Feeders Reviews:

1. Little Buster Toys Sweep Alley – Separate Pens And Cattle Feeders

Raising cattle isn’t an easy task as such. A lot of work is required to get maximum productivity from your animals. The Little Buster Toys Sweep Alley reduces the workload for farmers to feed their animals adequately. They are one of the top cattle feeders in the market that guarantees adequate feeding for maximum output.

Little Buster Toys Sweep Alley cattle feeders can connect to almost all the existing LBT equipment. Moreover, the feeders are designed to go with other products from Little Buster. This makes them great and interactive equipment to use in feeding your animals.

Their sturdy design makes them the best options for cattle of over three years. The manufacture also designed them with separate cattle feeders and pens. The pens and cattle feeders have functional gates and this makes them the most incredible options of value. Lastly, these feeders are welded using steel. This makes them durable and easy to clean options in the market.


  • Durable options in the market
  • Easy to install and use
  • They are easy to clean
  • Affordable option


  • There is a need for close monitoring of the levels
  • The paint pills off faster

2. Pet Safe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder 

Pet Safe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder
  • Feed from your phone: Feed your pet...
  • Personalize your pet's meals: Schedule...
  • Flexible portions: Meals can be...

Sometimes, employing easy to use equipment is good. Using the best automatic cattle feeder is the best thing to consider, especially if the gravity feeders don’t work well for your animals. These cattle feeders employ the new technology to function. You will install the smart feed app on the smartphone to use. Feeding the animals changes into an activity carried out any time and from any place.

Moreover, the smart app sends notifications whenever an error occursor when the feeder is running low of feed. The smart feeder app can operate on more than one smart device. This enables cattle owners to watch on their livestock all through and from any place.

Pet Safe Smart Feed feeders also offer owners the ability to personalize the meals they feed their pets. There are up to 12 schedule sets of meals by these cattle feeders for your pets. An individual can also adjust the portion size of the meal the feeder should dispense.

Furthermore, these cattle feeders are dishwasher safe. The hopper, lid, bowl holder, and stainless steel bowl are conveniently cleaned in a dishwasher. Lastly, they are made of free BPA stainless steel and plastic materials.


  • Comes with a backup battery
  • There is continuous scheduling even if Wi-Fi drops
  • They are durable
  • These feeders are dishwasher safe


  • Cannot reconnect to Wi-Fi automatically
  • Only suitable indoors

3. Automatic Water Feeder Trough Bowl 

Automatic Water Feeder Trough Bowl
  • 100% Brand new and high quality. Heavy...
  • 304 stainless steel, durable, no rust,...
  • Smooth edge polished , to avoid...

Sturdiness and convenience are two significant factors an individual should look at when purchasing a cattle feeder to use. Automatic Water Feeder Trough Bowls are ideal for all animals, including goats, sheep, cows, and horses. They are made of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel materials to offer a long term service. The material also makes them free from any form of rust and deformation on their surfaces.

These cattle feeders also include smooth polished edges. The smooth edge prevents the animals from infections that can develop through scratching while feeding. Moreover, they employ the float water level principle. The inlet and outlet water switching adjustment knob are controlled, thereby ensuring the animals get enough water throughout.


  • They are durable options in the market
  • Prevents wastage of animal feeds
  • Easy to install and use
  • Ideal for all animals


  • Only suitable outdoors
  • You obtain the fitting hardware separately

4. Moultrie Pro Magnum Hanging Deer Feeder

Moultrie Pro Magnum Hanging Deer Feeder
  • Digital timer programs up to 6 feed...
  • All-metal housing, barrel, spin plate,...
  • Built-in feed-level estimator, battery...

 If you have for long struggled to look for a cattle feeder that you can easily install, these are the option to look at. The Moultrie Pro Magnum Hanging Deer Feeders allow people to program the feeding time at intervals within twenty seconds. They allow up to 6 feeding schedules per day that are adequate for your animals.

Moreover, their hanging design and the metal hanging bar enables users to set them anywhere. Additionally, the package comes with a quick-lock adapter to help people mount the feeders easily on any hopper. These cattle feeders have metal spin plates with raised edges to prevent wind from blowing the feeds away.

Furthermore, these feeders are designed using an ABS plastic material to serve for an extended period. The feed level estimator and the varmint guard, on the other hand, update you whenever there is an error or low feed. Additionally, external ports enable individuals to operate them using an external power source. Lastly, Moultrie Pro Magnum Hanging Deer Feeders have dual battery compartment space. This can accommodate two 6V batteries to enable extended usage before you recharge them.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Prevents wastage of feeds
  • Durable cattle feeders in the market


  • Poor repacking by the manufacturer
  • Other parts quickly fall apart

5. Hicamer Automatic Cow Drinking Water Bowl

Hicamer Automatic Cow Drinking Water Bowl
  • 【Automatic Animal Drinking Bowl...
  • 【Product Accessories】 This product...
  • 【Working Principle】This product...

