Serama Chicken

Serama Chicken

Ever wondered which chicken breed is the best? This is where you will learn more about the existing breeds you can consider domesticating. We have many types of fowls spread across the world. It makes it difficult for one to choose which one to rear, but it becomes comfortable with the proper knowledge.   Amongst … Read more

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Plymouth Rock Chicken

Running a farm proves to be an arduous task for many. But then, the benefits that one reaps are amazing. The daily fresh eggs and milk you get from chicken and cows, the juicy meat obtained from your big fat pigs, and the cheese you get from your goats are all the fulfilling farming rewards. … Read more

How Long Can You Leave Chickens In Coop?

How long can you leave chickens in coop

Weather conditions can affect your barns and barns in different parts of the world. How does the weather affect your barns and barns? We will go over some of the different situations and conditions and recommend solutions in this article. In this article we will learn about: Desirable climate for keeping chickens for long time … Read more

How To Make Chicken Feed

Make chicken feed

Feeding chickens is a crucial aspect when rearing chickens. Various kinds of chicken feed come along with their benefits. Chicken needs a balanced diet for growth and development. This includes starch, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The nutrients enable them to gain weight and produce enough eggs. Farmers incur a lot of money to … Read more

How to Increase Humidity in The Chicken Incubator

Increase Humidity Chicken Incubator

Incubators are essential investments in our homes. This is especially for farmers who need to reap big in the chicken farming industry. Humidity occurs when water surfaces get into contact with the air in circulation. This is the primary source of moist air for eggs in these machines. Oxygen is necessary for the development of … Read more

How Much Feed Per Chicken

Much Feed Per Chicken

Chickens are pretty content creatures when it comes to being fed. You can pretty much give them anything to eat. Whatever you give them they will peck it without complaining. They eat anything from food to insects and worms. But then, what is the exact amount of chicken feed should you give you chicken? The … Read more

Easy Egg Recipes For Breakfast

Easy Egg Recipes for Breakfast

Getting breakfast ideas is delicate. To advance your breakfast to the next level. Try out simple and easy egg recipes for breakfast. Availability of eggs in one’s locality is a guarantee. No matter how many eggs you want to use for your breakfast, there is the surety of getting an amazing recipe for it. Below … Read more

How Many Eggs Can I Eat Per Day?

How Many Eggs Can I Eat Per Day

When it comes to delicious meals and food, nobody wants to cease eating. Eggs are delicious, either boiled, fried, or cooked together with other foods. How many eggs can I eat in a day? Would there be any health problem if I eat several eggs in a day? This article revolves through the possible answers to the … Read more

The Best Features of an Egg Cooker

Features of an Egg Cooker

Eggs are probably one of the most common items in anyone’s pantry. Whether it’s just a normal day or during a festivity, eggs must be one of the items on the table. It could be for breakfast, dinner, or a snack during the day. Some like it hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, or as an omelet. However, … Read more

How to Peel Boiled Eggs Perfectly?

Peel Boiled Eggs Perfectly

It is more comfortable to peel your boiled eggs. But at the same time, a hectic job when you do not have the precise procedure. To peel your eggs well, it starts from having the correct boiling procedure. The process you follow after it is boiled. In conclusion, how you peel your eggs. This part … Read more