How to Make Egg Salad – Step By Step Guide

What did you have for breakfast today? Was it delicious? After a whole night of almost twelve hours, your stomach is empty in the morning. That is why you wake up very hungry. Treat yourself nicely when you wake up. An egg salad will do you no harm; instead, it will revive your body organs ready for the day’s activities. Eggs can be prepared in many ways or even eaten raw! Take your time and evaluate the best and delicious way of organizing your egg.

How to Make Egg Salad

Various Methods of Cooking an Egg

Cooking by Boiling

it is the easiest method. No one should fail to eat an egg because there is no one in the house to prepare the egg. If you find such a person, he or she is automatically indolent. Here is the way to go.

  • Place your eggs in the cooking pan.
  • Add water in the pan until all the eggs are covered with water.
  • Place the pan on the heat.
  • Cook for around ten to fifteen minutes

Take note; for a medium-sized egg on an average amount of heat, will cook for around ten minutes. Small eggs will cook in about seven to eight minutes.

Remove the eggs from heat. Remove them in hot water and place them in a serving dish. Cover them and wait for them to cool a bit. This will take approximately five minutes. Your boiled eggs are now ready for serving. Care should be taken not to get burnt when taking the eggs out of hot water.

Frying an Egg

Are you in a hurry and you want something healthy and straightforward to take before you go to work? The all you need is; two eggs, frying pan, one teaspoon of cooking oil, a pinch of salt and some few minutes of your time.

  • Crush the eggs in a bowl.
  • Whip them completely.
  • Add the other ingredients to mix them thoroughly.
  • Place the pan on the fire. Add the cooking oil and water until its hot.
  • Pour your well-muddled ingredients on the hot pan.

Take note: cooking should note take you more than two to three minutes. Cook until it is in your favorite color.

The above are the simplest methods of cooking an egg; and also, the most common. We all them. Even my two-year daughter! Apart from boiling and frying, there are other ways that you can make your egg tastier and more delicious. Your family will always enjoy your cooking eggs for them.

Have you ever known of egg salad? This the most delicious way of cooking an egg. Once you taste a well-prepared and cooked egg salad; you will never stop salivating for one. Withing some minutes, your egg salad will be ready for serving.

Making an Egg Salad for Three People

Making an Egg Salad for Three People

I have assumed that you have a family of three like me, or you have three visitors you want to surprise. It would help if you had the following.


  • Six eggs.
  • Half cup of mayo
  • One and a half teaspoon full of dark yellow mustard
  • One finely sliced green onion
  • One teaspoon of thinly sliced garlic onion
  • A half teaspoon of table salt
  • One teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
  • A half teaspoon of pepper
  • Six slices of bread (you can use either brown or white bread)


  • Place the eggs in a cooking pan or pot.
  • Fill the pan with water until it covers the eggs completely. Ensure the level of water slightly passes the level of eggs.
  • Place the pan on the fire. Allow it to boil for about ten minutes. Off the fire. Leave the eggs for five minutes in hot water.
  • Remove the eggs from water. Peel off the shell place the eggs on a clean, dry bowl.
  • Chop your boiled eggs as you transfer them into another clean and dry bowl. You can use a fork or a knife to chop the eggs roughly.
  • In the bowl with the chopped eggs, add mayonnaise and agitate well.
  • Continue adding the other units one by one as you stir.
  • Lay one slice of bread of a plate and spread your egg salad evenly on it. Cover the top with another piece. Repeat this for the other four remaining portions.
  • Your salad is now ready to serve!


You can serve with your favorite beverage. I would go for black coffee if I were you. You can also add some thinly sliced avocado on top.

Nutritional Value of the Egg Salad

  • In one serving of the egg salad, it comes with the following nutrients and minerals.
  • Energy content: 330 calories
  • One gram of carbohydrates
  • 13 g of protein
  • 32 g of fat
  • 3 g of saturated fat
  • 349 mg of cholesterol
  • 330 mg of sodium
  • 147 mg of Potassium
  • One gram of sugar
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron

Note: these values are just estimated values.

Duration When Making the Egg Salad

  • Boiling eggs– about ten minutes
  • Peeling the eggs– not more than a minute
  • Chopping the eggs– two minutes
  • Preparing the other units- at most three minutes
  • mixing all the ingredients- two minutes
  • Approximate total time- 20 minutes

Caution: Do not keep the egg salad at room temperature for more than three hours. If you wish to eat later after preparing, seal it in the container and keep in a fridge.

For how many days will your Egg Salad be safe to Eat?

When stored well in a sealed container and kept in a fridge; an egg salad will still be safe for your stomach for up to four days.

You should always ensure that the egg salad is seal well and kept at a temperature below zero degrees centigrade. This will prolong the lifespan of your egg span.