 A large cattle feeder is must-have equipment if you deem to take care of your animals’ needs. The best part of these cattle feeders is that they are designed to save wastage of over 30%. These best cattle self feeders also maintain the water clean, making them suitable for all animals.

The dispenser horses of these cattle feeders are constructed using 304 stainless steel. Their 9.84-inch diameters prevent water from overflowing the cattle feeder. The overall holding capacity of the cattle feeders is enough for up to five animals.

Moreover, these cattle feeders employ the floating principle to function. This working principle enables them to maintain a constant water level and prevent overflows. Furthermore, they have turned down edges to prevent animals from collecting bacteria carrying dirt and debris. The turned-down edges also prevent the ears of your animals caught, causing cuts on them. The best part for these cattle feeders is that the manufacturer offers buyers an additional float replacement.


  • Prevents wastage
  • Comes with an additional replacement float
  • They are durable
  • Can run for long before recharging batteries


  • The edges are sharp
  • Not easy to install

6. Little Buster Toys Cattle Feeder 

Busy cattle owners have the idea that keeping their animals satisfied all through isn’t such an easy task. This is especially when they are off for work or even when attending other events. If you are one of the busy people, the Little Buster Toys Cattle Feeder can be great must-have equipment for you.

They are constructed using heavy-duty metal material to make them serve you for a long. Moreover, these cattle feeders have a unique design that can add to other LBT collection. Lastly, they are large enough to feed your animals adequately. Owners should use them on animals with the age of four years and above.


  • Durable cattle feeders in the market
  • Large enough to feed many animals
  • Easy to use and install
  • They are affordable market options


  • There is a need for close monitoring of the feed levels
  • The paint peels off quickly

7. Little Giant SBPU Universal Block Holder And Feeder

Little Giant SBPU Universal Block Holder and Feeder
35 Reviews
Little Giant SBPU Universal Block Holder and Feeder
  • HOLDS BLOCK OR GRAIN: Universal block...
  • EASY TO MOUNT: Universal mounting on...

The Little Giant SBPU emerges as all-purpose universal cattle feeders in the market. They are ideal for animals, including horses, cattle, goats, and all other livestock. The feeders feature a unique design that can hold up to 50 pounds of protein blocks, salt, and other loose minerals. Like other easy to mount options in the market, the Little Giant SBPU cattle feeders are a handy option an individual can easily install. The package comes with a two by the wide board and a universal hook over the mounting panel for easy fixing on surfaces.

Moreover, the manufacturer uses high-density polyethylene to construct them. The material is impact-resistant, thereby useful to prevents stress cracks and against war page. Furthermore, the sides are raised to prevent the animals from knocking them out of their attaching holder. The raised sides also reduce cases of the animals gnawing at the corners thereby reducing wastage.


  • Easy to install
  • Maintains constant refill level
  • Durable option in the market
  • Sturdy to use for all animals


  • Difficult to clean
  • Doesn’t come with mounting hardware

8. Little Giant Plastic Fence Feeder with Clips 

Little Giant Plastic Fence Feeder with Clips
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The plastic feed...
  • ULTRA DURABLE - The plastic bucket is...
  • EASY TO MOUNT - The plastic feed bucket...

If you need an easy to install cattle feeder, this is an option to consider. These are easy to hang cattle feeders on ropes or wire fencing in the market. The feeders feature a clip son on their backside. This enables owners to mount them easily to any surface they need for use.

Moreover, the feeders are made from durable polyethylene resin. The material prevents any form of stress cracks from developing and also prevents war page. Additionally, these buckets are of different sizes. You will get them of size either 4.5 quarts or 9 quarts.

The thing that makes these buckets stand out is their versatile nature. They can be used to hold both the animal feeds and, at the same time, water. Their holding capacity is also large to hold enough water and food for large livestock.

Furthermore, like other cattle feeders, the Little Giant Plastic Fence Feeder employs the float water level principle to function. This refill feature ensures that a constant water level is maintained throughout.


  • Maintains constant water or feed level
  • They are versatile
  • Have a large holding capacity
  • They are durable


  • The package doesn’t include the mounting hardware
  • They are difficult to clean

9. Ejoyous Automatic Waterer Bowl

Ejoyous Automatic Waterer Bowl
22 Reviews
Ejoyous Automatic Waterer Bowl
  • 【Durable and Safe】: This automatic...
  • 【Automatic Stock Waterer】: The...
  • 【Float Setting】: Adopt float water...

Taking care of your animal needs is the best thing you can do to get maximum output from them. The Ejoyous Automatic Water Bowls are one of the top cattle feeders that can serve you best for an extended period. They have many features that make them stand out from the rest in the market. The floating water principle, for instance, ensures a constant water level is maintained throughout. This working principle also ensures there is no water overflow; therefore, there is no possibility of wastage.

Moreover, the body of these waterer bowls is all stainless steel. There is no form of rust or corrosion that will occur on the surface. This enables them to work effectively over an extended period. Additionally, these feeders have polished curved edges for the safety of the animals. The smooth edges prevent the animals from developing infections from scratches when they might obtain when using the feeder.

