How to Build a Cheap Chicken Plucker DIY?

Cheap Chicken Plucker

If you earn your livelihood by running a poultry farm, then one of the tools you’ll find indispensable is a chicken plucker. If you’re raising broilers for personal consumption, then butchering and dressing a few birds once in a while is not much of a bother. However, pulling out the feathers of multiple chickens regularly … Read more

How to Prepare a Live Chicken For Consumption

How to Prepare a Live Chicken for Consumption

Preparing a live chicken for consumption can be intimidating for many people, but the process is really very simple. How to Slaughter a Chicken The first step in preparing your live chicken for consumption is also the hardest: you have to kill the chicken. This is difficult but rewarding. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to ensure … Read more