Essential Tips when Making this Recipe

  • To save time when making the salad, cook the eggs before preparing other ingredients. This will allow the eggsto be cooling as you prepare the others.
  • You can always substitute most of the mix-ins with your favorite ones suiting your flavor. You can use items like leek, a fresh leave of spinach, red shallot onion and other freshly harvested herbs. Be creative, and you are cooking for the stomach- it also needs creatively prepared dishes!
  • Instead of using the dark yellow mustard, you can replace it with Dijon mustard.
  • You can include some strawberries. It would help if you consisted of them as your last ingredient.

Is the Egg Salad Healthy?

Questions are raised concerning whether the egg salad is a healthy meal or not. Most people fear eating eggs because of the high cholesterol content in them. To tell you, the issue is that; cholesterol in eggs is not harmful. The one that is harmful to your health is that found I saturated fat. This one will risk you getting heart problems. But that of eggs, will not. Egg salad is one of the most nutritious meals you can quickly and swiftly prepare. The good thing with eggs is that they are not expensive and contain high-quality protein. They are also suitable fillers, just a slice of an egg salad and it will be long before you get hungry again.

Why the Egg Salad will Be Your Favorite

  1. It will only require you some simple and readily available ingredients. The ingredients are also affordable if you opt to buy.
  2. To prepare the egg salad will not take you a very long time. Within about ten minutes, you will be done.
  3. It’s a balance diet meal that you can take at any time of the day, in the morning, at lunch hour, or after a long day’s work.
  4. Egg salad can be stored for a relatively long period. If kept in the refrigerator, and well-sealed, an egg salad can go for up to four days.
  5. It is healthy compared to other snacks and meals that are full of saturated fat cholesterol.

What can I Substitute in Place of Mayo?

If you don’t like mayonnaise, or if it is not available, you can always substitute it with the following ingredients:

  1. Greek yogurt
  2. Hummus
  3. Pesto
  4. Nut butter

What Else can be Added into the Egg Salad to Improve the Flavor

There is a bunch of other items that you can add into your egg salad to improve the flavor. You are not limited to the ones inscribed in this article. Below are just some ideas that you can add

  • Relish or pickle juice
  • An avocado
  • Thinly sliced tomatoes
  • Leek
  • Asparagus


When preparing for a larger number of people, the following items may vary depending on the number.

  • Number of eggs
  • Amount of salt
  • Number of onions
  • Slices of bread
  • Amount of lemon juice


Some items and equipment may not vary at all. These include: —

  • The cooking pan or cooking pot- not unless you are making for a multitude.
  • Amount of heat.

Note this: when making an egg salad for a large crowd, you can use a blender or a potato masher instead of the fork or knife. This is saving your time- you don’t spend a lot of crushing the eggs.

Why an Egg Salad is Good News to Your Health and your Pocket

Taking an egg salad is essential and useful news to your health and also to your budget too.

The Following are Some Benefits of Eating an Egg Salad and Especially in The Morning.

1. Eggs are Affordable

You cannot compare the price of an egg to what if gives you in return. An egg, for example, today costs around ten shillings, with what you are getting, it is far much cheap. Just two eggs and you will be satisfied the whole day; your body will also boast of the many minerals and nutrients it will get.

2. The Best Source of Iron

It is an essential compound that aids in the making of blood. The amount of iron required in the body differs from one person to the other. For example, menstruating women will need more iron than the ones who are not. Eggs are known to be excellent sources of iron. So, taking an egg salad will boost your iron level in the body.

3. Helps in losing weight

Obesity is becoming a serious problem across all walks of life. People are now aiming at reducing weight. One of the ways of reducing weight is by eating eggs, this is from published research. Egg salad in the morning will solve your weight problem.

4. High-Quality protein

The amount of protein from eggs is higher than most of the other sources. Also, research has shown that the absorption rate of proteins from eggs is much higher; compared to other sources of protein.

5. Reduce Inflammation by Eating Egg Salad

Choline is a compound that helps to reduce Inflammation. Choline is a hard-to-get compound that is only found in few products and produce. Some sources of choline are liver, peanuts and eggs. To control Inflammation, make eggs your meal partner.

6. Promote the Development of Your Brain Cells by Eating Eggs

Brain, like any other body part, is a very crucial unit in the body. The brain controls all the different parts of the body. So, when the brain fails, all the other systems in the body will also fail. Eggs are good food for the brain. In pregnant women, choline, (which helps in brain development) also promotes the development of the developing child.

Final Words

Eggs can be eaten in various forms and ways. Apart from the standard practices that we (boiling and frying), there are other methods of preparing a meal with eggs. Making an egg salad is an example of this. As we have discussed in this article, making an egg salad is a simple and easy way. An egg salad is a balanced diet since you can add as many items as you can get. Try an egg salad, and you will discover the other side of “eating eggs.”

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