Furthermore, at the back of these cattle feeders, there are two holes. These are there for easy attachment to any hopper or wall as such. Animals get water quickly without maintaining the bowl full all through. Water fills the bowl by touching or pushing the valve, and that is all.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Maintain constant levels throughout
  • They are durable options
  • Designed to prevent possibilities of wastage


  • You will obtain the mounting accessories separately
  • Floater at times can fail

10. Wildgame Innovations Pail Feeder, Real Tree Camo Steel, 50-Lbs.

Wildgame Innovations Pail Feeder, Real Tree Camo Steel, 50-Lbs.

Most people yearn to get cattle feeders that boast both long battery life and also an extended lifespan at large. If you fall in this bracket, these are the options you should not turn down. These cattle feeders feature a digital timer that schedules up to 6 feed times per day. The schedule feeds are set at intervals of within twenty seconds each.

They also feature a dual battery compartment space. Individuals can set up two 6V batteries to enable the feeders to run for an extended period before recharging batteries. Like in other feeders, these options have metal spin plates with raised edges to prevent wind from blowing off the feed.

The best part of these feeders is that they come with external power ports. This enables individuals to use an external power source to run them. Moreover, they feature a feed level estimator that alerts individuals whenever the cattle feeder is low of feeds. Another feature that makes them stand out is the varmint guard. There is also a battery indicator that alerts owners when to recharge the batteries.


  • They are durable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Prevent wastage of feeds
  • The batteries offer a long run without getting depleted


  • Some parts fall apart quickly
  • They will rust if not protected well


Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choose Cattle Feeders

If you aim to run a cattle business, there are many things to consider to gain success. No matter the number of cattle you have, it’s essential to look out for new tools and machines to maintain their well-being. This is not an easy task, and even looking for the best cattle cake feeder can be a challenge.

The best automatic cattle grain feeders come in as handy tools if you run a large farm. This way, you will the feeding task reduced significantly. Additionally, keeping you updated on every innovation in the market is an excellent way of running a successful cattle farming business. Let’s look at a few factors to consider when looking for the best cattle feeder to use.

best cattle feeders

The Size Of The Feeder

When out there to buy an auto cattle feeder, size is one of the key considerations. You will need a cattle feeder that meets the needs of the number of animals you have. Moreover, there is also a need to get a cattle feeder that fits the space you have. If your space is limited, then go for a smaller option.

Ease Of Installing

Before you select self feeders for cattle, there is a need to ask yourself whether it is easy to install. You need to get a cattle feeder that comes with all the installation accessories to make fixing easy. On the other hand, look for a feeder you can install on any surface as such. Therefore, ensure you get a brand that is easy to install. For this, we mean a cattle feeder you can assemble for about them minutes, and it’s ready for use.

The Features Of The Feeder

You will find both the simple cattle feeders with basic features and those with fancy ones in stores. An example of these includes getting an option that schedules several feedings per day than others. There are others even with personalized features that will alert an individual whenever there is a low feed. Making a selection, in this case, might depend on your budget. However, ensure you get a cattle feeder worthy of your hard money.

Ease Of Use

In the market, there are those that are easy to use models and other complicated options. There are high tech options that enable owners to feed their animals using an app anywhere and anytime. On the other hand, additional options don’t require a lot other than just loading on them. Ease of use also goes past how easy this tool will be cleaned. When considering this factor, get a tool that will fit your comfort level and also your lifestyle. This will drive you to make informed decision from the available cake feeders for cattle.

The Construction Material

Another vital factor to consider when looking for a cattle feeder is the material it is constructed from. In stores, you will get cattle feeders designed from either plastic or metal as such. Ensure you get a cattle feeder resistant to all weather conditions to enable it serves you for an extended period. Moreover, ensure you check whether the materials used to construct the cattle feeder are FDA approved. Getting approval assures you maximum safety for your animals.

The General Construction Of The Feeder

When talking about the overall construction, this is meant to ensure the animals’ maximum safety that will use the feeder. The cattle feeder should be made from safe materials and sturdy to prevent it from being tipped off. However, the safety and comfort of your animals should be the crucial thing of all. Look at the features like rounded and smooth edges to prevent animals from getting scratched off while feeding.


Raising cattle is not such an easy activity as many people might think. For this reason, cattle farmers must welcome anything that might turn the rearing activity easy. Therefore, there is a need to get a cattle feeder whose features and accessories are easy to maintain.

Portability Of The Cattle Feeder

This is another factor an individual should mind selecting the best cattle feeder to use. You will, at times, need to move a feeder from one place to the other. This process requires a lot of effort, and you must understand how you will accomplish it. Even if this might not be an activity that you will carry out more often, you must prepare for this.

Your Budget

The budget comes in as the last factor an individual should mind. You should always ensure you go by your budget. However, always never choose a cheap option for you to save coins. Select a cattle feeder that is worth the money you have.


The cattle feeders are a must-have tool for every cattle farmer. However, since there are several options available in the market, there is a need to get an excellent option to use. Weigh all the above best cattle feeders, use the above buying guide, and get a tool to serve you for an extended period.

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